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Yipee...a Valentines baby...my god daughter is a V-Day baby...she'll be 18 this Monday! I held her in the delivery room before her mom. Good luck, Ady, I know you are exhausted already...it will be worth it though!
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Enjoy the game tonight!

I'll be thinking of you on Monday! Can't wait to see the cute little face!!
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Awww.. Well.. you'll always be able to say that you had the ultimate gift on Valentine's day
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heya sweetie - good luck on Monday. I'm a firm believer that labour is what you make it, so don't get too nervous. It's a wonderful thing, and you'd hate to be cheated out of it in any way. As Pat&Alix said, get lots of sleep, because it will be a precious memory. Sleep will be a precious memory, that is All the best beb!
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Hey all...this is the hubby checking in....

Must have been all of the excitement at last night's Rock game, as Ady's water broke at 1:15am !!!!

All things point to Sunday afternoon delivery ! All looks good so far !!!

Gawd do I miss my sleep already !!!!!

Will keep everyone up to date !!!!

JOHN !!!!
(soon to be the proud papa !!!!!!)
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Keep us informed mate - if her waters have broken, cant you get glue to fix em?????

Hang in there Ady - soon be splash down and that eternal sound that means you have just become a parent.

God bless

breathe breathe, pant, pant... oh to hell with it - pushhhhhhhh
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John, get in that delivery room, man! Your wife needs you! And about your soon-to-be lack of sleep......we're open 24/7!
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Its about time!!!!!! Stubborness seems to run rife already in that familly.... I have been pacing the floor for hours and am wearing it out in the lounge....
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How exciting. Thinking of you both every step of the way. I can't wait for John to come back and tell us the news. oooohhhhh *excitement*
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Ya hoo! Now things can get going! I will be checking in as often as I can hoping to see the delivery news
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Yay fantastic news! Can't wait to hear the rest of the news!
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How exciting Ady!! I guess the idea of being forced out scared little baby into coming out on his own!!
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I told you all it'd be sunnay! If he's 8 lb 7 Oz, I've won the baby pool, lol

I hope everything goes smooth
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Congrats and best of luck!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday lil' man!!!!!!!!
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Im Jumping In My Seat Of Excitementttttttttt!!!!!!!! Whohooo!!!!!!!
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Still no news??? Oh no, I'll be going to bed soon and will have to wait for the morning to find out about the little guy.
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Congratulations!!! I guess all of the "get out" vibes worked after all!!!
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Go Ady, GO!
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Its 6.32 am here and no word from John. I figured something must have happened as I heard a woman yell some expletive very late last night and I figured that I could possibly hear her from here. heck - I swear they heard Carol in Australia.......
Hopefully all has gone well and John and Ady are now parents... and my money stays on 7lb 9ounzes for the pool......
Heck the suspense is killing .....

given up pacing the floor, now pacing the ceiling!!
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Best of luck Ady, I am sending prayers your way, hope to hear something from your hubby soon, hugs...
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Good luck hon
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WHEEEE!!! A BABY!! A BABY! A BABY!!!!!!!! I CANT wait to hear how it all went!! As for the baby pool.. I'll go with 6lbs 11oz!!!
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The waiting is the hardest part, but I'm sure Ady would say it's the labor!!
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Hi, it's John once again....

I am proud as can be to introduce you all to Kevin Alexander McFarlane, born at 1:42 pm, on Sunday, February 13. He weighed in at 8lbs 2oz, and 20 inches long.

Kevin is doing great, but unfortunately Adrienne had complications with the delivery, and required emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. She came out of her surgery well, and looks forward to being a mommy !

Thanks to everyone for their kind words of encouragement. It really means a lot to all three of us !!!

I'd love to post a pic, but it seems like my darling wife has exceeded her quota for uploading !

I'll keep y'all posted.
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Oh that is soooo exciting!! Congrats!! Glad to hear the surgery was successful too....I'll keep her in my prayers for fast healing.

Welcome to the world little Kevin!!
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Great!!! Welcome little Kevin, and best wishes for a wonderful and happy life :-). Congrats to both of the proud parents and get well quick vibes for Ady. Woo hoo!!
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Congratulations and Dad!
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Ady - Congratulations on the BIG DAY!! I hope you are feeling okay Ady after your surgery and please do rest well. Thanks for the update!

I absolutely cannot wait for the pictures!

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I was just going to add my well wishes to you all with being induced today, but it seems the little one decided to make his own grand entrance!

Congratulations to you Ady and John, and welcome to a wonderful family Kevin!!!

Ady, I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts that you recover quickly from the surgery. I know you will both be wonderful parents!
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