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I have lost my collar

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Meoow, my namez eviecat and my mommy is a iccle annoyed wiv me cuz i lost my collar. She iz searchin hi and low for it but cannot find it. She keeps picking me up and askin me wot i don with it but i don't no. I was just potterin round home doin my own fing and suddenly it weren'tthere no more. i kinda miz it though cuz i had my own jangle and mommy wud here it and call me. I liked that and my treatz and cuddles. I need to find my collar or help my mommy find it any idea'z?

Itz green velvit (very nice) with a bell on it oh and a purple heart thing with my name and mommys number on it!

Better go as I think my mommy wants a cuddle, i think she is upset and not feelin good but don't tell anyone i saids that.

Love, cuddles and kisses to all da cats out there

All together now sing 'everybody wants to be a cat, cuz the cats the only cat that knows where he'z at....a rinky tinky tinky'

Eviecat xxx

Ps> any of you catz and kittys lost your collarz too?
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eviecat I lose my collar ALL THE TIME! my mum keeps an extra one all ready with my tag with my name and number and stuff on it. and when i lose my collar i show mummy my neck and she scoops me up and takes me to the new collar and puts it on for me. my sisters lose theirs too sometimes but not as often as me.

my mum usedta get upset too. its not nice when mums are upset is it? im never sure what to do to make it better. my sister cindy cuddles but im not the cuddling kind.


oh yeah -- if i find my collar i bring it home. that makes mummy happy and she puts it away till i lose the next one. f
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Hello fawn,

thankz for your reply, itz nice to hear from anotha cat. I am kinda upset i lost thiz one as its kinda new and has my special bell on it. My mommy sumtimes calls me jingle jangle and I like that.

Your idea of another spare collar soundz gud, i likez that. Will have to mention that to my mommy.

I hope i find it soon though cause I don't like not having my collar also if i get lost no one will know how to get me back to my mommy.

I am giving my mommy lots of attention at the moment as she ssems upset and not usre if its even about me loosing my collar. I love my mommy cause she gives me cuddles and wen i want to go she lets me. You see i am not much of a cucddly cat either but like to be stroked and my belly rubbing.

I hope my mommy will forgive me for loosing my collar, will have to try and find it as i miz it lotz. Glads I not the only cat who looses it. This is my first time i lost mine...

Cuddles and licks to you

Eviecat xxx
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hi eviecat

yeah i understand what you mean about strokes and belly rubs. my dad calls me scritchpig and i love being touched but not being held -- much.

i hope you find your collar or get a new one soon. the other thing that makes mums upset is when they get nervous about us getting out without our name on. mine does too. and i wouldn't want to find myself among strange humans with no way of letting them know where i belong.

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I think i must get my mommy to get me another tomorrow if we can't find my old one...but it must be somewhere in thiz house. i have to find it cuz that bell has been with me ever since I came to my mommy. Everytime i needed a new collar she'd take of that bell and put it on my new one...so i have to find it. It will make my mommy happy if I do find it. I think she is worried I could somehow exape and then get lost. And I don't want to get lost but sometimes its hard not too.

I am glad i am not the only one whos not a huge fan of big long hugs. I like the ocassional onez but otherwise belly rubs and strokez for me thanx.

My mommy can't sleep, its way past her bed time and me worried about her. tried to give her some attention but she still not happy.

Thanks for talkin to me, i hate being lonely and its nice to make cat friendz.

Eviecat xxx
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HeeHeeHeeHeeHeeeeee....OH YEAH, I (Miss Missy Cat) have lost my BEAUTIFUL bright pink collar last night, and HAHAHA--My Mommy does NOT know where I hid it this time!!! >^..^<
She is STILL looking for it, and I am just sitting, very primly, on my princess bed and watching her look....and look....and look............
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Take it from me, Eviecat, your good friend Sierra here, losing your collar is not at all uncommon! I've lost mine also. It always turns up eventually, though! Mommy searches high and low until she finds it! She always gets me the safetly collar that pops loose if should happen to get it caught on something. Once, Mommy found it stuck and hanging on a chair, and once on a desk, and she cried she was so thankful for the effective safety mechanism! Sometimes, I just manage to get the whole collar off!
This is a great idea, in fact, Eviecat, now you get a brand new collar! You know how much your Mommy loves to spoil you!Maybe tonight is a great night for you to go snuggle up with your Mommy and give her extra love! Give her a couple of snuggles from us too, please!
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teehee that's fun too i used to do that when i was still fightin mum about wearing a collar and then when shes really worked up you bring it and put it somewhere that shes already walked a thousand times since the collar was missing and she KNOWS you knew teehee i remember that that was FUN

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Hi, Eviecat! Jasper T. Wildcat here. My meowmy has lost count of how many flea collars I have lost when I go outside so she stopped buying them. Said she couldn't afford it! And we have a big back yard so it's hard to be able to cover allthat area to look.

I bet you put it under the refrigerator, right? With the rest of the toys you put there?
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Wow howd you know all my toyz are under the fridge...heheheh thats my secret place so no-one can getz my toyz like my siz for example. I must go see if my collar is ther...you neva know it cud b.

Thanx for all the replys so lovely to hear from so many catz and know i not the only one. Mommy and me and still not found my collar....oh dear but on good side my mommy went and bought me another one Maybe I shud loose my collar more often

I now have a red one with a safety clip (mommy always buys me those ones so if i get stuck i can get free or is my siz starts to strangle me by it i can get free) The collar has silver cat heads and pawz on I think and has a nice red bell. It almost soundz like my old bell thatz been wiv me since mommy rescued me. I think i lookz good in red and I like having my jingle back. i also have another purple id tag with my name and mommys moby number on it...now I feel extra special

Mommy is a lot happier now, i think she worries less about me wen i have something on.

Hugs. kisses and licks to you all and thankz for all mine. I have passed some on to my mommy...I think she likes my cuddles when I decide I'll give her some.

Will get mommy to get a pic of me in her sig thing cause I am jelious of all of you

Love Eviecat xxx
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Bet you're so beautiful in your new collar, Eviecat! Looking forward to seeing pictures of you wearing it!

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All I have to do is get mommy to take some pictures of me, she needs some updated ones cuz I grow up fast.

I hope mommy buys some new films soon cause I want some new pictures of me to show you all.

I like my new collar, Red is totally my color

Love Eviecat xxx

Ps> My mommy is putting some pictures of me online *Yay*
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Evie cat, I'm real excited about seeing your picture with your new red collar. It sounds beautiful.
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eviecat! a new collar! good for you, sounds like its real pretty and sets your fur off nicely -- very important! i hope your mummy doesnt take too long to show us your picture -- humans always have some dumb excuse why they cant do stuff NEOW.

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