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What I totally love about all the Star Trek series:

Every question you answer provokes 2 more.

Good post, sun.
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I just want to point out that T'Pol seemed to show some trepidation (not fear) at the idea of "a dentist".

Actor who portrays T'Pol could use some acting lessons, but we know they didn't hire her for her acting ability, but for the way she fills out the uniform. I mean, she is a model who acts & not an actor who models.

Flox & T'Pol have the potential of some interesting interaction. As the 2 foreign species on board, they are at extreme opposites of the human interaction spectrum. Flox seems intent on experience humanity to the fullest, while T'Pol seems to want to avoid "contamination".
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Since folks coming to my thread are bound and determined to make this into an "I Hate Jolene Blalock" club, you're welcome to it! It's one thing to set forth dislike of an actor's job of work; but this continuous hammering away at her has become tedious, as it seems centered around her physique and the fact she presents Sub-Commander T'Pol the way Vulcans ought to be portrayed: totally unemotional. I'm unsubscribing now. Have a nice day!

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Now Mr Cat, I never said I didn't like Jolene Blalock! I imagine it must be difficult to play a character who has to display no emotions. Maybe she is the best actor there. I feel that Star Trek consistantly, from the 1st series, has choosen to portray certain women in a certain way. T'Pol is being true to her roots of non-emotive Vulcans, and she has had period in the series of distress & trepidation. My comment on her wanting to avoid "contamination" I feel is indicative of all Vulcans at the time wanting to avoid to much human interaction.
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But gee, Joe, it was ok when I had to listen to your constant Wil Wheaton (aka Wesley Crusher) bashing! And he was only accurately playing the role of some type of boy genius. What is it about opposing viewpoints that gets everybody's hair in a knot around here? Are you not tired of everyday being one big blob-o-rama?

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Don't quit just because I don't like the way she is doing the character right now! I think the T'Pol comments are far fewer than the more insightful comments made by the other members! And...remember that I didn't like Tuvok at first either, but found that he grew into the character. Hopefully, the same will be true of T'Pol.

So...from now on I'll follow my mother's advice: "If you can't think of something nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

My lips are now sealed!
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Well, I suppose Blalock was hired as eye candy, but that's nothing new in television. The show is still based on the story, not on her body like, say, Baywatch is. And you can't blame them for taking opportunities to show the crew in decontamination chamber. How many times in original Star Trek did Kirk lose his shirt? Or at least tear it strategically . . . But that didn't detract from the story.

It would be easy to compare T'Pol and Seven of Nine on the basis of their costumes, but I recall reading an interview with Jeri Ryan where she talked about her costume. It was such a struggle to get it on and so uncomfortable to wear, it just changed my perspective. Plus, both Blalock and Ryan are fairly slender ladies, I'm pretty sure the costumes are enhanced at least a little up top. I mean, what makes that part of the anatomy large and rounded is fat cells, so it's unreasonable to think a woman with no body fat takes a DD cup, you know?

Mr, Cat, I'd be real sorry if you left the thread just because we don't all share your personal enjoyment of Ms. Blalock. I'm sure we could get started about the guys, given a chance!
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Originally posted by Mr. Cat

Do not fear posting to this thread. We are friendly to all species. You will neither be eaten nor imprisoned! (Well, not right away.) All observations are welcome. Thank you!


=^..^= [/b]
Ahem, Joe, we were simply adhering to the guidelines you set forth. I suppose it would be treaon to critisize the Hoshi character as well. We women just don't seem to rate getting the meatier roles.
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Hispanic people on Star Trek?

Tons of white folks.duh. All the shows have at least one black person (Uhura, LaForge & Worf, Ben Sisko, Tuvok, Boomer) and an Asian person (Sulu, Harry Kim, Keiko O'Brien twice, Hoshi). But if you think about the large number of people who speak Spanish as their first language, as well as remembering that Latinos encompass all the ethnic groups we know (South America has a more varied population than us Americans are aware), the only person who even comes close is Chakotay and he's more Native American / Aztec.

So, why does nobody speak Spanish in space?
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Finally got to see this week's episode on its weekly rerun.

I like how Hoshi and her "fear factor" was finally dealt with. The use of T'Pol to help her was a good bit of development for my Vulcan friend.

The final scene in the decontamination chamber also added a postive tweak to crew relations. I will add my disdain with the producers for continuing to perpetuate the "eye candy" aspect of T'Pol. Less emotions for Vulcans is a given, but less underwear?

I like that no matter what Archer does, the Klingons remain combative. Helps to establish the role they play during the whole first incarnation of Star Trek.
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I liked the fact that T'Pol was helpful to Hoshi as she seemed distainful of Hoshi's fear previously. I thought it was funny that they didn't want to leave decam - seemed to be having a nice relaxing time!
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I finally had a chance to see this episode - I love Tivo, it's been waiting for me to have time, I'm so happy - and I thought it was pretty good.

I like that the ladies have bonded. I don't know how it is with guys, but women need friendships with other women to help keep us sane. I'm glad they found a way to deal with Hoshi's screaming, because I would not have liked her to turn into the token girly girl. You know, the sci-fi eqivalent of the screamer in every horror film. But I don't want her to become a Vulcan wannabe either.

I don't know about T'Pol's underwear, but Hoshi was sitting in a way that pushed her chest forward. I wonder if she is compensating for T'Pol? Only what's-his-name seemed to be slouching like people normally do.

I also like that T'Pol told a social fib. I'm sure she didn't have a headache! It must have been "logical" to extend their time in decon.

And the Klingons were good too. Just a glimpse of more primitive Klingon culture and the hint of photon torpedos, the use of slightly different terminology than the Federation, very effective.
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I really enjoyed the character development on last night episode. I take back any negative comment I have made about Jolene Blalock! She is doing a fine job is steadily developing her character. I can't believe she told a lie!
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Good episode. Aren't the Vulcans the intergalatic busy bodies in this Trek incarnation?

