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oh Ady, it's so good to see you post. Take care! and we can't wait to see more pics of Kevin! Glad you are both OK.
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Hi Ady! Good to see you here, good to know you're recovering, and that things are settling a little and routines are developing. Kevin is a sweetie! We'll be waiting with bated breath for more pics, but we'll try not to be tooooooooooo impatient.
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It's good to hear from you, and I'm relieved that you're recovering well. Enjoy these precious moments!
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here is another pic !
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awwww how sweet, like father like son
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Aw how teeny! What a cutie Kevin is! Congrats again... take care!
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It's John posting for a very tired Ady...
Hope that you enjoy the pix !
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awww he is absolutely beautiful
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Here is Kevin with his cousins Morgan on the left, and Isabella on the right.
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What wonderful pictures! I'm glad Mom and baby are well!!!!!
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I am so happy to see pictures of the little tyke! Congratulations to both of you! And welcome to the world, Kevin! You're going to love having a little baby boy around! We do!
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Lovely pics! LOOOOOOOOVE Daddy and His Boy!
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Ohhhh what darling pics! Thanks for the share!
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Congratulations to everyone! Kevin looks adorable.
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They are beautiful ady!!!!
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Oooh - great pictures. He's simply adorable!
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He is so beautiful!
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What a sweet little baby-boy Thanks for sharing the pictures. I hope you have alot of help so you can rest up still!?
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Originally Posted by Rita
What a sweet little baby-boy Thanks for sharing the pictures. I hope you have alot of help so you can rest up still!?
My hubby is off still for another 2 weeks, so he istaking care of most things. Young kev is very demanding, however at night, so I am not gettting much sleep. When I try to sleep during the day, the cats want attention because we have been keeping them locked out of the baby's room at night right now (Merlin walked across Kev when I was feeding him). So I am very tired, but I am taking my iron pills to make up for blood loss, so hopefully soon I will regain some energy. We did have too many visitors on the weekend, however, so now I am trying to recover from that!

Sorry I haven't been online much. Hopefully soon we will settle into a rountine and I can catch up on what is happening with everyone else!
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you just concentrate on getting yourself some much needed rest,

once again, the baby is beautiful
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Lovely, lovely photos. I'm glad things are going ok. But, as lovely as it is to see you post - make sure you get all the rest (and sleep!) that you can.
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Ady, no need to aplogise for not being online much - you have the best excuse of all, a new baby! Big recovery hugs to you!
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He is beautiful. Hope that you can get some rest in and are back to feeling normal soon. Thanks for shareing the lovely pictures. Best wishes to all of you.
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OMG!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and your DH!!! What a BEAUTIFUL little baby boy! I haven't been online very much, but I want you to know, I WAS thinking of, and praying for you, when I knew you were in labor!!! My daughter is 29 years old and I had the EXACT same type of delivery. Boy, is THAT ever scary!!! I hope you heal quickly and that you get your blood count back up. Eat LOTS of protein too!!! --And DON'T over-do!!!!!
Thinking of you and wishing that Kevin has a truly blessed life ahead of him!
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Ady, I've been thinking about you, hubby, the cats, and of course, little Kevin! I hope you've got your energy back, and I'm wondering how long it will be before Kevin's large enough to let you sleep through the night........ I know how busy you must be... but isn't it time for a few more pics?
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I am just now reading this Ady and I want to Congratulate the both of you!!! How is baby Kev doing these days? Is he sleeping all night for you all yet??
Take care of youselves and post when you can!
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