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scooter getting neutured

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Scooter gets neutured on November 14th. He really needs to be, though.... He has some "bad" habits. The other day he was on top of Gizmo, and when I picked him up, he was a little, well, aroused, should I say! I would've had it done next week, but they are booked up. This ought to be interesting, though. Being only 5 months, Scooter is a big time baby. He still snuggles next to Tigger, and has her groom him. Plus, he never really lost his baby sounds, either.
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I'm going through a similar thing with my Loco, he does the same thing to Onyx. He has an appointment to be neutered soon. Maybe 'teenage' cats are similar to teenage people, all hormones!!
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When Snowball was about 6 months old he started trying to get on top of Midnight. Snowball also wanted to fight alot at that age too. Poor Midnight was the only cat available.
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My Jinxy is 6 months old and must be immature or something. He has shown no signs of this behavior. He will be getting neutered this month as well. We have been waiting for his other testicle to drop. I cant tell if it has or not, but the operation is worse if it hasn't dropped. Could this be the reason he has not shown signs of "maturity." (I kinda wish he would stay a kitten forever!!!)

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