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who would own your cat?

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or should i say who would your cat own if she/he didnt belong to you?

when ever people comment on maverick's fluffy black tail or strange eyes i tell them she used to be a witch's cat and her fur is thick with spells.

my nan's cat surely would belong to a librarian because he loved nothing more than to curl up in a pile of books or papers and my friends cat *should* belong to a drag queen as he is a big muscular ginger tom with a squeeky voice who takes a fancy to anything pink or fluffy!

so who would your cat belong to or what would their profession be?
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I know my kitties would be living the royal life, in a flash castle with meals and treats delievered to their every whim!
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Cute topic. I believe my my CJ would belong to a stunt man. He is always doing tumbles and taking giant leaps off high furniture -- and he's just so tiny. He was the runt of the litter and weighs only a little over a pound!
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According to Adrian, Malakai should have been Satan's cat... He's a little monster... I think he would do quite well as a dentist's cat... He enjoys using his fangs... LoL
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I know my kitties would be living the royal life, in a flash castle with meals and treats delievered to their every whim!
Sam, your kitties definately deserve royal treatment!!
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Lily would fit in well with a biker or trucker with a soft-spot for kitties She is my cat with a tiger attitude

Autumn would either be a softness tester for a furniture company's couches, bed's, chairs etc, OR she would be owned by a furniture store owner. Her favorite thing is to find the softest place to sleep, and do just that!!

Blondie would be best with my mother (who she is with now). I really cannot imagine her happy with anyone else. She and my mother have similiar dispositions. They both crave peace and quiet. They both get "upset" emotionally (but show it in different ways) when their routine is interrupted and they are both friendly and social when they feel secure.
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KC would belong to a foreign princess and be treated like royality and eat from a crystal glass bowl like in the commercials.

Buddy would belong to someone who likes noise, pain and a mess because hes always knocking stuff over, meowing, and biting.
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Scratchy would live in a circus with the acrobats and clowns

Sunday would be a little old lady's cat who could only cuddle and get up long enough to feed her twice a day.

Cairo would live by herself and have a bevvy of little kitty servants to jump to her every command!
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Originally Posted by stormy
Sam, your kitties definately deserve royal treatment!!
Diane, thank you so much. Of course all kitties do but there is just something about my posh Persians.
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Jekyll - Very rich proffessional daredevils who would cater to his every need whilst throwing him out of planes (with a parachute of course) to satisfy my little adrenaline junkie.

Jeepers - well since her favourite nickname is 'princess pretty pants' (sometimes she'll answer to that and not Jeepers) I think she'd belong to royalty, but animal loving royalty not the shoot everything that moves, fox hunting lot we have here. Jeepers and the Queen's corgis would NOT get on
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i believe sox would belong to a boxer

even though him and the dog get on very well, sox thinks he rules her, hes always jumping on her playfighting, and he always wins aswell
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My cat would belong to someone who did Kung Fu!!
its so funny!
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Mine would belong to a King

He is spoiled and tempermental.. lol
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Jamie would belong to somebody with a number of dogs - he loves dogs (but not cats). I took him outside today, and a rough-haired dachshund (unleashed) came running up, sat down in front of him, and wagged her tail. Her owner was absolutely astounded, because the dog usually chases cats. Jamie did the "head bump" bit, and seemed very pleased to find a new friend. This happens all the time when we're at the vets' office. Maybe he was a cat-chasing dog in a past life.
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i definitly stand by my claim that Maverick is a witch's cat. three light bulbs have blown today with her in the room. coinsidence or feline attention seeking magic? i was trying to find a room to sit in and read my book when i obviously should have been paying her attention!
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Gandalf would belong to a little girl that likes to cuddle and sneak food under the table. He would especially belong to one that has a brother that would rough him up ocassionally (he loves to play rough but loves cuddles afterwards.) but he could still get away and hide behind her.

Samwise would belong to a rough, tough guy with a heart of mush. I do believe he would prefer to be in a store or something though where he'd get plenty of interaction. This cat has never met a stranger.
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