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Very strange and worrisome

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Alright. I have a slight problem over and here. I'm just in here looking for help, advice, and possibly even a solution.
I'm not too sure how many of you people who are reading this thread believe in some sort of paranormal things.
For starters not really relating to my cat, but it does in the end.
A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were sleeping and the alarm went off in the morning. He hit snooze, then hit it again. Then out of nowhere my bedroom light turned on. I instantly woke up thinking it was him, but he was right beside me.
A few days later I was watching TV in my living room and my living room light was going on and off and on and off.
A few days after that I was getting ready for work and when I went into my bedroom I notice my alarm clock flashing. Instead if it flashing to the automatic time of 12:00am, it was flashing to the exact hour that it was. All those things to me seem a bit bizaar. I checked with my landlord and there's nothing wrong with my bedroom circuits.
Now here's the cat part relating to this which I'd like some opinions, and what not on.
Since the whole incident with my bedroom light turning on, I've noticed some very strange, bazaar, weird, odd, and almost worrisome behavior from my cat. I've had her for many many years and I've never seen her behave and or act like this and I really don't know what to make out of all of this.
When you walk into my bedroom there's a closet with the closet doors taking up the entire wall.
Since the bedroom incident, my cat has had this insane fascination with my bedroom door, and the small piece of wall behind the door. She will sit there looking at it, not moving, not meowing, and even lying down next to it. She will sit there for hours (litreally) just staring at the door and she'll sometimes go in behind the door and just sit there staring at the wall.
If i go to try and pick her up, then she'll dig her claws into the floor and start meowing. It's VERY strange to me and I'm not sure if I should be concerned about it.
I've taken a few pictures with her there which I'm going to post on a site for people to see.
Any ideas on what could possibly be doing this would be greatly appreciated if mentioned. OR even your thoughts. I'm thinking that there is some one or some thing in my bedroom. I'm not a huge believer of ghosts, etc...but you never know. I took a few pictures last night and in a few pictures I see what appears to be orbs.
Feel free to respond to this thread on what you think.

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Hi Inkedgal,

Well, I can empathize about how your cat is exhibiting unusual behaviour and I know that there will be individuals on this list who will pooh-pooh what I am going to say, which is alright:-).

First, the one thing I would check out is a practical one. Is there a chance that you have a mouse inside the wall and that it has a nest behind that section of the closet at which the cat stares. The electrical impulses concern me as mice do chew on wires. I would ask you landlord if he knows if there is wiring that goes through that wall, and tell him you suspect that there may be a mouse inside and that your cat is sensing it. Ask him to open up an investigation hole right where the cat watches and see if there are wires that are nibbled. It would explain some of the phenomenah you are experiencing as well as explain the cat's interest.

The second part is what will be somewhat controversial. Cats do have energy fields around them, as does every human being and every life form. We are, essentially, a combination of various atomic energy vibrations in our physical bodies. I certainly have no difficulty accepting that the life force that inhabits the physical shell also has its own energy vibration, or body. Most cats have their energy fields 'close' to their bodies - as do most people. Some, however, have a much larger field and it tends to encompass their whole living environment. They 'sense' and pick up on fluctuations in the various energy levels in their environment - the physical ones which can indicate their human is ill - as well as the less tangible ones that indicate mental and emotional excitation, stress or distress. I have had similar 'energy' fluctuations in my home - especially with light buls and fire alarms going on and off or malfunctioning repeatedly, along with wrist watches - regardless of how expensive - stop working and changing the battery doesn't work. This occurs when I am stressed out or excited and not allowing my own energy fluctuations to 'flow' through me and out of me. They become bottled up and then start to leak out, and my cats pick up on it. One cat in particular is extremely susceptible to energy imbalances, and I have learned to use him as an good indicator for the stress level with me, with my husband and within our home. So, if the wall hole and electrical inspection don't reveal mice, see if there is something that is causing stress in your own environment, and then take measures to reduce that. There are a lot of good exercises for 'grounding' essence energy and if you like you can email me privately and I will share some with you.

My first impressions, though, go with the mice and chewing wires within the wall. You do want to check that out because that can be a potential electrical fire waiting to happen.

Good luck
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I'm voting with Kathryn's more practical suggestion. You should check and see if something living is between the walls before considering something not living. I don't know what your place looks like, or what the access points are likely to be, but it could be rats/mice/squirrels or it could even be termites (though I'm not sure about the electrical issues and termites!). Most definitely I would pursue the electrical issue as your primary starting point. Your landlord may have said that nothing is wrong, but is he an electrician? I doubt it, and if my experience with landlords means anything, most of them would rather pretend nothing is wrong until you INSIST that something be checked or fixed.

Now, here's my opinion on the non-living front. I haven't read anything that suggests that the "energy field" idea is anything but a philosophy. Which simply means that it is something to be believed, or not; there is no reasearch to conclusively support it. Certainly, our bodies are full of electrical impulses, but that one fact is not enough to support the entire idea posed. In fact, felines have very sensitive noses, and are more likely to be picking up odors and scents that you give off when you are stressed or upset, not energy fields. If pursuing practical means does not solve your issue, then by all means investigate other, more spiritual or philisophical explanations. I would just start with the practical ones. Doing that, at least you can follow a logical pattern and process of elimination. If you begin looking into philisophical explanations, on the other hand, you'll find that there is a never-ending array of possibilities. Because philosophy is only limited by imagination. So, try eliminating all the practical stuff first!
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I just wanted to say that orbs in any type of photo where there is lots of lighting and a bright flash on a camera probably aren't "real" paranormal orbs. (I've always had a slight thing for ghost hunting because I'm only a believer when I see it happen.)

I would definately get the wiring checked out in that section of the house. It could be something alive, like mice or termites. It could also be faulty wiring, and your cat is picking up on the slight electrical humming and buzzing from it.

Was there anything that happened nearby when the electrical malfunctions started? A new building on your block? Someone putting in something that requires more electricity? Workcrews that might have disturbed something? Even a bad storm with lightening? There's a lot of things that could have screwed up the flow of electricity.
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I'm thinking that if you could give some proof that there are mice in the house, your landlord might be more cooperative about looking for the chewed wires and such. A small 'havahart' trap baited with a little peanut butter or bird seed would humanely catch a mouse without killing it. Also you don't have to worry about your cat sticking her nose or a paw on a conventional mousetrap to investigate and getting it caught. -Ouch! I haven't had to buy a havahart in recent memory, but you might find one at a hardware store.

I don't know if this helps or not, -it's just a thought.

Take care,

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spooky! that would so freak me out!

i'm so glad people have been posting rational explanations, if it was me i would be thinking 'ghosts' and my house would have burned down through faulty wiring!
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