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Make A Kitty Feel Good 11/02: GHIBLI!!!

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Thank you Cedar for choosing me! I'll treat you to a pint out when I next see you!
Thank you also to everyone and their lovely comments! Especially you, Princess!

It has been a difficult decision, as there are SO many great cats here....but..
I am now going to pass the honour onto a cat that I don't know very well, but have a feeling we will be great mates!


From reading your threads, you are one cool guy and having two sisters, you must be very brave too (it's bad enough with one! )
Anyway, you cool cat, hope you have a great day!
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ROSIE:Ghibli your such a handsome cat and you look like Sophie when she stretches out!!

SOPHIE: Ghibli if i were old enough i'd ask you out on a date!!
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Aw yay Ghibli! You're such a cutie with a great fluffy tail! We want to see more pictures of you though - tell your meowmy!

-Baylee and Max
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Ghibli you are such a cutie
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Thanks Everyone!!
Thank you Tibby for pickin me! It's not that bad having two sisters. Piggypoo doesn't really act like a girl.. she's always rasslin with me. She's great But Miss Molly Hiss-buns is MEAN.. I really don't get along with her.. well actually, I try!! I try to play with her, but she always tries to hurt me for REAL

Rosie, you look lots like Paige, I think, so you must be great fun like Paige And Sophie, I think we're really close in age, so .. maybe, one day..
I like your spots! Mommy says that you're called a Tuxedo, and that means you're fancy! Also, you have the little blaze bwetween your ears, like me, tht means we're alike !!

Baylee and Max- i will, but you know, Mommy tells me I'm hard to photograph because I'm still small enough to always be doing something. she said that maybe she will try to get pictures of us this weekend rassling... And also in the bathtub, cause I love the tub! Especially when she lets the faucet dribble.

Thank you for saying I'm cute *hide behind paws* Mommy says if you all keep telling me I'm cute I'll get a big head and she'll never be able to live with me.. I wonder :censor::censor::censor::censor: she means, I don't think my head looks any bigger...
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Ghibli, you are beautiful!
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Ghibli is the most beautiful cat. Toes gets jealous because he knows Ghibli can take some of his adoring audience.
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How do you sit like that with your legs spread out? Well, anyway, I think you're a beautiful cat. Molly says your tail is as beautiful as hers (which is a high compliment coming from Molly!) Secretly, though, I think she's jealous that yours is such a beautiful orange color and hers is just a dull gray!

Purrs and headbutts to you,

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Originally Posted by rosiemac

SOPHIE: Ghibli if i were old enough i'd ask you out on a date!!

are you hinting me something sophie???????

Ghibil you deserve this award!!
*gives you a trophy*

My meowmy gives you lots of hugs and kisses because you are so sweet!
shh... dont tell anyone but mom is going to steal you
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Ghibli, from the first time my Mommy and I saw you, we have known what a special baby you are! You have such wonderful markings, and you're just so absolutely beautiful!
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you are very handsome Ghibli - yes I want to know how you lay like that as well - is it comfortable?
your friends Cedar & Tipsy
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Princess- Hey cutie pie, I think you are very good looking. I hope you have a good day.
Pitufo- Fluffy Tails rule, Princess and I both have fluffy tail....my mom calls it dust feathers. Anyways you cool man.
Gordo: You must be lucky having 2 good looking sisters, congrats on your big day.
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Awwww.. Fank you Sam!!

Ericka, Toes shouldn't be Jealous of me! I think he's neat!!

Penelope, It's VERY comfortable.. the easiest way to discribe it is to kinda slide your bottom legs out to either side It's easier forother cats to do on like. the arms of couches? I'm teaching Paige to do it, she thinks it's relaxing This is called the "boneless Van pose" and all my family sits this way sometimes. Tell Molly I think her tail is beautiful and Ithink of her more toffee colored than grey!

Teufel!! Thank you for the award, and if your mommy steals me can we at least take Paige? She's soo fun to play with! (but My mommy and daddy would be sad if we left.)

Sierra, I think your little orange spot by your nose is soo sweet!! I'm only allowed to have but a little bit of orange and I love it more than the white cause I have to get baths cos i get dirty!!

Cedar and Tipsy, thank you!! I think you're lovely!! And yeah It's suuuper comfy.

Princess You're pretty godo looking yourrself
Pitufo, I love your long necks!! is it easier to get in trouble?
Gordo: I think you're so tuff looking, I wish i were tough looking, cause then molly wouldn't pick on me!!
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Congratulations Ghibli!
We all agree you are awesome! You are indeed a "cool" cat!
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