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New babies always make me cry!

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Can't wait to see pictures!

Get well soon Adrienne!
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Just got home from work and checked this thread first.

Congratulations, Ady and John. Happy birthday, Kevin.

Ady, rest while you can.
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Congratulations Ady, John, and Kevin! (=
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Welcome to the world Kevin! You have wonderful parents!

Congrats, you two! I'm so proud!
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Congratulations Ady & John! This is excellent news. Can't wait to see Kevin. Ady I know how much you wanted a baby and OMG I'm so happy for you both!
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Congratulations Ady and John, can't wait to see pics of Kevin!
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Here we go guys......John thinks they're probably coming home today!

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What a great picture!! He looks just like you Ady!!
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Oh Ady and John. Congratulations. Kevin Alexander is beautiful, and he weighs in exactly the same as my Dominik Alexander!!!!!

You both have wished for this moment for SO long. Savour and treasure the early days and weeks. Everything passes in such a haze of tiredness, confusion and ecstasy that you'll turn around one day and Kevin will be 6 months old.

I'm so happy for you that my eyes are filled with tears as I remember the moment not so long ago that I held my little one for the first time and looked into that miraculous face starting back at me.

Kevin is adorable. Have a wonderful time getting to know each other.
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Aww Kevin is just beautiful. Enjoy your time at home with your new son xxx
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Aaaaw Ady he's so gorgeous!! Congratulations to all three of you!! I hope you got that sleep over the weekend
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What a sweet little face he has
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Oh Ady, you and your son together are both so beautiful. Im sure you will enjoy motherhood so much!!!!!!!
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He's beautiful! Congratulations once again. And sleep when he sleeps...
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You are both gorgeous!!!!!
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What a beautiful Baby Boy!!! Thanks for sharing the picture! I'm glad you are recovering from the surgery so well
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Congratulations, Ady and John. Looking forward to seeing you post, as that will mean you are feeling better and have a little down time.
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C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

how simply marvellous!! what a wonderful photo - he certainly is just beautiful

thankyou John for letting us know how everything went and Cindy for posting a photo!
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Yay!! Kevin Alexander is a beautiful little Adymarie:hugs.... My sincerest congrats to You and John and may there be many more!!
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congrats again Ady & John, Kevin is so cute!
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Congratulations. He's adorable!!!!!
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Congratulations on your baby! Enjoy motherhood, and just be grateful you don't have this.....


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Oh Ady - and John - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a beautiful pic - it really is so, so sweet.

Ady, I send all my best wishes to all of you, and I'm just all smiles for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey Mommy, it's high time for you to change that profile of yours...."Married - no kids"......Not anymore!
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Thanks for the well wishes everyone! I am feeling stronger everyday (lost alot of blood - almost needed a transfusion - blood pressure was 80 over 41 and my hemoglobin sucks). Kevin is a gem and we love him to pieces. We did have to take him to the hospital the other night for phototherapy. His jaundice levels were off the charts. He did not enjoy that (neither did I). I have been getting very little sleep and it doesn't help that it will take a long time to replace all my blood. Kevin and I are beginning to develop a routine and he is feeding well. My hubby has been a rock through everything. It really terrified him when I hemoraged (he saw all of the blood). He has been doing what he can to make sure I just have to deal with the baby and not worry about much else. He will probably take off work for another 2 weeks. I am glad you like the picture, hopefully we will post another one soon. He is just getting cuter everyday.

Your support has meant alot to John and I. He would come to the hospital and tell me about all of your wonderful words. Thanks so much!
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I am glad to see you here Ady - and I am glad that all is well!

Take good care of yourself and that sweetheart of yours! He is beautiful!
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Ady glad to see you are recovering well.
send some more pics soon
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Congratulations Adymarie and John!!

Kevin is such a gorgeous little boy! Congratulations again! I hope you are feeling better soon though!
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Here's wishing you a rapid recovery, and that Kevin begins taking long naps for you so you can begin to get some sleep too!
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