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Being induced on Monday.

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Well, it doesn't look like the baby wants out on his own. So that means Monday morning I head to the hospital for an induction. I can say I am excited that I will finally see the baby (whenever he comes out after the induction starts), but I am also nervous. I have heard that induction can bring labour fast and harder. I will get my hubby to come and post an update on Tuesday, once the baby is here. He knows that this is supposed to be one of his 1st stops to inform people.

I have never done this mother thing before. I hope I can handle it. I used to nanny, but caring for your own is different!

I will try to check in again on the site before I go in on Monday. There is always a chance he may still come out on his own, but I am not counting on it! He is showing his stubborn streak already!
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aww good luck!!
im so excited about your baby, But already 3 people in the past 24 hrs have told me i look pregnant and im
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I was hoping the warmer spring weather would get the little one to come out on his own, but I guess not. I guess he's hibernating.

I'll be thinking of you on Monday Ady. I can't wait to see the little one! Make sure hubby drops us some info!!

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I kind of figured you'd be induced. Yeah, it can be worse, but it can also be quicker too. Good luck!
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Oh, and if you start crying when you see the baby, that's okay. I felt like an idiot when that happened to me, but they all said that it's normal.
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Bet you certainly are feeling excited, yet a bit nervous, Ady. You will be in expert hands in the hospital, as will be your baby. I know you will be such a wonderful Mommy! You're still in my prayers! Planning for an easy delivery of a healthy, beautiful baby! Hurray, you'll finally get to hold your sweet baby in your arms!
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Everything is going to be just fine!!! Good Luck!
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Good luck, I am sure it will all go well and well all be thinking of you. Can't wait to hear about your baby and see some piccies. Oh yes and rememebr to give your cats lots of attention after you get home with the new baby as I hear they can get evry upset and jelious!

Take care and Good Luck

love and hugs

Eva, Eviecat and Molly xxx
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I was induced with both of my boys, so.. I suppose I dont even know what a natural delivery is even like. I had an epidural with both deliveries. Are you planning on an epidural?

Good Luck. I'm SO exited for you!!!
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Will be thinking of you Ady

Looking forward to news of the wee one.
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Oh Sweetie!! I so know how you feel!!! I went 2 weeks over-due with my second baby (and if ONE more person had called me and said,"WHAT??!! You STILL haven't had that baby yet??!!" I would have jumped through that phone!! ) But, I was induced and had quite a rapid delivery and delivered a HEALTHY, HAPPY Baby!! But I was SO happy to hold her, and I know you will too!! HUGS to you, and I hope things go so smoothly for you!!! Let us know, OK?
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I wish you all the best (and that includes a good nurse)....really, once the head finally comes down, and you get some good quality contractions going, I'm sure things will begin happening for you

Get lots of sleep this weekend, after you deliver, it will be a precious memory!
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Good luck Ady, sending good vibes for a healthy and happy baby!!!
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Ady, I hope your sweet baby comes this weekend, but if not, we will all be thinking of you on Monday. What a great Valentine's Day gift!

One of the other persons here mentioned about giving your kittie lots of attention so it won't be jealous. I can attest to that. At the time our daughter was born (1980 at St. Michael's in good ol' TO), I was owned by a lovely sealpoint Siamese named Susie who was indeed a one-person cat - mine. I had had her since she was a kitten and lived alone so there was just me and her.

Anyway, when I brought Jennifer home from the hospital, whenever I breast fed the baby, Susie would also be on my lap. (Susie was very much a lap cat - as soon as I sat down she was on my lap.) Anyway, I always included her and let her sit with me during the feeding. Everyone advised me not to - except my dear doctor who told me to just do what felt right and not worry. When Jennifer started crawling, she would pull herself up to the chair where the cat was resting and pull her tail (not hard) or try to grab her ears (again I always kept an eye so neither ever got hurt), and that cat would tolerate things from our daughter that she would only every tolerate from me before. Our daughter's first word was not da da or mama - it was Seesuze!

I still miss Susie, she was a very loving and special cat.

Enjoy your new baby and your fur baby and don't get all caught up in old wives tales and nonsense. Our family doctor was awesome - he told me that because I had been with Susie for so long that my body would have built up any immunities to anything she might have in her body and those immunities would automatically get to Jennifer through my body and my breast milk.

