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Cleos Fearsome Foursome!!!

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Awwwww these are some recent pictures of Cleos babies!!! ain't they sweet!!!! Four little rogues......hee hee
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and another.....
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one more..... (I'll let Cleo tell you herself whos who in the pictures cos I can't remember!! all that cuteness effects my mind ya know....ha ha )
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And the last but by no means least, bundle of furballs!!! AWWWWWWW sooo cute!!
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Thanks Rhea for taking the time to post these, they are just at such a precious age, and are slowly (too quickly) finding new homes, I wanted to show them all off before they go!

The little grey and white is Poppy, now called Buttons, she has gone to her new home.

The lilac/blue point is Louie, he will leave me on Saturday.

The black and white tux is Lunchbox, she goes to her new home tomorrow.

And last, but far from least...the seal/chocolate point is Rudy, and he ain't going nowhere! :laughing2:
He's my runt, only 1.2 lb's compared to Lunchbox 1.10, Louie 1.9, and Poppy 1.7! He's such a little lover, and is always by my side, but holds his own against his siblings when they roughhouse...well almost! (he tries really hard)

I shrunk the last pic, the only one with Lunchbox (she wont hold still long enough to get her pic ) so if you want to post it, its in your e-mail.

Thanks again sweetie, you're the best!
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We mustve been posting at the same time!

Thanks again, it means a lot to me!
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My pleasure!!
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These litle ones are absolutely magnificant!
You will miss the bundles - lucky little Rudy! He gets to stay with you! I am sure the other babes are all going to good homes - sure is hard to let them go, though.
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Little Rudy, which stands for R.U.D....Really Ugly Duckling...he's so homely he's cute, is in my lap batting at my hair, elbow, hands, etc as I type this!... 9 week od kitten claws hurt!
He hates being picked up, yet is always within 3 feet of me...if not ON me!

Not that it matters, but can anyone identify just exactly what type of kitties my 2 Siamese mixes are? Are they Chocolate, Seal, Blue, Lilac...what? I'd like to know, just so I can tell people when they ask "what kind of cat is that?" I dont have to just say.. "they're Purrrfect cats!" :LOL:
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What darling kittens Cleo- I am glad you are keeping at least one. He will miss his littermates at first, but will settle in with your others in no time. They are adorable! Good job!
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:LOL: Cleo, they're absolutely, magnificantly, gorgeous!! HAHA...I love them...So, Rhea is taking all of them? :LOL: Awwww..don't cha wish you can keep all of 'em! Big sqooshes to them.... You're such a good Mommy!

Love ya,
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Cute kittens!
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Oh Cleo, what adorable babies you have!!!!!!!!!
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Little (not ) Lunchbox went to her new home tonight.
She seemed to immediately bond with her new owner, and he called me 3 hours later at work to let me know she was settling in nicely...that was a very welcome call!

It looks like my "regular" cab driver ( he picks me up 3 times a week from work) may take Louie, he and his lady friend have been wantig a cat. They are in their 60's, and she is home all day...I like that idea as Louie likes a lotta lovin'

Poppy's (Buttons now) new owners came in tonight, their week-end plans are to build a Cat Tree! Looks like I did a good job finding families for the kids!

I know I asked this before, but can anyone tell me what the Siamese males markings are? I think Rudy is a Seal Point, but Louie is tougher...he looks too pale to be a Blue, but I read that Lilac have a pink tint? Any help is greatly appreciated. Like I said, it makes no difference, I'm just curious.

Lil Rudy is in my lap (again), so I better end this and give him some loves....
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These babies are precious! I would want to keep them all. That is the reason I'm having my female spayed on Monday, no babies at this house!

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Hi there Cleo :angel2:

Awwwww...I'm so glad to hear that you've found them the best homes! These people sound like they're very loving!

Did you happen to see the kitty/kitties that may've bred with your baby? My neighbor has a lilac. Her coloring is definitely tinged with a little pink I guess? haha...I'm not a color expert..but it looks if you mixed blue with red = purple and white you'd get lavander haha???So much for my art class today! :laughing2 Whatever the mixture, that little one is gorgeous! They all are!

Much Love,
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My Cagney (the Mama) is a Siamese mix, but she is a black and white Tux, the only clue is her face shape and vocal renderings! :laughing2:
And since she jumped off my 3rd floor balcony only 3 or 4 days before her spay appointment, and didnt return for 10 days, "Daddy" could be any number of cats in our apartment Community of 390 apts!

Everytime I leave or come home, I do look around for a suspect though...but so far there have been no obvious leads! :LOL:

My guess is the 2 boys are throwbacks, but I'm no expert?
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