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New Sauce for Dogs

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I just saw a commercial on AP for that new sauce for dog's food.... Iams Savory Sauce. Are any of You with a dog going to try that on your dogs food? I dont have a dog.... But, I was just curious to see who was going to try it here.

Anyone ?
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I would love to try it, but Jello is on a special diet. The vet suspects his skin problem is due to food allergy. We have to watch what he eats.
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I'm not sure if it's the same brand, but we definitely have used something similar, a sauce, gravey type thing to put on our dog's food. Corky is 12 and still doing pretty good but we have noticed his sniffer isn't quite as good and the dog food seems to have to have a stronger oder for him to eat. We don't want to give him canned dog food unless we really have to so we have used the gravy stuff and it really did work.
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I haven't heard of it, but I would be willing to give it a go since one of my dogs is so fussy.
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I've seen it for cats, too, over here. I think it's made by Vitakraft.
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It got a good review on a product review site I frequent.
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I bought some for my dogs, I usually put Vitagravy on their dry food and they like it. The Iams version is cheaper 2.79 a bottle and the Vitagravy is 4.99. It smells awful but they do like it.
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I have one for cats and they love it! I only use it as a special treat but when I do the kitkats go crazy!
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I might try it with a different brand. Iams is just a awful brand, and it has alot of calories too.
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