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What's in a name?

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Some of the members here have some very unusual user names. I'd love to hear how you came up with your user names!

Mine is really boring - Anne
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I am with you...maybe we ae going to have to change our user names just for the fun of it...
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Yes, I agree! I am a member of four different forums, and my name is always Debby on all of them, but I wish I had something exotic or exciting instead....guess I wasn't using my imagination when I signed up!
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I used up all the clever names on the animals so, just use my own. Of course, the spelling is different but, that was my mother's doing almost 60 years ago so, I can't take credit for that.
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terricar05 isn't too unusual. Just a combo of my first name, Terri, and last name, Carter, and my birth month, May. I use it for everything. I find that it's never used by anyone else and saves me from having to think up anything else.
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Oh, you might see me elsewhere on the net as Anat (the Hebrew version of my name) or Shoonra (that's the name of my Hebrew cats site http://www.shoonra.com - shoonra is also cat is Arameic).
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I got bookitty1231 from a nickname my sister and family started calling me years ago. We use to watch Laverne and Shirley reruns, they had a stuffed animal black cat they called BooBoo Kitty, and one day my sister just started calling me booboo kitty and it stuck. I shortened it for the username and put my birthdate on the end.
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Although I have my own name on this site (Rene is pronounced with two long e's), I have two other internet names. My organization name is PetTalkCT because I am in Connecticut and both my newspaper column and my public access television show are called Pet Talk and then my personal name is BlkBltCat because I am a black belt instructor in the art of Tae Kwon Do and I am crazy about cats, hence the name Black Belt Cat!
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My name is also a family nickname. I was a really small child and they called me "peanut" or "Patty peanut". Over the years it has been changed and shortened. I have been know to answer to "P", "P-nuttier" and "Patty-P". The worst is the looks I get from people when my sister calls me "Nut" in public!
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A black belt in Tae Kwon Do! That sounds good! I bet you can fight all them wicked animal abusers!

Welcome Pnut - feel right at home. Everyone says we're cat nuts over here!
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Rene that is so cool that you are an instructor of Tae Kwon Do! My stepson took that for awhile when he was 8 but he eventually gave it up. (He's 10 now) He still says he may go back and do it again sometime. He looked so cute in his little outfit! Welcome Rene and pnut!
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oops, I forgot to say welcome Bookitty also, that's cute how you got your name...I used to watch Laverne & Shirley alot as a child.
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