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kitty dandruff

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quick question...

We moved into an apartment last May, and ever since then Isis has developed dandruff, or something. She's a black cat, so naturally anything white stands out well, but I never noticed it before we moved. Before, we had a house and she was an inside/outside kitty, but now shes all inside. Her big thing with the outdoors is rolling in the dirt, and I was wondering if because she isnt able to do that now, is that why she suddenly is covered with white stuff or am I just making a spurious correlation? Seriously it looks just like dandruff... Havent made any serious attempt to bathe or groom her (other than brushing), it isnt a really big deal, i was just wondering if the dirt somehow combated the dandruff...
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I have a black and white cat and she has the same problem. I've asked her vet about it in the past and was told it's normal. The vet said Patsy's was most likely just dry skin. I didn't do to much about it because it's not that bad and it isn't bothering Patsy at all. With Patsy it seems to happen mostly in the summer. She is strictly indoors
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If when you pull at the hair with the white spots on it, and the white spot goes away, it is dander. If it stays, or the hair comes off in your fingers then it is lice and needs to be treated before it spreads.
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I think that it's just the stress of moving to a new home. When my own Buffy is stressed, she sheds skin and hair. When we picked her up from her spaying appointment, she was covered in dandruff and her coat was dull. The next day (or 2), she was back to normal. And a few days ago, her coat was spotted with dandruff again, but I can't think of what might have stressed her out (she'd gotten outside earlier, so maybe she had a scary encounter with something)
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Also, is it possible to let your cat continue going outside, but on a leash and harness? If the dandruff is coming from stress of not being able to go outside, maybe letting her go outside every now and then would help.
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Yea, I've tried taking her out, but she doenst dig the leash so much, she just kinda hunches up and looks around... Before she had the run of the neighborhood so I think being tethered to me kinda bothers her... We'll be moving to a house again soon so I might just make her stick it out a few more months then she could go back to being her roaming self again
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wonder if something in the apartment is causing a allergic reaction, or just could be stress.
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