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Valentine's Day - Bah Humbug!

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I can't be the only one who feels this way...

I've never liked Valentine's Day. I just think it's so dumb. I mean, if you are single, it's just rubbing your face in the fact that you aren't with someone, and if you are with someone you shouldn't need one day out of the year to show them that you love them. I'm SO un-romantic! LOL

We usually try to have a nice dinner out, and to me that is more than enough (but that's also because I'll take any excuse to go out to a nice dinner!). Earl's gotten me roses in the past, and I just think that's such a waste. All they do it die, and we're in the computer room so much I never see them in the living room! Yesterday he said he knows what he's getting me for Valentine's Day, and my honest reaction was, "Why?"

Anyone else? Or am I just the Scrooge of Valentine's Day?
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Yeah.... I am rubbing my face in the fact that this year I haven't got a girlfriend. Not that I am desperate. But when you are single, you grow to hate Valentines.
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It's a difficult one this. Here in the UK, it's not as big as in America, but it's growing.

I've been married for over 30yrs, and my husband and I have always exchange cards and a gift. The cards are usually jokey, as we aren't very soppy. And the gifts are often CD's or something in that line.

The thing is, if your partner enjoys giving you something, then they're getting some enjoyment over it, so why spoil their fun.

My son proposed to his fiancee a couple of years ago on valantines day. He bought one of those teddy's from the Bear Factory, and proposed on the voice chip that was put into it. The shop were very nice and let him have a quiet corner to do it, as they though it was so romantic. So they'll always have it as a special day in the future.
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Heidi when i think of the money i've spent on my husband and ex boyfriend when i was with them it would make your toes curl!!.

I was in town with a friend on saturday when she was picking out her boyfriends card, and she looked at one which was in a red velvet box that played "Love Story" when you wound it up.

It was going to cost £20($40) and she was ready to buy it until i told her that it would be on display for a few days then it would be pushed at the back of the wardrobe after that!!.

But your right you shouldn't need one day to remind someone.

What i did see on saturday as well was valentine cards to sister, brothers, sons, daughters etc.....how stupid is that?!
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i feel the same about valentines day hum bug to it all if life were like the movies then maybe i would like valentines day im married but thats another story its just another day to me guess im a scrooge to
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I have trouble with the hoopla! I have trouble with the extravagant gifts! $40 for a CARD??? Gimme a break!

I don't have trouble with small gifts, normal cards, a nice dinner -- that's no different from observing a person's birthday, except that it's focussing on a romantic relationship, as opposed to the anniversary of a person's birth. It's about accepting an opportunity to focus on how you feel about this person and express it. It's meaningless, though, if there isn't a day-in-and-day-out loving relationship that's being observed.
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Aw. I really like Valentine's. I'm not expecting a big hoopla (quite frankly because I've never gotten one) but I'd just like it to be a bit special, a bit different from every day. On a regular basis, my bf and I stay at home and watch TV, maybe eat pasta (my one and only cooking talent). Valentine's is a day to remind you to be a bit romantic, maybe buy some flowers, dress up and eat a nice dinner out... something that doesn't get done regularly, usually rarely.

But that's just me. And oh yeah, I like the pink.
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All the holidays have become commercialized. But, the candy is cheaper the day after...

I'm not sure romance should be shoved into one day. Also, when I was single, it was a lonely day.

On the other hand, we should have special moments in our lives, just to keep life from being routine.
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Last year it was a big deal to me, but this year I'm kinda.. "can I just have the chocolate?" but this is partially because the only place that isn't having a special "couple's experience" type thing (at a whopping $85 EACH!!!!!) is a restaurant I don't particularly like. I think I may like to go to the local oyster bar and eat a peck and then watch a flick.
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I really like Valentines day, though I wish this year it wasn't on a Monday....kinda limiting.

But I love holidays and hoopla...and as far as who in the world would send mother/father/brother/cousin/aunt cards?? thats me. I love to send cards and small gifts when I can, and if it were up to me I would send them every week...I dont need a holiday to tell people that I love them, but its nice to have the excuse so they dont think I am crazy.

the extravegance of V-day in our house is directly proportional to the cash flow at the time...if we cant afford it then we make cards and have a nice evening together at home :-) if things are a little more plush, we go out for a nice dinner and get some romantic gifts. The year he proposed he just about lost his mind: He bought me a TV, we had a fabulous dinner, and he sent me 2 dozen roses....all to make sure I was totally off guard when he proposed a week later.

so, I love it

I mean, to put my insanity in terms that everyone can grasp, my kitty will be sending valentines to her friends this year
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Yeah - Valentines Day - Bah Humbug. I guess it would be alright for new love, but after you are married for 20 years - whoopee. I told my husband PLEASE, DO NOT get me anything - save the money. I know he tries really hard with gifts, but when he gets me something it's just not me.
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Me? I haven't had a date in years, so my only hope for any valentines stuff is begging it from my vendors.

For example....I am hosting a class on Monday, and begged my friend to bring breakfast noshes. Bagels, cream cheese, like that. And then I told her if she wants to be my friend, she'd bring me chocolate. LOL, so on Friday, I get a huge box of chocolate from her company. LOLOL. I did the same thing with another vendor, and when they wished me "Happy Valentines Day" I bah-humbugged them...told them I wasn't gonna be getting flowers or chocolate, and lo and behold, I got a box of chocolate from them, too.

