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Do shredible, edible cat toys exist?

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This is going to sound silly, but does anyone know of a cat toy that is comparable to a dog's rawhide bone?

Hans LOVES to tear his toys apart. In fact, he won't touch them unless he can gut them. I figure it's because he's so old and arthritic, and he can't bat and chase anymore. He never eats them, but he does leave the mess all over my house. I think it's cute, but guests are starting to raise their eyebrows when they stop by. He loves carpet mice, big stuffed mice, and anything felt. He'll spend hours just ripping them apart.

So does anyone have any ideas on what he can have fun chewing and ripping apart and then eat safely?
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There's one toy out there he would be hard pressed to destroy called pawbreakers. www.pawbreakers.com and if he did get it apart, it wouldn't hurt him because it is just compressed catnip and gelatin.
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Have you actually tried a rawhide bone? We've had cats that "filched" our dogs', and sucked and tore at them. Jamie stole one from his buddy (the dog next door) last year, but it was way too big for him. I've heard that there's a slight risk of salmonella from them, though, and you have to supervise. One of our dogs almost choked to death on one he'd gotten nice and mushy, and then tried to swallow. How about ice cubes? My mom's cat loves them. Jamie prefers dried fish - he bats them around, throws them in the air, and then demolishes them.
I'm going to check out the "pawbreakers".

I just had another thought. I haven't tried them with Jamie, but I know a couple of people who order "mousicles" for their cats. They're actually frozen mice for snake food. There are two German Internet companies who deliver them packed in dry ice, and there's a pet store in the city where I work that sells them, along with frozen "day-old chicks".
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