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I would volunteer - my husband already thinks I am a space cadet sometimes. They won't take me though - females would be good for this. I could spend quality in bed napping
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Check out the cheekbones on Mira Furlan! I don't notice it so much when she's in costume.
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Are Vulcans allowed to lie? For some reason I found the sight of Vulcan "monks" being deceitful distrubing.
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I was unable to view last night's episode of Enterprise due to, um, something. *is sad* Oh, well.

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I missed it too....there were too many trick or treaters ringing the door bell to sit in front of the tube. Luckily I tape Enterprise for a friend who doesn't get it (lives in the woods with no cable or satelite), so I get to watch tonight.
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But I have a wonderful husband! He found a site where someone had uploaded all the episodes of Enterprise, and he downloaded them for me and is burning them to cd. I have this week's episode but I haven't had a chance to watch yet.

I suppose this is illegal, though we didn't pay for these so maybe not. Having it on cd should be no more illegal than making a videotape, just don't know if our source is strictly on the up-and-up . . .
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Where are you, oh Star Trek person?

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Boy, am I a little late chiming in on this week's episode. Those twitchy Andorian anntennae were convincing. I watched amidst paying bills and fending off trick-or-treaters.

During the last 10 minutes, I lost my cable signal for a minute or so, but got it back in time to see the ending.

I'm right there with you, adymarie, Vulcans being anything other than on the up-and-up? Hmm.

Regardless, another good episode.

Hey, sunlion, I'd like to know more about this uploading of the episodes. I was just commenting to a friend yesterday that I'm not so willing to retire my VCR for DVD because of the loss of recording capabilities. I do own a burner, however. I'm sure the download time would be phenomenal, especially with my dial-up connection , but I would be interested in giving it a shot.

As it stands, I have all original Trek and The Next Generation on video. I anticipate that these tapes won't last forever, though. But I can't see the VCR going the way of the dinosaur just yet. How else are you to record a show that you can't be home to watch? I'd like to see a VCR/DVD combo. That would solve all my problems.
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We used to have a Tivo, which is kind of like that. It's another pay service like cable, and cash is tight right now so we gave it up, but we're getting it again as soon as we can. It has a menu with your local programs and different recording options, and at the low level ours saved about 30 hours of programming. Worked well for me because I could record stuff late at night and watch it at a reasonable time. Plus kids shows, so I could show them in the evening to my daughter - while recording Law & Order or something else she shouldn't watch for us.

I'll check with hubby about the site for past episodes. They seem to be about a week behind. That is, Wed. was the Andorean episode but the one that was available on Thurs. was the Terra Nova episode from the week before. At least I get it twice a week - once on UPN and once on WGN - so if I miss it I stand a chance of still seeing it.


Oh, those antennae creeped me out. I suppose snails move theirs around like that and all, but to see it happen right above a face! Eeeuw!

Vulcans do not in general lie because it is not logical. It creates situations that are difficult to maintain and often ultimately causes more problems than it solves. Logic is their highest good, and most of their spiritual practices are about purging emotion so that they can focus on logic. Separation of religion from government is a particularly western idea, so not all people on earth consider it a necessity, why would all aliens? It certainly seems feasible that the Vulcan gov't persuaded those monks to build on that planet because with the tension with the Andoreans, it was logical to have a secret base there. When it was built, I'm sure the Andoreans couldn't detect it. Or perhaps those monks weren't really monks at all, but a very good cover story. Over time (it seems to be quite an old temple) a true practice might well have arisen, with most members unaware of the underground facility. Maybe only that one monk knew.

I was thinking about that smell issue, because it came up with the Vulcans again. Part of it (useless trivia here) is probably related to diet - vegetarians in general have less offensive body secretions than carnivores and Vulcans are vegetarians. Plus their home world is much hotter than Earth, so they probably don't sweat as much in an environment that is comfortable for humans. Spock never commented on it, but he was half human (Sarek married an earth woman named Amanda) so perhaps he wasn't as sensitive to it.

But of course it's all speculation. It's only a story and while it helps to make sense within that reality, it isn't required. We've all seen shows where continuity or common sense were abandonned in favor of telling a good story. We just don't notice it because we get so wrapped up in the events.
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Hey, Sunlion, thanks! I'll be interested in checking out that site.

Fortunately, my UPN station runs the same episode twice a week. But I always tape it on Wednesday night to be sure.
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My Husband got the latest Maxim mag - T'Pol (Jolene Blalock) is featured. Man she looks different with long blond hair and a fuzzy bikini! I had to tell my husband not to strain his eyes.


In Canada Enterprise is on Tuesday this week - is it the same in the States. It looks like the change is because of the new Temption Island show - urgh!
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I think it depends on who owns the rights. I get it on Weds on UPN and on Sat on WGN, both on cable.
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Ok, I won't give away the plot as most of you won't see it until tonight, but let me tell you it is a good one. T'Pol seems to be fighting a lossing battle with her emotions in this episode. I didn't like the captain of the Vulcan ship, I thought that Archer held his cool remarkably well. Truck's character really seems to be developing. The snow-vulcun was amazing!:tounge2:
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I second the thumbs up on tonight's episode.

