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Cat on A Leash

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I have been tempted to try walking my cat Ebony on a leash. He's an indoor cat but it seems a shame to never let him outside. He's also a very calm, middle-aged cat. So I bought a harness for a small dog and a leash. I was expecting this to be difficult but Ebony didn't seem to notice the harness at all. So I snapped the leash on and walked around the house a bit, then we ventured out to the garden. Ebony was very wide-eyed and checked out everything and I just followed him around. We sat for a while under a tree to watch the birds and then we went over to a warm stone and Ebony stretched out across it and we sat that way for a while and then went in for a tuna treat. This was too easy!!!

BTW, Ebony's diabetes urine test came back negative! Perhaps the high blood glucose reading was due to fear from the car ride? I will test him again just to be sure and keep monitoring for diabetic symptoms.

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Regina, sounds like you & Ebony enjoyed your walk outside. Glad it went so well for you, Also that the diabetes situation seems better.

Continued good luck with the walks.
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Ebony is one good kitty to walk so nicely for you! I could never get any of mine to cooperate. Your walk sounded like it was lovely - and then ending with a tuna treat......WOW - is she begging to go again?
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I take all of my cats (5) out on a leash. They only go in a fenced back yard. They become a mighty hunter - stalking bugs in the grass. My biggest boy, Excalibur, like to lie in the catnip bush. He is white & orange, but his chin turns green from sucking on cat nip. It is very cute.
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