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Feline Heartworms

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Has anyone out there had any experience with Feline Heartworms? My Siamese, Simon, has been having coughing spells off an on for the past two years. Two years ago, he got x-rays, an echo on his heart, and a bronchoscopy. Also had a heartworm test that showed negative. All that to not find anything definitive. Has fluid in his lungs, inflammation. The coughing is what I'd call wet - neck stretched out, mouth closed, breathing through his nose. All this time, we thought Asthma or similar.

I went in for a check up last week - took another x-ray and retested the heartworm test. We're still waiting on the heartworm test results - hopefully will get those on Monday. The specialist - Cardiologist and Internal Medicine Doc - said if indeed it is heartworms, he doesn't treat them because the treatment is harsher in cats than just letting them die on their own. But even if they die on their own, it could still kill the cat.

Is the coughing the same with heartworms and Asthma? Anyone seen a heartworm positive kitty? Simon doesn't go outside at all, he's a tad overweight, eats normal, acts completely normal between coughing episodes. He had a cough spell this morning and then when he was finished, went to the food dish and dived right in.

Thanks for any help.

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About 15 years ago, when heartworms were not as well known as today, we had a Siamese diagnosed with them. We noticed that she was often struggling for breath and would cough more often than normal.

The vet diagnosed her with heartworms. Part of her breathing problem was due to the fact that the worms had caused one of her lungs to deflate...she had only one functioning lung. Vegas was already over 13 years old, and the vet thought that she wouldn't make it through the treatment regimen. Needless to say, she passed not long after the diagnosis.

Vegas was exclusively indoors, and the vet said it is fairly uncommon to see an indoor cat with heartworms. Obviously it does occur though.

I would suggest you talk with your vet some more if you are still concerned. Good luck, and let us know what happens!

Serenade/Obsession Cattery
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