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Please leave this in the catlounge!

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Lola's home after her spay and looking good, but she must still smell like the vet to Sammy because he decided to hiss and growl at her. I've wiped her off with pet wipes, but the smell must still be there.

How long after a spay did your other cat(s) accept the spayed cat again?

P.S., I know that this should maybe be in behavior, but NOBODY responds if I post in there, and I'd really like some advice on this one.
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When Sassy came home from being spayed Kitty hissed at her. All was normal the next day though. I know it is disturbing isn't it, I thought Oh Lord are we going to have to do the introduction thing again.
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We haven't had a cat desexed for a good five years so I wouldn't know how any of my kitties would react. Glad Lola is home!
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When out kitties came back from being spayed the vet advised us to keep them away from the others in a quiet warm place. So by the time they mixed iwth the others again the cat had been sleeping in its own bed (with its own smells) for at least 24 hours and they didn't have any problems.
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She might also smell differently because her body is still metabolizing the anesthetic. It might take a few days for her body to fully break it down, and until then she might smell funny to your other cats.
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my vet said this, too.

& i tried to do it, but Cable cried & cried , so i let her sleep on my chest while i watched TV... & she PEED on me! she was asleep when it happened, & i didn't even notice until it was running down my side after soaking thru my shirt! Pixel didn't treat her any differently, but then, they didn't get along real well to begin with!
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Hopefully by now your kitts are ok with each other. When i brought Sophie back from being spayed Rosie went up to her, sniffed her, hissed and walked away.

She was fine with her later on in the evening though.
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Thought I'd update you....
Sammy is no longer hissing and growling at Lola....guess she's smelling better now. She got a scare, though, and so is still a little wary of him. It might be a few days before they're back to being cuddle-buddies, but at least now I'm not worried he's gonna take a swipe at her.
The literature the vet gave me said to try to keep her fairly inactive for a couple days, but she's been kind of crazy - and it's no wonder! They sent her home with a cloth pouch of catnip!! Both she and Sammy were crazy for it. I'm definitely going to have to limit their exposure to this stuff.
Thanks for the responses!
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Awwww i'm pleased they seem ok with each other now!. They'll be back to their normal activities before you know it!.
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When Buffy was spayed, Willow didn't seem to care. When we picked Buffy up, we brought Willow along too (we thought Willow would calm Buffy down on the drive home, though we didn't know that cats could have different reactions towards each other after spaying/neutering). We brought Willow inside when Buffy wouldn't stop meowing ("MOMMY!! MOMMY!! TAKE ME HOME!") Willow looked spooked, but after they touched noses, there wasn't any hissing or growling (and Buffy did calm down). Willow was too stressed about being at the vets to care about a strange smelling creature next to her, lol
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