LOL, so on Valentines day, my class will be invited to have bagels, cream cheese, and chocolate. I really was just kidding with them, but how funny that I get boxes of chocolate as bribes. Too funny. They really are friends, too, so it's like a big joke.

Oh well. No chance of me having a romance between now and then, so I'm not gonna worry about it at all.

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It's much too commercial, just like Christmas etc. I don't celebrate it and I'm sure my boyfriend probably has never heard of it!
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I too feel it to be a waste. I hate going out of my way to get cards, when no one likes them, or says 'thank you'. I don't know, I just don't like it. Especially because my boyfriend lives far away.
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I like Valentines Day.... But then again I dont because I am away from my loved one.
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Rubbing my face in it here!
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Guess I'm not the only one: http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/book....ap/index.html

But I like her attitude: "Cats are better than men"
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Remember when we were kids and we gave out little Valentines to all the kids in our class? Wasn't that fun?
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Originally Posted by valanhb
"Cats are better than men"
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I found Valentine's Day was always a bigger disappointment when I was in a relationship, but then I didn't have the most thoughtful boyfriends!

Valentine's Day can be fun if you make goofy cards and gifts for your friends and relatives and not worry about the cheesy romantic part of it. I'm giving cards to some of my students this year and sent one to my brother's family and my sister's family.
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I don't like roses or stuffed animals or bling. I'm just not that kind of girl. But a nice dinner I can always appreciate, and a back rub is the ultimate gift.
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A couple of my students were talking about Valentine's Day yesterday during their break. The ones who aren't in a relationship find it depressing, and some of those who are in a relationship say it's stressing - their girlfriends/boyfriends expect too much "romance" or something too "special", so a fight is sure to follow.
We generally just ignore it.
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I always appreciate chocolate-no occasion needed. As I'm a big gardener and winter begins to drag this time of each-a small bunch of flowers is nice-I'd be happy with flowers from the grocery store. But on Tuesday I went to Home Depot and bought some primroses and a jasmine plant. Plus my amaryrilis plant will flower in the next week to 10 day, then my clivia plant will begin to push up its flower spike. So basically I have my bases covered. I nice meal out would be nice-but since so many people will be during that I can pass. What I would really like this yr is for my hubby to fix up a wall in the basement with shelves so I can put my seed starting stuff away and make the area nice and neat. I did get one good gift 4 yrs ago. I did a bit more traveling then and when I opened the garage a Kawasaki ATV (red of course) was parked in my stall!! I had to wait until he came home however as I had never drove one before!!
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I'm pretty much the opposite. I'm a giant romantic so I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day. Even the years that I didn't have boyfriends my mom and I would always do something nice for each other. While there is every other day of the year to be romantic and sweet with each other, I kind of think of Valentine's Day as a day to really stop and appreciate your SO more than usual. Sure one might be a romantic normally, but it's just human nature to take certain things for granted or to get caught up in every day life, so I think it's nice to have a day where you really get to spend quality time together and reflect on why you love that person so much. Being as that my birthday is only a week after Valentine's, my boyfriend and I usually cook a romantic dinner in (one of us does the meal, the other dessert) and then he takes me out on my birthday, that way we miss the huge crowds on V Day.

But yeah, I LOVE Valentine's Day. I can't wait for it. I'm a huge sap!
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Originally Posted by mrsd
[font=Verdana]All the holidays have become commercialized. But, the candy is cheaper the day after...
I have almost always been single BUT I would buy valentine cards and candy for my parents and especially my Mom! It made her so happpy, that I was happy too! I miss that now they are gone.

I had a cat, once, who was so dear and so sweet and soooo loving. Vets could not decide if she was a Tortie or a Calico so we comprmized and called her a Calico/Torbie w/white! I had no idea when she was born so, because of her dearness (MY word for her) I decided her birthday HAD to be Valentines day! I miss HER too!

Now days I just wait "till the day after" or till there are sales and buy the candy for ME!

Here is my Saint Minnie - Cinnaminnie SynMin Sunshine Pearl of a Girl with a coat of many colors and a Heart of PURE GOLD!

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Originally Posted by MyBabies
I miss HER too!
Here is my Saint Minnie - Cinnaminnie SynMin Sunshine Pearl of a Girl with a coat of many colors and a Heart of PURE GOLD!
Anyone who reads that description of your Saint Minnie and doesn't tear up.... Yeah, I think you miss the little love She's a sweetie.
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Aw Saint Minnie was precious!
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I hate Valentine day too but it is special to me now because it is Princess and Pitufo birthday.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Aw Saint Minnie was precious!
And beautiful too!
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I think it depends on the spin you put on the day. When we were planning our wedding (for Feb) we took great pains not to plan it on Valentine's Day. We wanted it to be special in and of itself and not have it trumped together with Sweetheart's Day or Proclaim Your Love Day. We are approaching our anniversary which is after Valentine's Day and it will our 18th wedding anniversary. I will get roses and chocolates and he will get a new power tool! LOL
But that's us. What I dislike about Valentine's Day is how it affects those who don't have someone special in their life at the moment, or the girls whose boyfriends are so creepy they choose Valentine's Day to walk out on them. If you have someone significant in your life, you should every day show them in some way how glad you are they are sharing life's path with you. Not have to have a pre-determined day to buy expensive gifts and show off that love.
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