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Definition of Politics...

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A young boy came home from school one day and told his dad,,"Dad, I am learning about politics in school and I dont really understand." His father said,"Well, son, let me see if I can help you, let me put in terms of our family. I am the breadwinner and the provider, so let's call me MANAGEMENT. Your mom is the one who handles the finances and the particulars, so we'll call her GOVERNMENT. You are the one we take care of, so you will be THE PEOPLE. The maid is the WORKING CLASS and your baby brother is THE FUTURE. Do you understand politics now son?" "I think I do, but let me sleep on it Dad." So that night the little boy was sleeping and was awakened by the cries of his baby brother, so he went into the baby's room to see what was wrong, when he check, he realized that the baby's diaper was badly soiled. So, he went to his parent's room and knocked on the door. No answer, he knocked again, no answer. He opened the door and realized that it was only his mother in bed. He went and shook her trying to awaken her, she wouldnt wake up,,he yelled and she still didnt stir. So he left the room and heard noises coming from the maids room. He went to check, but the door was locked, when he peeked throught the key hole he saw his dad in bed with the maid. He knocked and yelled trying to get them to stop what they were doing and listen to him, but they didnt hear his pleas,,,so finally he gave up and went back to bed. The next morning at breakfast the father asked the son, "So son, do you think you understand politics now that youve thought about it?" The son replies,"Yes Dad, I think so." The father says,"Well, then tell me in your own words son." So the son replies "Ok, well, while the management is screwing the working class, the government isnt listening to the people, and the future is full of sh*t."

Hope you like it!!LOL, on the first day of my public policies class, my professor gave this definition to us as the best one for Politics.,,,,LOL!!!!
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That's good!
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In a nutshell!
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Thanks for sharing!
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Tee hee
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