Jennifer was a very healthy child - no ear problems, no allergies and rarely ever sick except for the odd cold.

So to make this LONG story short - enjoy being a mother and the more relaxed you are - the more relaxed your babies will be too (human and fur).
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At two weeks late, my first labor was induced. The doctor gave me Pitocin lozenges and labor began, within an hour. Eight hours, much sweating and swearing later, I delivered 10 lb. 1 oz Richard.

The worst part was afterward - between the episiotomy and the hemorrhoids, I sat on a pillow, for several weeks. (When I say that Richard was a pain in the @$$, I really MEAN it!)

Good luck and keep us posted.
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Best of luck to you through labor and delivery, no matter how it happens! You will do just fine as a mom. Just remember in those early days home to sleep when he is sleeping so you can get your rest. Can't wait to hear all about the delivery, and hubby is a sweetie to keep us informed.
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All the best Ady!

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Ady will keep you special in my prayers. Who knows, maybe he will come before monday - one can never tell! Try and rest and thanks for staying in touch. There are so many here that are pulling for you to have this go effortlessly. Enjoy being a new mom!
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When I was born we had a kitten and puppy. When I arrived home, the first thing my mom did was to sit down and introduce me to them. She let them sniff me and from then on they were my guardians. Whenever the relatives and friends came to see "the baby", those 2 were under my bassinet carefully watching the visitors. We hate to think what would have happened to anyone who tried to hurt me!

Wishing you and yours a safe delivery!
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Ady - I posted in your other thread before this one. Don't worry about being induced, I know it's a bit scary but it will be fine. I was induced after going two weeks overdue with my daughter. Yes, labour was faster and harder (so I am told) she was my one and only birth. She was delivered in 3 hours and 59 minutes - as the consultant was giving my a trial of labour for 4 hours before deciding whether to do a C Section, I thought that was pretty good timing

When things really got going they gave me an epidural. But before it and afterwards it was fine. And...at least I knew I was in the right place when labour started.

And - at the end of it - you'll have your beautiful baby boy.

Sending lots of vibes and good wishes to you and your hubby for a safe and happy birth day.
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good luck, it will all be worth it in the end
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I'll be thinking of you on Monday! Good Luck!
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Congrats!!! I know that you're happy, nervous, and desprate at this point! I was scheduled to be induced on May 5th with my son but my water broke on May 1st (late at night). My contractions weren't strong enough so I did get "induced" with pitocin (sp?). It did bring contractions faster and harder but as soon as he popped out, I couldn't tell you anything about the pain. It all goes away..........you'll do fine, especially when you see that beautiful baby boy!

Good Luck!
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I was induced with my second one, but I also had an epidural. Thank God for epidurals!

Set your mind to this: I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. And you will.
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My best friend was induced last year (the day they induced her was 1 week past her due date). She went in around 7am. They induced her and nothing happened until around noon. She requested an epidural but didn't get one as the baby came out in less than 2 hours! Her baby girl is perfectly healthy and content.

Hope everything goes well on Monday!!!
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Thanks for the good vibes everyone! I am getting more excited and less nervous. I can't wait to see him. I will be spending plenty of quality time with the kitties and have started to increase their attention now before the baby is home. Plus the hubby will be home for at least 2 weeks after the baby is born so he will spend time with the cats and the kid as well.

Yes, I am planning on an epidural. I am resting this weekend, except for tonihgt. I am an avid professional lacrosse fan and my team (the Toronto Rock) are playing tonight. I have season's tickets and I will miss 1 or 2 games after the baby is born, so I am definately going to see this one tonight. If need be, my seats are right near the paramedics, but nothing happened at the last 2 games with the baby in the past months, so I don't expect anything tonight. I hope I can still fit in the jersey - it was a little snug last game!
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Enjoy the game and your quality time at home. Epidurals rock take it from me (and 1000s of others).
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Good luck! I hope everything goes smooth as can be and you'll see your beautiful little boy soon
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Enjoy the game, Ady! You'll be in my thoughts a lot the next two days.
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Best of luck,,have fun tonight!!!!!
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