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Make a Kitty feel Good Today! 2/12/05 - SABA!

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I wanted to have everyone give miss Saba a waaaarm welcome I don't know much about her, and I think she's lovely looking, and a little angel!


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ROSIE: Saba our mum said how lucky you are to be in a new loving home with a new mum and dad and a handsome stepbrother

SOPHIE: Saba you are a pretty cat were so pleased that you have a new family to get lots of love like me and Rosie
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Sierra: Saba, you're just absolutely gorgeous, and Mommy and I are so thrilled you've joined the family!You're such a sweet girl, and you are so very loved by your Mama, Dad, and Sasha! You will all bring eachother so much joy!
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You are right Ghibli! Saba is very pretty! Congratulations Saba, on your special day!
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Saba, I hope you enjoying your new home as much as your new family is having you there! You are so very pretty, enjoy your special day!
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Gordo- Hey beautiful, love your pretty face, enjoy your special day.
Pitufo- Hey Saba, you are so sweet and beautiful, hopefully I'll get to know you better.
Princess- Hi Saba, I think we can be good friends, I'm so happy that you have a great family and a handsome brother. Congrats on your special day.
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Saba you are gorgeous, and you are very lucky to have adopted such parents as Eddie and Eric! May your life be long, healthy and loving with them!
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Hey Saba! You're so beautiful, you look so soft and snuggly! I hope you're liking your new family... they sound great!
-Baylee & Max
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You are a gorgeous kitty-cat, especially because you look very much like me! I am a petite Maine Coonish cat, myself, and I was rescued from a school's parking lot (in Orinda, California). Maybe we are long lost relatives.


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Congratulations on being cat of the day!! Sorry that Molly's being so vain and posting pictures of herself on YOUR thread. Anyway, you're a beautiful cat and I'm glad you found a loving home.

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This is Francine speaking on behalf of us kitties: Welcome Saba!! We can't wait to get to know you!!!
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Kisses from your Auntie Chris, Saba , and kisses from all your cousins, too! We think you are precious!
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(hehe.. it helps if I leave a note for Eddie and saba to know it's their day, yeah?)
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Denise is so sneaky. And sweet.
Well! We're in a little bit of limelight!

*Saba is flirting with her own photo*
That's just like her, believe me. She has been with us exactly 1 month now and we love her so very much!! Sasha is learning to share the bed (major breakthrough) and Saba's favorite place in the house are the stairs to the second floor, as they're carpeted like a kitty condo or something. Saba loves to get lots of kisses on her little nose and wants to tell MOLLY that she's gorgeous and yes, very much like her. Uncannily like her.

Papa Eric, who's a much better photographer than mom Eddie needs to take new photos. Maybe tomorrow~

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Saba, you're a gorgeous gal. Sui says your coat is BEAUTIFUL!
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Congratuations Saba! Your such a beautiful girl!
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aw, thanks Lisa! and Sash!
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Elizabeth and Saba, i think you both know i send my very warmest thoughts and fond wishes. Please give her an extra kitty kiss today from auntie em.
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
Saba, you're a gorgeous gal. Sui says your coat is BEAUTIFUL!
Kelly thanks so very much -just saw this now. (duh!) You know I adore your Sui as Torties have a very, very special place in my heart -- Sasha's mama, SiSi. And Sui is adorable!
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