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A bit of good news

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I posted earlier in extreme frustration with the amount of abandoned kittens in my area, and my inability to help them all. While this is still true there is a tiny bit of a ray of light. I think I've found homes for at least two of the kittens who are slated to be eunthanized tomorrow afternoon. It means I will have to foster them here for a month, but thats ok with me At least these babies will have a chance! A friend of mine is moving into a new house in December and wants one so I'll keep it here for her until then Actually it happens to be my little Gypsy's sister This friend knows someone who goes to college with her that is also looking for a kitten so thats two down. Only 4 more to go I'll be making lots of phone calls tomorrow I guess. I know its not a big deal, and there will be plenty more kittens needing help, but it makes me feel good to know I can help at least some of them get a new lease on life. Unfortunately people will always be stupid enough to dump kittens off and shirk their responsibilites leaving thos eof us who care to try and clean up the mess.
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I don't know how these people do such things either Melissa...it makes me sad to belong to the same species! I am so sick of these arseholes and wish they'd quit breeding (talk about unwanted animals)so the world would be a better place.

If I offend some people in the way I think about some humans, I can't say I'm sorry, cause I'm not.

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By the way, I wanted to mention it's really great that you're devoting your time and love to these babies. I wish you the best in finding homes for them...Thank you for being so kind. I know the whole ordeal is so heartwrenching. God Bless You, your hard work and perseverance sweetie.

Love & Peace
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YEY Melissa!!! Good for you!! because of you two of these little angels are going to good loving homes!! All the best with the others, if you really need homes for any of them - send them to me!!!
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Melissa It Is a BIG DEAL to help these babies out! You are doing a wonderful job helping there fur babies out and I am proud of you!
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