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Pics of my little Gypsy

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Heres a link to pics of my kitties, the newest addition, my little Gypsy is at the bottom. Enjoy http://www.ofoto.com/UploadConfirm.j...128234203&US=0
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gosh, they all look so loveable and sweet!
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All your cats are beautiful, and Gypsy is a very cute kitten!
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How do I get in to see them?
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Me too, I can't get in to see the furballs?!!!
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I started an account with Ofoto, but I dont have thje password to get in to see your album!
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Melissa - Gypsy is one luck baby to now be with you!
She is so sweet in her pics
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That worked, thank you!
What a beautiful family! And little Gypsy is adorable!

Thanks again for sharing, I'll have to get bizzy and make an album now, so I can quit bugging Bodlover everytime I shoot a new roll of film! :laughing2:
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They are gorgeous! I wish I could get another
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:laughing2:laughing2...I just had the biggest laugh at that one pic with Loco...I can see the devil in his eyes! :laughing2 All of your kitties are so pretty Melissa...I had a calico just like Fluffy before I was allowed to have a cat in the house, my stepmonster was allergic and my cat's name was "Tina". She looks almost identical; I'll never forget how beautiful she was.

Looks like your having lots of fun and loads of love! Good for you!!

Love & Peace,
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Completely off the subject I know...but Cat you just reminded me of my dog when I was little, she was a miniture poodle named Tina, all black and shaggy!!! sooo cute.....Now, back to the subject at hand......
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