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17 Year Old Cat Not Eating - Losing Weight

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Aout cat Pewter started losing weight a year ago and in the last 3 months has become disoriented, not eating for 4 days and drinking alot of water. He also has been hiding in the closet. Took him to the vet and found he has a tumor in his intestines. We are both grieving and feel sad that our kitty (who was the size of a baseball when we got him) has to go. He is not in pain. The vet said that she would sedate him and then put him down. We are both going to be with him. This is like losing a family member as we are both upset but know that Pewter will rest wth the rest of his friends.
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I am sorry to hear about your kitty. I know how hard it is. About 5 years ago we had to put our girl Rosie to sleep because tumors were all over her insides. She was 14 yrs old and an outside kitty. I think she had another place she stayed too because she would disappear for days at a time then come home to eat and go away again. So I guess we didn't notice her weight loss as soon as we should have.

You and your kitty will be in my thoughts.
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I feel for you so deeply. We recently felt the need to do the same with our 15 yr old Elmer. He was a darling sweetheart when he felt well, but we knew it was what was necessary to save him any further suffering. He also lost a lot of weight and was drinking a lot of water, even had a thyroid problem among other things. He is at peace now and awaiting new friends at the rainbow bridge until we meet him again. He went quickly and we were with him and it was what was best for him at that time. There was no more suffering, and no more pain for him, only peace. Although we continue to miss him, as you will miss your friend, time will leave only the best of memories to cherish and they live forever in you and in everyone who reads about them to share their stories and be touched by your words. I am sure just as much as you love your kitty you are loved in return and that is something he will never forget or doubt until you are reunited and once again hold him in your arms. God bless you all.
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Aw! I'm so sorry about your Pewter!
My sympathies. I'm glad you will be able to be with him when he makes his journey.

Devlyn & Crew
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My heart goes out to you
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