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Some pictures of me when mommy first got me!

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Meoow, my namez molly and I am 8 months old now. I am slowly growing to be as big as my sister. I am jelous of my siz cuz she got her photo's up so I am goin to too. These are of me only a day after my mommy got me. I waz very poorly when mommy rescued me and this is her holding me after she'd made me all better. i love my mommy very much cause if she hadn't noticed the vet said i would be dead. Mommy says I was so small i could fit in her hand and my favourite place to be was laying on her breasts and I'd get upset if she tried to take me off. I am no longer like that, i am a very active little kitty that doesn't like to stay still for long.

Anywayz some cute piccies of me and my mommy

and to prove how small I was here is me having some milk. i am not even as tall as the thing mommy puts coffee in, i can also fit in my saucer i am so small!

Love Molly 'the little one' xxx
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Aww Eva, Molly is just adorable . I'm sorry she obviously had a tough start to life. What is Molly's story? Did I miss it somewhere?
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Hello, Its Eva here not Molly now...she's tired so she's gone to sleep next to her big sister.

I never told you about Molly story....Here we go

I looked all over for a kitty and in the end I found one.OK so it was a little far away as i ****ed up on my geography but oh well. We found a kitten London area and traveled about 3 hours to get there and kept getting lost. I was so excited about seeing her, i just wanted to get there straight away. in the end we didn't arrive till about 10:30pm. I greeted the owner and said hello and then asked where she was. The owner pointed and I went straight to her and picked her up,. She was very small, I had never seen a kitten this small but I still wanted her very much and handed over the money asap. I checked her out quickly and all looked fine At least i thought so...The owner said she has a few fleas but she is fine I just comb them out. i didn't think anything of it and said good bye and off we went back home. She was being very good in her carrier, very quiet. When we got her home we gave her lots of attention and then tried to settle her down in her bed we did for her. but she didn't want to leave me so I had her sleeping next to me instead. She was so tiny I had to be so careful not to roll over in bed otherwise I would crush her. it was very late and we all fell to sleep. My fiancé went to work in the morning and I woke up and played and cuddled my new kitty. i then started to notice she was very limp and lethargicic and started to wonder if she was OK. I kept seeing her trying to bite her skin and I though 'what an earth is going on' the more the hours past the more she deteriorateded and was getting very distressed. i picked her up and looked at her and to my dismay she was overflowing in flea's. Bless her little heart. They were everywhere from her eyes, ears, tummy...everywhere and she was so distressed poor baby. I got really upset as i was so worried about her. I rang d from work and explained and told him he had to get home now because we needed to take our new kitty to the vets. he rushed home while I rang the nearest vets. As soon as D parked the car outside I ran out with the kitty and we drove off. She was really bad by now, she'd not been eating or drinking and looked very ill and distressed. We finally got to the vet and she had a look at her, she said she was seriously infested with fleas and it had obviouslyly been going on for a while getting worse and worse. She said another few hours and she could of died. She was very dehydrated and all that kinda stuff so the vet gave her some injections and because she was so young some special spray to coat her with when we got home. I was so glad we had saved her and took her straightht home to coat her in this stuff. What we had to do was spray and rub this stuff all over her till she looked like a drowned rat. So both of up held her and rubbed her till she was soaked through. At first she wasn't so happy but then she gave up the fight because she felt so ill. After that we got some clean towls and a clean box and made a bed for her. We let her rest while me and my fiance took it in turns to have a shower. Thats why i have my hair tied in bunches cause it was quick and easy to keep put the way after i had washed it!

My poor poor baby, i couldn't believe the owner had not noticed or done anything and the vet advised us to tell her because the other kittens had a high chance of being ill with it too. So I emailed the owner and told her all that had happened and that the vet advised all her cats were seen to asap and all the kittens too. She seemed generally sorry and said she would do that..although I'll never know if she did or not. i just can not believe she didn't notice because it was so very bad. Thank god we didn't pick her up a day later....

So that is Molly's story she is still under her growth chart but is catching up slowly. I am just so glad she is with us now and we can look after her.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. There is a few more on there online photo album and There will be some more up very soon.

Love Eva xxx
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Molly is certainly a lucky kitty - so good that you took the right care of her. The other photos in your album are lovely.
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Awwwww all i can see are red x's

I've just been on your website and their gorgeous!

Molly sleeps similar to Sophie?!, so cute!!
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Cute kitty!
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The photo's are showing up my end, I hope you have got it sorted and can see them now. Glad you liked the photo's of Molly Just in case you still can't see the pictures the one's I used where of me holding her and her with her milk.

Originally Posted by rosiemac
Awwwww all i can see are red x's
Originally Posted by rosiemac

Thanks everybody, its so lovely to see all your replys it just makes me smile!

Lots of love from Eva and Molly xxx
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Molly, you're such a little miracle! What a precious baby you are! Eva, I'm so thankful you rescued her just in time! I know she fills your heart with such joy!
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Yes she fills my heart with so much love and joy you can't help but fall in love with her. She is still kinda small compared to other cats her age and she'll always be my baby

Thanks and Molly sends some cuddles and licks

Love Eva and Molly xxx
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