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What do your kitties do when hungry?

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Im usually pretty good about getting to the food and water bowl quickly after they empty, but sometimes my timing just isnt up to their standards, apparently

So, on those times that I just havent quite gotten to them yet or wasnt aware they needed attention, my kitties let me know! Jayce has a habit of pushing the water bowl across the floor when its empty or too empty for his liking Abby will always let me know when shes hungry and the bowl is empty. She likes to follow me around much more than usual and makes sure I hear her loud meow. They are so funny. So when I know that Abby is wanting food I use a certain tone of voice (kind of high pitched baby talk ) I ask if they want nummies, if they are hungry and they always race me to the food container.

Such smart kitties! Whats interesting is that I havent noticed them switch 'notification' practices yet. Jayce sticks to water and Abby sticks to food.

What do your kitties do?
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Gordo bites me (soft bites) and he follows me around.
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I keep the food bowl on a table because if I don' dog will eat it and throw up everywhere!!

When I forget to fill the bowl, Ginger hops up on the table and gently knocks it off of the table. I hear a loud tud, and she just looks at me patiently waiting. Tiger, on the other hand, is a little whiny baby. He will just whine and follow me around until I figure it out. They are both so funny!!
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Elmo will meow and wave his bottom in my face until I feed him, the others aren't so demanding!
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Annabelle will just open her mouth like she's meowing, but not make a noise, then walk to her dish, or she will just sit right in front of me and stare at me until I get the hint. Isabelle will meow this super loud meow and run to her dish. If I walk up to her dish she sits up on her hind legs like a dog. It's so cute! It's like she's begging, but really I think she's just trying to reach the food dish in my hand.
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Sierra talks, talks, talks, in her sweet little voice, walking towards the fridge or her treat drawer, looking back at me to make quite sure I'm following her. As I walk towards her, she walks back to me, then back to where her food is kept, still talking, back and forth until we arrive at her food! All the while, I'm saying "Is my baby girl hungry? Do I have a hungry baby?" and she's answering back so sweetly!
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Tibby will look me in the eye and tell me straight! Then he will walk towards his bowl checking all the way that I am following him and continuing to give me instructions! (he does this when he wants me to watch him eat and keep him company too! )

Molly will sit on the table and talk to me - but a lot more suggesting rather than telling! Then I have to collect her and deliver her to her food!
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Rosie and Sophie always have kibbles in their bowl in their room but they know they get some wet food for breakfast and in the evening so they follow me all over the kitchen until i give them some while Rosie meows and Sophie squeeks!
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Mine will let me know that he doesnt like the water in his bowl by
Drinkin out of my cup
knocking the water bottle off the table.
He always has food in his bowl. but he goes crazy every morning and run around me in circles as im getting fresh wet food out!
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Max will just sit and stare at me like he's trying to send telepathic waves "Fill the bowl. Fill the bowl"

Simon will run around yelling until I fill it up. He's such a loud pain that you can't possibly ignore him!
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great thread!!! mine just meow and circle around my feet - DH calls it their shark attack

however they always get a few kibbles before I go to bed at night and it doesnt matter where they are or how sound asleep they are they always hear me brushing my teeth and come running - sometimes falling over their sleeply little feet
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Spyder knows where the food is kept and will meow and open the cabinet door. Then if he's still not fed he will knock out the cans of cat food all over the floor!

Crystal is a very quiet girl and she'll just sit there and stare me down and meow. I know when she actually meows she's hungry!
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socks either meows very loud or he will go and sit by his food bowl and wont move till i take the hint
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Waffle usually runs after me everywhere meowing the whole way
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I leave dry food out all the time so I'm not sure either of my boys remember what it's like to be hungry. However I give wet food at night while I'm cooking dinner and Gandalf will cry and cry until I give it to him.
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My bowls are also always full but they get their 7PM canned food snack. About 6:30 each evening, they all come out of the woodwork and sit around and stare me down. If I try to walk towards the kitchen they are all after me like pied piper. Once I reach for the cabinet with their food, things get really lively. Tigger MEOWWWWLLLLLLLSSSSS like I'm killing him. Muddy and Koko run back and forth to the bathroom (where I feed them). Shep comes alive on the dryer, stands up, and waits for me to carry her to her feeding spot. Scarlett jumps on the counter at her feeding spot and mashes her cheeks against the unopened cans (she has to approve my choice before I can open them).

