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My cat's sick.

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What could be wrong w/ my 13 yr old cat?
His appetite has been decreasing and he’s been losing weight while his blood work was coming back good. Then just this week his red blood cell count has decreased, but his liver, kidney, etc is all good.
We took him back to the vet Tuesday. The blood test showed a decrease in red blood cells, but everything else was good. He got cortisone, vitamin B injection and something to calm the nausea. He still hasn't been eating and we took him again on Thurs. His red blood cell count dived just in two days. I don't want to put him through a bunch of invasive tests and I don't want to do a transfusion if we can't figure out what is causing him not to eat.

Has anyone experienced anything similar w/ their cats? All my cats before that lost their appetite the exam or blood tests showed something specifically wrong.
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I'm sorry your cat isn't doing well!!
Is he throwing up? If so, he may have an intestinal blockage. That happened to me last week and Pippin's blood work was showing normal.
I'd talk to my vet about an x-ray, to see if there's anything physically wrong with his internals.
There are also several ways to perk up a cat's appetite.
Warm up the food a little.
Feed him catnip before a feeding.
Visit with him and encourage him to eat.
Assist feed with a syringe.
The important thing is to keep him eating and drinking until you find out what's wrong. Cats can so quickly get anorexic if they don't eat, and then it's hard to get them started again.
Good luck!!
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He is not vomiting. His urine and stool are normal. We are warming his food, coaxing him to eat and because he doesn't eat we are force feeding him w/ a syringe. We are giving him sub-contanious fluids to keep him hydrated and we have him on prednisone. So far, nothing is working. He is getting weak, but he is very alert.

Thanks for the reply.
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i'm sorry to read about your kitty, i know it's hard feeling helpless with a long-time friend...it sounds like you are a devoted person doing all you can...keep up the kitty vigil..sending good vibes your way...keep us posted!
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