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Emergency Vet Trip Yesterday

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Stinkie has been acting really sluggish lately. I could just tell that something wasn't right. Nobody else noticed and I don't think they believed me, but I know this cat very well, and I just knew something was wrong. He wasn't even following me around, which is unusual for him. Normally, we're each others' shadows - if he's not following me, then I'm following him. Anyway, yesterday morning, he didn't even want to get up and go outside, and when I touched his tummy, he cried. So by yesterday afternoon, I was extremely worried and just had to do something. I took him to the vet, where I found out he had a 105.2 degree temperature! That is high! His skin was also really broke out (he has had feline miliary dermititis all his life), so the vet seemed to think that may have something to do with how he was feeling. He gave him a steroid shot, and an antibiotic shot, and we have to give him the antibiotic every morning and night. He seems to be doing much better today. I just want him to continue getting better, I'm still worried. I don't see what the skin thing would have to do with his stomach though. He's not crying about it anymore, so maybe the medicine is helping. I have a feeling he may be constipated. I don't know for sure though. I'm watching him closely. He is in my lap right now and seems happy and feeling ok. So I'm hoping that's a good sign. Please pray for my baby boy. - Sorry, didn't plan on typing this much.
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Poor baby! I hope he feels better soon. I know how worried you can get when the babies get sick. I recently had to take Thomas to the emergency vet also.
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Aww the poor baby. You've definitely got my thoughts with you and your baby. I hope he continues to feel better.
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Did the emergency vet run any tests or take xrays? Maybe he is constipated or something else going on inside that is bothering him. Perhaps you should take him to your vet for a recheck visit? Just incase he needs any follow up work or medication.

Hope he is feeling better!
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I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. If you feel uneasy or he seems to be in pain or getting worse, take him back to the vet. Listen to your gut too. You know your cat better than anyone else.
Make sure he's eating, drinking and eliminating normally.
Hopefully, he will improve quickly and feel better soon and another vet trip won't be necessary for a long time!

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Aawww, Lisa, poor sweet little Stinkie!I'm so sorry your baby boy isn't feeling well. You made the right decision to take him into the ER Vet! It is definately always best to trust your own instincts! I am thankful he is being treated now, and Stinky will be in my prayers that he will have a swift recovery. Please do keep us updated!
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