I fill 14 bowls each night and have to give them to them in an exact order and in their own spots. Shep comes first, followed by Scarlett, then Stumpy & Bob, then Muddy & Koko, then 7 more randomly on the kitchen floor, then Emily (who likes to remain upstairs by herself). I don't know what they would do if I ever broke this routine. Once the cats are done, the dogs are let our of their kennels and they get to lick the bowls clean.
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We have two routines here because I feed the kitties twice daily. Morning:
Marcellus (this is his friendly time) comes in and rubs me in the face, purring, and all sweet. If it's time to get up, I get up, if not, I cover my head otherwise he will bite. Then he will wait, and wait. Wallace just waits quietly, staring at me, waiting until the feet hit the floor and then, when the feet hit the floor, and no sooner, he meows loudly all the way to the bowl and he races there with his bushy tail held high and then when I'm getting the food ready he rubs my face and he meows during this whole process. I talk to him during this time and he gets all excited. It's so cute really. Lewis just waits patiently but once the food is being served he races to his bowl , sliding on our wood floor. Marcellus, now that I'm up, is sitting like a perfect gentleman at his bowl. All the bowls have to be on tables as Corky, the forever hungry dog, will enhale the kitty food. He always gets a kitty treat though. The evening routine is pretty much the same the difference being I work early evenings so as soon as I come in the door all three race to their stations. Now on evenings I don't work, they start pestering me about an hour before, getting all cuddly, meowy and rubby. And then there is the musical bowl routine. They all start out at their stations but eventually, each cat makes rounds to all the bowls. Silly kitties.
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The last thing I do most evenings is check my mail- all my four wake up and head to the kitchen when they hear the computer shut-down sound effect. They're so programmed that they do it on autopilot any time it's dark and the computer shuts down, tea time or not!

Oh and Mark, the ever resourceful, knew exactly what the biscuit packets looked like. If he wanted a snack and his bowl happened to be empty, he just pulled a packet down, shredded it and helped himself.
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Shinobi and Dora now wake me up every morning with snuggles from Dora and incessant meowing from Shinobi. Unfortunately this usually results in my boyfriend getting up and feeding them. I usually lay in bed until the alarm clock goes off because if I don't I get woken up progressively earlier every morning. (For example this week he keeps getting up and feeding them. Wednesday we were awakened at 9, yesterday 8:30, and this morning the unthinkable 7:30 AM zzzzzzzz)

In the evening I usually feed them when I come home from work, so I get all kinds of nice greetings when I walk in the door. But whenever anyone is in the kitchen Shinobi will rubb up against the drawer where we used to keep her food and meow. (Even if there is food in her bowl) Last night she was actuall IN the drawer. Sadly she's on a diet, so I can't keep her bowl full all the time anymore. :-( The whole house is on a diet, its sooo depressing.
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Angel makes a little crying sound, runs into the kitchen and meows very loudly. He always has water and dry food, but he does this when he wants something special.
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Stormy- My Abby used to do that, too. She knows the cupboard the food is in and can open it with her paws. Ive come home to quite a mess sometimes when they break in and tear in to a pack of food I finally figured out a stopper- I put a rubberband around the handles so she cant get in anymoer

Steph sent me a pack of this ground fish stuff (cant remember the name ) and I had it in there before the rubberband trick.. BIG mistake I came home to fish powdery stuff alllllllll over the kitchen and dining room. Looks like they had a blast eating it
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