About the only consistent thing that bothers me about this show is the way they portray Vulcans. I am beginning to dislike them.

The darn theme song is even beginning to grow on me!

Gotta run. Have a craving for some pecan pie.
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Has anybody else ever experienced the chilly atmosphere depicted in the dining scene? I once was friends with a couple who hated talking at the dinner table. "We're here to eat, not talk!" Go figure.

It was good to see Lieutenant Tucker and Sub-Commander T'Pol strike up a friendship. Well, I suppose T'Pol would classify it more as a generic "relationship." Tucker was admirable in his remorse regarding the private letter written by T'Pol which he was ordered to decode.

Captain Archer and his crew are developing interesting relationships; and I'm thinking it's about time to hear more from the supporting characters, like Lieutenant Reed and Ensigns Sato and Mayweather. They're always busy, but we don't hear much from them — yet. It's been mostly Archer, T'Pol and Tucker. And what about Archer's dog, What's-His-Name? (I'm wondering if the dog has a little extra-vehicular activity suit all his own, for emergencies.)

T'Pol surely made a big life-decision in this episode! She'll no doubt catch hell from Vulcan on this one. The freedom-of-choice issue was handled nicely by her and Tucker, I thought. Oops, I'm going behind a planet now; so I'll say 'bye-'bye!


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I agree with your assessment of the episode, although I think Reed has been given a little more air time than the other 2, especially Sato. Her big scenes so far have been a lot of panic about stuff.

And when is somebody going to pity poor Enterprise and give up a little technology? So far, we've got a transporter than nobody will touch with a 10-foot pole, greedy Vulcans with a tractor beam, and some other race with the awsome holodeck that gets shared with the Klingons. Tucker got to walk around pregnant, and they didn't even get one shred of technology (not counting, of course, the removal of said fetus).

It's tough being low ship on the galaxy totem pole.
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Yes, the new person on the "block" gets tested by the resident bullies; in this case every non-human species abroad in the cosmos! Now, how did the original Star Trek Enterprise crew get along with the various species? I can't remember who their alien friends were (if any), but the Klingons weren't among them. It'll be interesting to see if Archer's crew transcends the "later" Star Trek era regarding alien/human policies/relationships.


And what is that dog's name? (And where has he been lately?) Perhaps he'll encounter an alien who changes him into a cat.

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The dog was Porthos, as in Athos - Porthos - Aremis the Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas. (D'Artagnon wanted to join them in the first book, I think one of the following books is the Four Musketeers but I could be wrong.)
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Well, last night on what seems to be the weekly TNN Next Generation marathon, they were airing the 2-part episode where Spock is on Romulus.

Had to watch it to restore some of my good feelings about Vulcans. I have been a Spock fan all my life. I am really starting to get a nasty taste in my mouth for Vulcans, due to their portrayal on Enterprise.

And yes, the dog is Porthos. Just goes to show you how inexperienced this ship's crew is, bringing a dog on board. Exactly how are they walking this creature several times a day is what I want to know. In later, more enlightened crews, at least they have matured enough to bring cats along.
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I don't know, I always had the feeling Vulcans in general kind of disdained humans for being . . . less evolved, I guess. I always thought of Spock as the exception. Romulans seemed more like us, but angrier.
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I'm quite amused by this site. Here is the link to the cat one, but this is a whole series of comics, for those of us who remember the old series' too.

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That web site is excellent! I haven't laughed that much in, well, ages. Thank you! Deb 25, you've got to check out that site.

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Do you have any candidates for such an, um, honor? Mine is Wesley Crusher, the whining Space-Sissy momma's boy who had all the charisma of week-old lettuce. Mind, the character might actually have been interesting were it not for the horrible casting job on the part of people who are supposed to know what they're doing. If we had the vomit emoticon here, I'd use it.

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Yeah, I'm no fan of Weasley either. You can't blame the casting folks, though, child actors are notoriously inconsistent. I've seen the kid in a few other things and he's no worse than Ricky Schroeder used to be. And I think a large part of it is the writers - he didn't have to be such a wunderkind! "Oh, I'll just save the ship with my little science project." "I know I'm only 15 but I grew up on this ship and serving in Star Fleet with my parents so I know more about this stuff and intuitively reach the right answer faster than all the other hundred of adulst on this ship."

Let's see, who else?

Early Deanna Troi: "Captain, I'm sensing hostility from the alien here, and the writers are afraid that their writing is too poor or the audience is too stupid to pick up on that without me stating the obvious."

Dr. Pulaski - too darn abrasive, though I was okay with her by the end of the season, another know-it-all and somewhat pushy besides. Where the heck was Beverly during that year anyway?

That girl who married Quark on DS9. You can tell how impressed I am with her, I don't even know her name.

The Japanese girl on Enterprise, is her name Sato? How the heck did she get into the program if everything terrifies her so much? Seems like her job is to scream so we know something is supposed to be scary, must be the same insecure writers again!

