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Do your cats play with make-shift toys?

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I spend alot of money on toys for Conner,,I am giving up. Ever since he was just a kitten, he insists on having the ring around the milk carton cap as his toy. I dont remember how it got this name, but we have always called it his Fred. He will go for hours with this thing,,and the weird thing is,,over night,,after playing with it, he puts it in his water dish for the night!!! nearly everymorning I wake up and have to fish out his fred from the water!!!

He is such a silly cat.
How about your cats,,any weird toys???
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Current makeshift favourite toy is the long plastic packing strip that came off of a box that we received on Monday. They are all trying to capture it and walk around the house dragging this uncooperative 3' piece of plastic around as they others try and take it away from them.

And Lion is still enthralled by the almonds (in their shells) in the nut bowl. I recovered a whole bowl's worth from under the ottoman yesterday so he is back in his glory. He bats them around, throws them in the air and catches them in both of his paws.

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Pretty cat. Bakker likes my headbands. I'll also bring home the empty tape roll from my tape dispenser.
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Cable & Pixel both like tissue paper (the crinkly kind) and facial tissue... in fact, Cable bats at facial tissue while i'm trying to use it!

she also really likes the cornstach puffies that the toys from Plain Brown Tabby came packed in.
& of course, boxes & bags. but Cable keeps finding new things. her latest are the plastic nuts/screws/bolts (whatever they're called) that attach the toilet seat to the bowl. i got a new toilet seat, & i had attached them upside down, so my dad replaced them. i put the old ones in the trash. Cable has fished them out & bats them all over the house!
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My kittys play with everything but their toys. There is one exception though.

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Mine play with some of their toys, some of the time. But the most favoured things are a strip off the bottom of a pair of jeans, a long blue bolo tie lace, any plastic bag rolled up and tied tight with "ears", open bags of course, and Cindy did a fine job of killing a coffee bean that jumped out of the grinder one morning...that's just off the top of my head!
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yes, her cat-dog. anyone seen the cartoon cat-dog? my sister had a stuffed cat dog which she got as a joke present from the £1 shop which Maverick LOVES. she'll wrestle it, chew it and rabbit kick it to death!
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Any paper napkin left unchaperoned will turn up shredded to bits all over my apartment.
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My cats love to play with large twist ties, I'll put several together like a spider, cotton balls and boxes.
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Makeshift toys? Definately.

Tommy, our enormous Maine coon, likes to steal people's gloves and socks. He knows he isn't supposed to, and if caught messing around with with one, he'll grab it up and run away with it as fast as he can go. Somtimes one of these stolen items will surface, covered liberally in crud, after he has hidden it who knows where.

Cybil, the resident tigress, is the one who can't resist milk rings. If you balance one on the edge of a table she will reach up and batt at it until it falls on the floor. She doesn't actually want the ring, but she can't leave it alone if she knows it's up there on the table.

Wilhemina, our round little grey tabby, likes all of these things, especially the socks, especially when they are on your feet. I try not to encourage this, as those little teeth are sharp!

Ursa, my own kitty, is partial to empty coin rolls. She wallows around on the floor with them and just goes crazy biting and bunny-kicking at them.

Here's to happy playful kitties!



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Willow loves those milk jug strips too! She's a lazy butterball, so when she goes flying around the house, slapping the poor curled strip back and forth, there's a "booming" sound each time her feet slam into the floor. And then theres a "kabooming" sound as she crashes into a wall.

Buffy likes milk strips too, but her absolute favorites are toilet paper and strands of human hair. She loves to tear apart the toilet paper, and loves the strands of human hair because, when you drag them, she can hardly see them. She can feel it moving under her paws, so she starts "digging" and scrabbling for it. I'll never get tired of it, lol
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Our two kittens love pencils. If you are working you can't put one down because if they see it they will take it. It is really funny because we never have any pencils because they take them all!

Chris and Ashley
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ANY pens- although only the one you actually are using will do, give them a pen of their own and they'd much rather have yours. Corks, hair scrunchies, and embarrassingly, tampons- which they sneak out of the box, take out of the packaging, dissect and leave JUST where it's most difficult to explain to visitors. Oh and boxes. We currently have two large cardboard boxes with holes cut in them in the middle of the lounge, which I can't throw away as they get played with so much. Aussie, that is a GORGEOUS picture!
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All my cats prefer things they steal from around the house. I've spent a fortune on toys they won't even touch. Princess loves to "search" visitors purses and steal cough drops from them. She will chase on around the house for hours. Patsy likes pens and nail files. She will take them and hide them in her kitty condo.
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Juicy also likes the long, thin plastic pieces that come on mom's avon boxes... He likes rolled up pairs of socks, ice cubes on the kitchen floor...lots of things.