T'Pol continues to show improvement in this installment. Obviously she wants to stay.

It's no wonder the Andorians can't stand the Vulcans. I do like Jeffrey Combs as that one Andorian. Then again, he was always good as Weyoun on DS9.
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Where oh where is Mr. Cat? I would so have liked to tease him about that scene where T'Pol falls on Archer. I immediately thought of him.

You're right, those Vulcans think they're so superior to everyone else. I didn't feel that from Spock and I guess by Tuvok they weren't the only game in town, but I remember other characters making comments about it. Esp. McCoy "that damn Vulcan superiority". They are quite snotty in this series, aren't they?

I finally feel like I can tell Trip from Malcolm. Malcolm reminds me a lot of Dr. Bashir, even kind of has his look. I'd like to see more use of Archer, though. I feel like he's still kind of one-dimensional. And Boomer (is he Mayweather or Merryweather?), I think he could be interesting as more than just the guy who says, "Yeah my family ran into that when we on the trade run to wherever."

Deb, I don't remember Wayoun in DS9, which one was he? My schedule changed like halfway through the series so I didn't follow the last 2 or 3 years of it very well.
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Weyoun was the head Vorta (actually a series of clones of the same guy) who did most of the Founders' bidding for them during the years of the war with the Dominion on DS9.

The same guy also played a Ferengi nemesis of Quark's named Brunt.
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Because there is a big nothing on tv this week with the Olympics.

This episode with Malcolm and Trip stranded in the shuttle was good. It was nice to see T'Pol crack a smile, even if it was only in Malcolm's dreams. Boy, are they ever developing his character!
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I found this episode to to hilarious. I loved all of the logs the Malcolm was composing to ex-lovers. I found him stiff before - very proper. I think Malcolm & Trip really bonded with this. My only questions is why did the captain have a bottle of whiskey stored in the shuttle?
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Originally posted by adymarie
My only questions is why did the captain have a bottle of whiskey stored in the shuttle?
Hey.....deep space exploration can be pretty stressful!
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Sure, but if alcohol has a greater affect in a plane, what is it going to be like in space?
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Hmm, good question. Maybe that's why he only needs one bottle!
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I'm so behind! I'm just watching this episode now!

I got a big kick out of the fantasy about T'Pol (where IS Mr. Cat when it would be so easy to tease him!). "Who's Stinky? You were talking in your sleep" Uh, yeah, hmm . . . lol

Malcolm is still a little proper, but I feel kind of bad for him. He just didn't connect with anybody in his family, that form letter to all those girls, and he seems to feel more attached to the rest of the crew than any of the others are yet (except the ones who knew each other before this assignment).

I appreciate that Trip is supposed to be American, but in this episode he borders on trailer trash. Meatloaf, Superman, slightly crude language (saved our a$$es), slightly naive. I mean, he's an officer, isn't he? He might not read Ulysses for recreation like Mr. Euro-snob did, but he must be at least a little educated.

I liked it though, fun episode, esp. when Malcolm actually did wake up on the Enterprise.
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Had to phaser this thread out of the pile, due to a couple of weeks of reruns.

The "Fusion" episode last night was a good one. Lots of food for thought, especially that the mind meld technique was not always such a widely used and accepted procedure. Hmm, wonder how it gained acceptance, when the renegade band obviously never did, as evidenced in later Trek projects? This is the 2nd or 3rd time when Vulcans have been portrayed as less enlightened than in later Trek. That earlier Suliban episode, where T'Pol comments how Vulcan scientists have dismissed the existence of time travel comes to mind.

At any rate, soooo glad to see that T'Pol as an individual is being developed ever so slowly and meticulously. The hints at her continually-forming attachments to the ship and the crew are well played.
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I'm so behind in my viewing! I have 4 episodes stacked up on the Tivo and I just can't seem to concentrate. But at least I won't have to share the tv any more at night, so maybe I'll get to post something in the next week or so . . .
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The sub title on this episode should have been "No means no". Was this the equivilant of Vulcan rape? I feel that they have had good pacing in the character development lately. I think they are doing an especially good good with T'Pol, which they weren't at the beginning.

I enjoyed the Vulcan who Trip was working with - there was an innocence about him & a genuine interest in the humans.

I am not looking forward to the end of the season & having a whole summer without the crew. Any idea when the season ends?
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Hmmm . . .

I don't seem to have that episode, or maybe I'm just that far behind.

I don't know the title, but the last episode I watched was the one where Trip reads T'Pol's letter and the Vulcans observe the crew drilling on an asteroid.

I loved the bit where they answer the school children's "letter". How fun! Kind of like when the shuttle astronauts do link-ups to classrooms.

Malcolm is so fascinated by T'Pol, but she seems to have made a connection with Trip. Remember the pecan pie on her table at the end?

I did not care for the Vulcan captain at all, what was his name? Banek? I know that was the point. But I felt like Captain Archer overreacted a little. I think by the time a guy reaches that level of responsibility, he's learned a few things about keeping his temper. In fact, I know that, because I have an uncle who was a lifer in the Air Force and after 20 years he was still only a Master-Sergeant because he kept shooting his mouth off. So I think he would have been a little more controlled than he seemed to be by the perceived rudeness of that Vulcan captain.

I also liked that Malcolm and Travis had some fun with that snowman. Malcolm still seems a little, prim I guess, so it was fun to see him being whimsical.
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Did any one watch the new episode last night. I am not sure if I liked this one too much. I am not liking Archer too much - he seems too naive. I did like the concept of shape shifting wraiths though.
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