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I saw some cats

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I went to the Humane Society yesterday just to be near the cats. I said hello to the dogs(many pitbull mixes), too. I went to the cat room and there were many beautiful babies. There were many Russian Blues. One got adopted. I loved all the cats, but there were at least five that caught my interest. First there was this feisty little boy named Bart. He was a 8 week old white kitten who when I came in, meowed loudly to be let out. So I took him out and played with him awhile. He liked my purse and started playing with the straps. Then I went to a beautiful 5 month old black male. The minute I touched his head, he started rubbing it. He climbed on me and rubbed my head. I took him into the acquaintance room to be with him. I put him down so that he can look around and I sat down and watched him. Meowzer did not want to look around. He climbed on the bench and nuzzled my legs and arms and hands. And face. He nuzzled and cuddled in my lap. I fell in love with this little guy(I will not be calling him Meowzer. I want something else for him). After I played with him, I put him back in his cage and went to see another. Elmo was a domestic long hair grey tabby. This boy was HUGE! I don't know his weight. They said he was 8 months old but he looked too big. And heavy. Then I saw a russian blue(I forgot his name)who stood quiet in my arms as I pet him. The last cat I played with was a two year old grey tabby female. I forgot her name. She was like the black cat. All ready for loving and attention and just curled up in my lap. I saw a cat that looked alot like Jake but it was female. Her name was Tess and she was another cat that kept meowing for attention. It would be very hard deciding on the five cats. I loved them all. I guess I like the female tabby and the black cat the most since tehy were very affectionate with me. Mr. Big was also very affectionate. So now, I will be raising money until I reach $100 or $200. When I have the money, I will be going back to adopt a cat or two. All the dogs and cats are fixed(even the 6 week old kittens) Cats younger than 4 months are all $60 each and cats older than 4 months are $49. So it will be a total of $90 if I get two adults. Plus their food, toys, litter boxes(I washed and disinfected Jake's litter box). I feel a little better now that I was with some cats, at least, temporarily until I can adopt one or two. I think by the time I have the money, my choice of cats will be gone(hopefully adopted), but I know there will always be others who will want me.
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Excuse my ignorance, but they can spay or neuter 6 week old kittens? I always thought theyy had to be older...I learn something every time I come here!

Sounds like you had a very love filled day Nena, what a wonderful way to spend a day!
How hard it must have been to walk out of there without a kitty...I would have been in tears!
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They can spay and neuter as early as 4 months but no sooner. Unless I don't know something I thought I did.
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Thanks Hissy, thats what I thought before too.
Not to say you were fibbing Nena, just maybe you were so overwhelmed by all the kitty lovin' that you misunderstood? I know I probably wouldn't even know my own name after all the kittykisses and snuggles you got!
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I doubt very much that the kittens that young are spayed or neutered.

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I can testify to the expense of maintaining a cats health, as I'm sure the rest of you can too! What started out as a case of earmites in my indoor/outdoor kitty turned into a $200 vet bill because he scratched his ear and that led to a hematoma that had to be repaired. I love my cats very much, but the cost can be overwhelming at times..Another example, just to do a regular deworming and monthly flea control cost $50. I'm sure you would love the kitty/kitties very much, but love doesn't pay the bills. I'm not trying to tell you not to get a kitty, I'm just saying maybe you should get a little 'nest egg' of money set away for vet care and unexpected costs. Good luck
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The humane society here provides low cost shots. The initial fee includes the first shots, spay and neuter, and other things. When I had Jake, all his vet visits were affordable. Pet smart only charged $20 for his first two shots. When he had earmites, the vet gave me some solution and didn't charge me for cleaning the ears. Then when he had worms, they charged me $25. So some vets here are willing to provide low cost care and do quality service too. Petsmart also dosen't charge for office visits on Thursdays. Yes, I did ask the workers at the shelter. They said they do spay young.
There was this one funny thing I saw at the shelter. When I was petting Mr. Big in his cage, the russian blue who is below him sticks his paw out. Its pretty funny to see the cats sticking their paws out and trying to touch you.
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It is always nice to have love for kitties because they need it so much, but they also need to know that you have the means to take care of them for the duration of their lives. A steady paycheck is the best resource to provide this for them, as vet bills can add up quickly. They should all have their vaccinations, they should have their teeth checked, they need to be dewormed. A Drontal tablet here, is $8.00 and I find that even when I use Advantage on my crew, I still have to deworm them 3 times a year. Then you have to provide good feed for them, not the generic kind, because unless they are wild kitties, their systems will get really messed up with the coarse ingredients that go into some of the generic cat food.

Perhaps Nena, you should just volunteer at the shelter once a week to get started, and then you can give those cage kitties some loving and attention.
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Hissy is giving you very good, sound advice. You'd be wise to take it or at least think about it. While I have 7 cats and would love to have more, I find that socializing kitties at shelters takes away the craving to bring more home. Almost like having grandchildren. You spoil them and then send them home.

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Our Humane Society here in Fort Worth will spay or neuter a kitten or puppy at 8 weeks of age as long as it meets the minimum weight. They will not send any animal home before it's neutered. I think I saw one case when I was volunteering when they sent a kitten home without being neutered. They were full in the cat room, and this couple was adopting a very young kitten. They thought it was big enough to neuter, but when they weighed it, it wasn't. So the couple gave a $100 cash deposit (not a check!) that would be refunded when they brought it back for surgery in a couple weeks. Usually they don't put animals out on the floor until they're old enough/big enough to neuter.
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I've never heard of kitties getting neuetered or spayed that young either...sounds dangerous, but then again, with technology who knows. I know you've been looking for kitties for a long time now Nena. I hope you find one real soon hon I know my heart would be so empty without them.
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The vet clinic where I live gives a special discount for spaying and neutering if a young kitten or puppy is adopted from the shelter. I think a six week old puppy or kitten is much too young for that type of thing. It sounds dangerous.
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Ok, I guess I should volunteer. Its just since Jake has been gone, I've felt extremely lonely. I go home every night to an empty apartment. My children are with their father most of the week. I have no one to talk to. I miss jake so much.
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The Humane Society here in Tampa now spays or neuters adopted animals before they go into a home.

When I adopted Squirt in 1996, the fee I paid went toward his neutering between the age of 6 and 12 months with my own vet.

When I adopted Joey in 1999, the fee included neutering right on the premises, and I had to come back the next day to take him home.

Both kittens were 12 weeks old at the time of their adoptions. I guess people weren't following through on having the procedure performed on their own.
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