Today, I was in the bedroom with my mom and Juicy came walking in like it was nothing, carrying in his mouth a pair of my underwear! haha!!!

I hope that Amie (Emma's Friend) will post about the toy she made for Grace out of a Kleenex box!!! I loved it!!!
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Storm loves the rings from milk bottles. She can only have them for a little while because she tries to eat them.

Rogue loves little balls of tinfoil (any size).

Both of them love pens with lids on. When I am studying or writing, the pen will get batted by one or the other of them. We've learned to look on the floor for pens, pencils and anything of that shape.

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All the time!. Sophies favourite is a chocolate biscuit wrapper with a couple of knots tied in it, and Rosies can be a carnation head thats she's bit off down to one of their treats!.
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Buddy likes a drawstring tied to a homemade sock toy (sock, stuffed with bags and catnip, tied off, extra cut off) about the size of a tennisball. He likes me to jerk it back and forth and up an down a bit.

The drawstring USED to be KC's toy.. she would carry it everywhere and even leave it hang in her waterdish like it was thirsty.

They both like very long shoelaces also, although that is more of the type of toy they want someone to play WITH.
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Milk rings; they hear that dainty noise the milkring makes when it comes off the gallon jug, and they come running.

Toilet Paper rolls; and, unfortunately, toilet paper. They bat at the roll and watch the tp unroll, then take off with the end.

Pipe cleaners leftover from craft projects.

My Little Pony -- the ponies with the sparkly "tinsel"-like hair. Zorro keeps gnawing on my daughter's sparkly ponies.

Socks; ever since I took an old sock, filled it with catnip and tied it with a satin ribbon (Christmas gift!), they attack ALL socks. Even the non catnip filled kind.

My slippers... they are big furry pigs, and well I can never find the slippers together; Snickers has lately been dragging the pig slippers around the house in his mouth & dropping them 'wherever'.

So I have all sorts of weird surprises for ME when I get home each night!
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DENTAL FLOSS! As soon as Eppie hears me taking it out to floss with, she comes running. It's so cute. She sits in my lap, very straight, and makes unwavering eye contact with me while she patiently waits for me to finish flossing. This is then followed by about 30 minutes of "get the piece of floss from mommy's finger." It never leaves my hand (swallowed floss=seriously injured cat), but she is completely content chasing me around the house while I dangle the floss from my finger.
If I don't have at least 30 minutes to devote to floss-play, I have to take the floss container into the bathroom vanity area, shut the door behind me, go into the bathroom itself, shut THAT door (I don't think she can hear me flossing through 2 doors!), floss, and then bury the floss deep in the trash can.
You know, now that I have typed this all out, I realize just how gross it is that Eponine likes to play with used floss!
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LOL I just read the mail on home made sock toys and thought wow, what a great idea- got out the catnip spray, catnip leaves and a couple of old socks.... I now have three stoned kitties flat out on the study floor, adoring socks, and the fourth is watching in horror about to call catnips anonymous. Great idea, thankyou!
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Dakota: small items from the laundry basket. Prefers socks but once in a while pulls out underware. Said underware landed in the yard last week when the dogs snuck them out.

Koko: anything left unattended on a table or counter. Pens are her preference.

Stumpy: dogs - He'll stand on his hind legs, grab their jaws with both paws and mash his face against theirs. He'll also swipe at their waggling tails. He's got the dogs trained well.

Jake (friends cat): metal bottle caps. He comes running whenever he hears a bottle being opened and begs for the cap.

All: champagne bottle corks, 30 pack boxes

And ANYTHING that gets placed on the floor downstairs is fair game to the dogs. They like to eat the pens and carry the socks into their kennels. I have to be careful on what is left lying around my house.
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Grocery bags - so easy! rolll the bag up, tie a knot (maybe a couple) in the middle, and snip the long ends off. Best ball ever, the plastic is so light that every light tap of the paw sends it flyin - great for if your cat plays fetch, perfect size for kitty mouth to carry comfortably. lots of hairbands, a big roll of TP and Isis is in heaven
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