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Does anyone get sinus headaches??

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So I've had this sinus headache for about 24 hrs now .
Background-"hayfever" since 1976 but really only in fall and not as bad as it was in the 1980's!!. But our house is heated by woodstove. Humidifier running 24/7 in family room and another in hallway by bedroom. My skin is also a dryness indicator but it has been good. But since Jan by nose is dry, I've been getting some bloody noses but yesterday-that stupid headache.
I drink water through out the day at work-yesterday I drank alot more plus took sudafed and aspirin neither which helped. Its like if I could sneeze. I can feel my sinuses draining at times. If I have to cough I couldn't it hurt. Most of the times the headache will go away overnite. But Bakker was being naughty and must have jumped on the bed 5 times-he thinks the top of my head and face makes a good resting spot. So this am when I got out of bed it was still there-not as bad (yet) as last night. So i'm continuing to drink water, had my usual one cup of coffee.
So if anyone has any tips please let me know. I'm trying to avoid a sinus infection.
I had so much I wanted to to around the house last nite-pooff!! Was a couch potato!
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Gail, can't say I do. But last night I had the most awful headache and I just felt so lightheaded I had an early tonight and this morning I feel nice and refreshed. I hope you are feeling better soon!
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I heard that doing a sinus flush makes you feel a ton better. Not sure of the details, but it involves a baby-snot-sucker (a NEW one! And used the other way) or syringe (no needles!) and saline. Shoot it up one side of the nose, it goes through the sinuses and out the other side. Do it over a sink. I haven't actually done it myself, but a coworker said it makes him feel 1000% better when he has a bad cold or sinus issues.
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I get horrible sinus headaches!!! Never heard of that Heidi,,sounds like it would work,but it also sounds kinda scary!!!!!!
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I swear by Tylenol Sinus and moist heat. I use either a hot washcloth or steam from a tea pot.
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Gail, you know my history! LOL! Vertigo and a hospital stay for a supposed brain tumor because mine were so bad last month. I stopped taking anything during the day, went cold turkey, and just did hot compress packs on my forehead and temples and then at night I do take Tylenol Sinus Nighttime. I also use a saline nasal spray. If you're having a warm spot of weather there then it can trigger stuff in the air you cannot even see....I'm sorry! I am comiserating!!!!
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Since I am fighting a cold right now with heavy sinus congestion and pain so bad my teeth are hurting, I appreciate some of these suggestions. Two other things I have found help is to put the kettle on and breathe in the steam once it is boiling - ah relief! As well, I fill a round bottle like a soft drink bottle with hot water and hold it against my various sinuses - that also helps.

Decongestants seem to dry things out more so they help to get rid of the cold but then my nose and sinuses are so dry that it hurts to breathe! Just can't win! Arghh!

(laughing at my predicament right now - I am trying to retain a positive attitude but it is hard to do on 3 hours sleep last night:-) )

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I have a bottle of the saline stuff but it didn't seem to be doing anything. I know of two people that that there sinuses "roto-rootered". Don't exactly know what that all entails other than I think outpatient surgery. And the weather is actually warming up-its sunny and 38F now!!
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My doctor doesn't recommend the surgery! Its like a face lift. Once its done, it has to be repeated or nature takes its course.
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I get them all the time. I use a prescription nasal spray and when the headache starts I take Advil Cold and Sinus (doubled) until it goes away because if I don't it morphs into a migraine and then I'm really out.

The thing Heidi recommends, the nasal wash, is the same as a nutty pot in yoga and I've heard it's wonderful, but it takes a few times to get it right. You need to use distilled water and a small amount of salt. What I'll do some times is use the saline nasal spray and just spray the heck out of my nose and then in five minutes blow everything out. I did that while I was pregnant because I couldn't use the Advil and it worked okay for me.
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mine turn into a miagrain also, but i havent had it for a while.
I used to put a towel over my head and have all the steam from the hot water come onto my face, then your nose is watery for a bit, but it does feel better.
its also better not to breathe in cold air or drink anything cold for the mean while.
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Ive done the sinus washes. YOu basically use a neti pot or a baby nose bulb .. fill with warm salt water. Then you squirt it up your nose. If you have the neti pot you stick it up your nose and tilt it & it comes out the other nostril. For example if you want the right side you would bend your head down and to the right. Its not really weird, it just feels like youve inhaled a bunch of water thru your nose, lol. However, it does clean all the gunk out. Another way is lay on a bed on your back, so your head is haning down, and then squirt the saline into your nose and rotate your head side to side. Ive done both and they seem to work/
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Good tips, everyone!! I'll have to remember these the next time I get a sinus headache!!
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Poor Gail! I know the feeling - it's 4:30AM here and was woken up by the sinus headache that will not go away. Day 3 of bad cold and I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a sinus infection. 10 more minutes and the meds should be working and I'll be back in bed.

Here's my tricks: I do Sinus Tylenol (or generic equivalent) for a normal sinus headache. When it gets really bad, I'll get something with additional meds like Comtrex. Steamy showers with hot washcloth compresses across the sinuses help a lot. Sleep it off. Sleeping upright rather than flat on your back also helps with drainage (I have 6 pillows on my bed). Keep humidifiers going in the winter. Drink lots of water.
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i get cinus headaches, quite often
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I get them, and for me I take Vicks and rub it all over my face where the sinus membranes are. The vapours open up the sinus's which in turn takes the headache away. It also helps break the nasal congestion up to the point that you can blow your nose. It works the best for me. I wouldn't do it of course if I have to go out, but at home it is great relief.
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