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KitKatMom learned Oscar was hit by car- nd advice about Francis

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I started a new thread because this is mostly about what you all advise I do in re: getting Francis a new companion. But I found out from a neighbor that Oscar was found with his little head crushed, (thank I didn't see him actually) and someone saw a car speeding out of our sleepy development suspiciously that day. So he wasn't going off to die at all- and he wasn't really all that sick or anything, though I was thinking maybe that was it.

Nope, it was probably my premonitional insight (which I am scarily known for, guys) that gave me that feeling when I last saw him. He had trotted off to sniff the 'hood as usual- and had he been sick, he wouldn't go out, I just know he'd prefer to die at home now that I think about it.
The whole deal is heartbreaking- if only, only I hadn't let him out JUST then, etc. ANd the situation with the birds was eerie , too. I'm crying a flood right now, but he'd want us to carry on- AND GET FRANCIS A SIBLING.
1) How long should I wait? I've obviously discussed with him that we're going to find the perfect friend for him, etc. but when?
2) I have always had much better luck with neutered males than any female cat. I'm leaning that way, for consistency.

3) Oscar was bold and tough, and he mentored scaredycat Francis since day one about 6? years ago- I'm thinking I need to get a very sweet gentle cat for him, for sure- but that would mean a grown guy, after kitten wildness is tamed off.

4) Or should I get a kitten of either gender at any age younger than a year to give Francis the opportunity to be youthful, etc. and the boss finally? Francis is about 8?, but very playful still, and in excellent health. He's more kittenish than Oscar was at tht age.

So it's advice time, guys: I think Francis might handle a manic kitten and that it might alleviate his sorrow. After all , Oscar was bossy and cranky and not up for fun and games much, to Francis' chagrin. On the other hand, at his age maybe an older, proven-to-be-constitutionally sweet cat is a better idea.

God knows there are a ZILLION cats around here needing homes. I could do try-outs, I suppose. But I have never seen Francis ornery the way Fonzi Oscar could be, so I have a feeling he'll remember how it was for him to move into Oscar's house and how Oscar treated him great all told- and that Francis would be good to another kitty unless that kitty was plain nasty...

Thankfully Francis has never been out (Oscar was practically born at the top of a tree) and damn straight, the new kitty has to be indoors, too, period!! I worried every damn time Oscar pranced off, and the worst finally happened. Hey, that's one vote for a kitten without an unknown past!

Bring on the counsel!!!

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Awww, Alison. I am sorry about Oscar I remember your other hread and was hoping he'd show up again.

I think it depends on the person on how soon to get a new furbaby. You'll know when the time is right and I think the right kitty will find you.
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Dear Alison, very sorry to hear about Oscar, hugs dear. As far as a kitty friend, as soon as you feel up to it, start looking :-), I think you will "know" when you find the right friend for Francis. Best wishes and hoping that you will find joy in finding another kitty friend when the time is right.
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Alison, I am so sorry to hear about Oscar.
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Oh, Alison, that was so sad about Oscar! But I'm glad the neighbors told you the truth, and hopefully, Oscar went instantly. Francis does need you now more than ever, and you are being very brave and loving in your consideration of a new sibling for him. My 2 older cats are more accepting of a young cat than actual kittens. The last 2 kittens were snubbed until they reached about 5 months; now Christy & Cinders actually try to engage them in play. When your new cat & you find each other, please let us know right away!
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Funny you all said that cus of course I agree! I wrote this earlier in another forum:

2/11/2005 8:34:12 PM \t
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From: Lemuria
Status: online \tA little tike would be best for Francis, I think so , too- especially since he's been dominated so thoroughly by Oscar all his life. One thing I know for sure is you're supposed to pay extra special attention to the original cat during the initial warming up- and with a youngster, that's super easy cus they're so schizzed on goofing off they wouldn't know to be scared or jealous anyway! Yep, I think the first young one who PICKS ME is coming to the palace, lol. (All mine have made the choice to cozy up to me, rather than vice versa!)
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Why not get one of each? A younger, active boy, maybe 2 or 3 years old and an older male who needs a home.
I know it's hard to lose a pet and I grieve for you and Oscar.
I think the best time to get a friend for Francis is right away. Oscar knows you aren't trying to replace him, and I'm sure he'll be happy knowing you can give someone else a home.
Good luck!

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Dear Alison so sorry to heard that about Oscar...
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