Reginald Barclay is another one. How did such a paranoid, insecure person make it that far? Maybe he'd get work on a lesser ship, but I can't imagine him having the nerve to even ask to work onboard the Enterprise "the Federation's flagship".

And Voyager, well, no single person annoys me all the time, but they've all annoyed me at least once. Sometimes I just want to slap them upside the head for just plain being on my nerves. B'Elanna with her reclaiming her Klingon heritage while rejecting it, Neelix who is too darn cheerful, Tom Paris and his tv addiction (they should at least have found some 24th century analog and tried to make it more subtle), the prissy doctor, smug and smirking Chakotay, Janeway - now why did they pick that name, because we wouldn't know it was a woman if she didn't captain the ship "Jane's way"? - who may be headed home but who is so often sidetracked by the local stuff, Kess who never seemed to have any passion, I mean it just goes on and on. Wimpy Harry Kim who thinks with his hormones even though he isn't as obvious about it as Tom is, Naomi Wildman and the borg children (see Weasley), 7 of 9 whose sole purpose is to wear that costume - nothing against eye candy per se, but at least in original Trek you knew the female aliens were going to think underwear was sufficient clothing, they weren't pretending to be fully dressed - Tuvok who seems like his woodenness is bad acting (unlike Spock, whose woodenness seemed like good acting, go figure).

Okay, I've babbled on about this too much, I'll stop now. {grin}
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LOL! I love your descriptionof Voyager....especially 7 of 9....it is amazing that she could breathe with that corsett on. :laughing:

Let me add T-Pal (or whatever her name is) from Enterprise. A pouty Vulcan with completely blank eyes. I think Spock was great because even though he was expressionless, his eyes said so much...and with his cocked eyebrow we didn't need smiles or frowns to know what he was thinking!
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Well, I guess I am a lot more tolerant than all of you because I like almost all of the characters in one way or another (even Wesley).

(Mr. Cat you should rent.....oh darn, I can't think of the name of the movie......It's based on the short story The Body by Stephen King...Anyway, your friend Wil Wheaton has the lead role, along with a young and alive River Phoenix...Ah, finally- Stand By Me.)

Anyway, I said "almost", because one character I never did warm up to (not that I had a lot of time) was Ezri Dax. What was the point of her existence? Just float the Dax symbiont in a jar and use subtitles. I'm a bit like Worf- never got used to Jadzia leaving.
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:jarswim: <---- Dax!

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Mr Cat...


Deb 25

I agree...it was downright painful to watch that woman trying to take Jadzia's place....she was too something...irritating? wrong? poorly cast?...something. I think she was the harbinger of doom for Deep Space 9!
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New York Times

Patterns: Beauty, It Turns Out, Lights the Brain

November 13, 2001


Given the opportunity, many men will gladly spend time gazing at beautiful women's faces.

Though the news may not come as much of a shock, the researchers who report the finding in a new study say it may still lend some insight into how the brain works.

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard affiliate, said they wanted to see how the brain responded when heterosexual men were exposed to photographs of women and men of varying degrees of attractiveness. The study appears in the current issue of Neuron and was written by Dr. Hans C. Breiter.

The researchers found, among other things, that the part of the brain that responds to facial beauty is the same area that is activated by food, recreational drugs and money.

One goal of the study was to see if, from the brain's perspective, anyway, the simple act of looking at someone attractive is satisfying in and of itself.

While the findings may hold true for each sex, the researchers said they had studied only men because women's responses to facial stimuli could be affected by their menstrual cycles.

The men were divided into groups and shown a series of photographs portraying attractive women, average women, attractive men and average men.

The men were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of each. While they identified some men's faces as attractive, when they could control their viewing, they lingered over the beautiful women.

Meanwhile, brain scans showed the "reward circuitry" of the brain lighting up as the men looked at the attractive women's pictures, but not those of the men.


Copyright 2001 The New York Times Company

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Read a study about that some years ago, back when I was in college. The author (of course I've forgotten who that is by now) took the stance that if you look back in time, most deformities in adutls were the result of disease or poor nutrition. The more attractive someone was, the more likely they were to be healthy and vigorous, and the more likely any potential mating with that person would result in viable offspring. It's all back to the urge of life to recreate itself. Over the ages that piece of information has become hardwired into our brains, so even today when beauty is likely to be the result of surgery and cosmetics, the internal reaction remains the same.

But we're still going to tease you about it, Mr Cat, because we can!

:laughing: :LOL:

I forgot about Ezri, but I think I only saw one episode about her and the point of it seemed to be to show that she wasn't eternally perky.

So Archer finally made a move, huh? At least she wasn't as fake-naive as some of Kirk's choices. Was that the first reference to the replicator? They don't already have that, do they? I mean, transporter technology is still new, reproducing the same molecules in the same pattern, let alone imposing a different order on molecules. And the long hair really changed T'Pol's appearance, didn't it! I liked this episode. It was fun and followed the story arc of the original series - the love interest, the fight scene, the crew having internal conflict.
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