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Need good vibes/prayers

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I have been a little reluctant about posting this on here. I guess I just think people will think I was weird or something. I have been battling depression since I was in 7th grade. I have always been really shy also. Recently what I thought for SO many years that my being shy...is really social anxiety. It has gotten worse over the past year to the point I can hardly function. Everyday tasks are so hard for me to complete. When I go out in public, I literally feel like I am walking around naked. I feel exposed. I had to already drop three of my four classes this semester from not being able to attend. I really had to force myself to go to class this week so that I would be able to at LEAST complete ONE class this semester. My job is working in customer service. Well that requires a phone and talking to people. I know this is strange, but I also have a phobia which I now know is another symptom of social anxiety. It is talking on the phone to strangers. I seriously can't even order a pizza for myself. It is awful. When I go out with friends, or even my boyfriend...I have panic attacks. I thought I was just weak and was not eating right or something...until I described to my doctor what I was feeling. When I go out, I feel naked, I feel VERY uncomfortable when I walk, I feel like everyone is staring at me, I start sweating, I feel really hot, my heart starts to race, and I get weak in the knees. I am now taking medication to try to control this anxiety, and I know from experience that it is really hard to find a medication that works. (From depression) Please just pray for me that this will help me to feel normal. I have been suffering with this for so long. For so many years of what I thought was me being very shy...just thinking of how long ago this could have been taken care of. I didn't tell my doctor these symptoms before because I thought, "Well, you can't change being shy, so what's the point??" I REALLY hope this medicine works...because if it doesn't...I might lose my job! This is the job I want to continue after college...so losing this will just be a nightmare!!! Please pray for me!!!
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Hi Rachel,

You are in my thoughts and I hope this medication works out for you!

All the best and lots of hugs-

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Although there are a number of people on this board to listen to you at any time, there are other more qualified boards to go to and find real support and answers. I am not trying to drive you off. Just that no one here is qualified to supply you with the right answers or resources to help you.

This website can help you

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Oh Rachel, I'm praying for you and I hope the medicine helps you.

Good luck
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Oh, Rachel, what a very difficult time you are going through. I'm so thankful you're here among friends now who care about you and your feelings. You have taken an enormous step to recognize what you're experiencing are symtoms of this illness and it is so very treatable. Your are taking the initiative to seek help and have found a medication that I pray works for you. You also realize that although this may be difficult, you can get through it! I'm so proud of you!
Your babies love you so much, and you're a wonderful meowmy! Thank you for sharing your feelings with us, you can be sure that we are here for you anytime at all!
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