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I feel mean!

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Yesterday, the vet prescribed Amitryptolene for one of girls, Sugarly, who has been having major potty issues. They determined it was a behavioural issue & not medical. We have had to isolate her in the laundrey room while the medicine takes affect(up to 3 wks) as our house has wall to wall carpeting and can't take any more accidents. Don't get me wrong are laundrey room is large. We place her cat bed, food, water, toys etc down there with her. Her boxed is cleaned at least 3 times a day (if she uses it)It is also because the other cats have been beating her up lately. I sat in the laundrey room with her for hours yesterday and again this morning. I am giving her extra attention and brushing (that makes her happy). While I feel bad about putting her there she actually seems happier there. Maybe she's just happy to be away from the other cats and to have our undivided attention. She has always been the most timid of our cats since we got her (she was 1 of our 1st 2). I hope the medicine works! Thanks for letting me vent - I ferel like a mean mommy!
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You have what they call a pariah cat, which means a cat that gets picked on. I had one of those in my house of 6 (at the time). I finally had to come to the realization that she was better off in a home with no other cats. Sure enough, she's happy as a clam in a new home with no other pets.

While medicating is okay in certain circumstances, I don't believe that it's fair to medicate a cat under circumstances that aren't her fault. It could very well be that the other cats were sabotaging her while she was going potty which caused her to become afraid of the litterbox, thereby making her do her business elsewhere.

I wish you alot of luck. Keep us posted.

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I too had a kitty that seemed to get the brunt of the other cat's rough play. Although I loved Ghost a lot, I realized that there are just some cats that need to have one on one attention. She is now in another home, head kitty and happy as can be. It was so hard to let her go, but I am now glad I did because she was really getting jumped on.
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She was fine up to 2 months ago. She had some type of kitty cat flu and had a couple of accidents. At that point, the other cats started beating her up. She hasn't stopped since - I am hoping the isolation to get the problem under control will stop the other cats reaction to her. They got along fine before & I hope they will again - if not I am checking around work to see if I can find an interested owner.
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We have had to keep Fluffy & Cinnamon in the bedroom for the past year or so. Fluffy & Cinnamon don't like to be picked on by the 2 boy bengals. Fluffy gets very stressed if they chase her around. So, they permanently reside in our master bedroom. Oh, we do let them out, but when we do, they usually walk right back into the bedroom. They seem so much happier in there. Although, lately, it has been getting better; they are starting to tolerate the other 3 slowly. I used to feel bad, but I know they are happy. Eventually, when we get a new house, I want a 2-story house, so Fluffy & Cinnamon will have the rule of either the top or bottom story.
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Sugey seems to be doing alot better. She is happy in the room by herself, and is using her box. My husband & I spend quality time with her & I don't think she has ever looked better or happier. She is playful again. After a wk, we'll probably let her sister in w/ her - we got them together. After 2 wks, we will try letting her out for an hour at a time. I'll keep you posted
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