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First time birth experience

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My young manx foster cat is in the first stage of labor..thought we'd have kittens yesterday but not yet.
What can I expect as far as indications that she is transitioning into the 2nd stage?
I have been advised that I hsould leave her alone to have an undisturbed birth. How do I know if she is in distress if I'm not with her?
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All births are a little different. It depends on how experienced mom is as well. Second stage she will usually lay on her side and you can see the stomach muscles contract. Usually the kitten will come out within the hour. If mom is comfortable with you being there, I would stay. If she is a first time mom, she may need help. Same with the kittens. If mom doesnt break the sac, you may need to help. You may want to look on the net for info on the birth of kittens, it would take me hours to go through all the procedures if something goes wrong. I will say though, that if mom is in active labor for more than an hour, she may need to get to the vet. This means if she is contracting for more than an hour. Please let us know how it all turns out.
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Thanks for the reply. I have several books, including a first aid for animals and am a retired RN with labor and delivery experience....but only with kids!

My husband had gotten me a doctor's bag as a gift one Christmas and I have it set up with scissors, antiseptic (benzalthonium chloride), cotton squares, a baby nasal syringe, tweezers, and a pad and pen to keep track of the progress, arrival times...etc. Also have lots of clean hand towels and a heating pad on hand. I expect that she will pop them out with no problems, but I prefer to be prepared.

I've been rubbing her back and she rolls over to give me her belly to rub, too. That gives me an opportunity to check out if there's any show.

We don't know her history except that she was abandoned. She was about to be spayed last Saturday and I just couldn't let that happen once I had held my hand to her side. She is in good health and about a year old acc. to the vet. Of course, she has had her boosters and was tested for FeLeuk/Fiv. and treated for tapeworms

Talk to you later

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I don't know what time this was posted - BUT - let the Mom do her thing - my first litter I was panic striken - had Mom rushed to the vet to find everything perfectly normal going on - she had one there and that whole adventure cost me money I did not need to spend - babies will come when they are ready - most of my Mom's wanted me with them - so I woulod let them have them in bedroom closet - some of theose books out on birthing can be pretty scary - beleive me you will know if Mom is in distress - now go grab a coke, a good book and go sit with Mom - I had obne queen who for 8 hours I had to sit and rub her belly - she cried if I left - so I didn't leave - and by all means have fun and keep us posted on the babies. Linda
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You mention looking for " show" cats are the most fastidious creature - she will not allow herself to get messy and you may be missing the drainage - usually if you see drainage baby is not far behind. Linda
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I am glad you decided to let her have her babies. Cats are much easier than people giving birth. Most of it is natural instinct. I sat and waited for 4 hours before mom decided to have her 3rd kitten. I think it was more stressful for me than her. She acted like she was done and then had contractions 4 hours later. Let us know how all goes!!
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Just came out of the room for a cup of tea. Was laying on the floor with her snuggled up and lying on my arm with her head in my hand while she had her paws around my arm. Think she wants be to hang wiht her? There are definately mild contractions but nothing consistant. She lays on her back all sprawled out so I can rub her tummy.

She is such a sweetie and was apparently someone's pet because she's well cared for and very friendly.

thanks for all the support...will keep y'all posted and get soem pics up on my page at Petfinder as soon as they are available.

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The kittens have arrived and Luna was an excellant first time birther. She seemed a bit bemused by what was happening..would look at her behind after a contraction like she had never seen it before!

She had her first three rather closely together and hwile I was eating breakfast and reading the news after our morning cuddle time., the other two came while I was in with her.

She has 3 black ones with varying degrees of tail length and two orange tabbies with white masks. One of them has no tail at all and the other one has a long and fully formed one.

Will keep you posted. Thanks for the support!

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I am so happy for everyone. I have 3 wee ones crawling on my feet as we speak. I have to Manx cats. It is a sad story with a happy ending. My 2 were going to be taken to the pound because they had tails. The breeder did not know what to do with cats that couldnt be sold for profit!! The Manx are very lovable and great stealers!! Let us know how they are doing and how big they are getting!!
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