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Our little expectance..

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I didn't know who else to tell, my family will go insane, but I needed to tell here I go.

I am pregnant...any words of advice?
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Ummmmm congrats! Don't have any advice, because I know nothing of the subject

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Congrats and how sad you can't share the news with the family. Why would they not rejoice with you?
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Ah! No words of advice, just lots and lots of CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is great, I'm so happy for you!!!
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Keep tellling me that it is good.

I am 20 years old. I have a nice life, a good career path, I make good money...why not?
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Hey Congrats!!!
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Ahhh!!!! now its my turn to say Why arent you on AIM???? Talk to me!!! *HUG*
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Congratulations! Might as well tell, you will be showing soon enough.
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you dont have to tell anyone until you feel comfortable to do so.
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Well are you happy about it? If so... congratulations! I'm happy for you!
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Congratulations.......I think every baby is a blessing.
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Congratulations, I'm a mum of 2, and fostered a few pre adoption babies when my own children were young.

Just enjoy the pregnancy, don't go thinking you're fat. It always amazes me when pregnant people get upset because they're "fat". Of course they're big, there's a baby in there.

I was 19 when I had my first, and this year he's 30 and I'm 50. I've never regretted it, but do share it with your family, the sooner it's out in the open the sooner you can relax, and it'll be better for the baby.
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I dont have personal experience, but I have had several friends have their children unexpedly early in their lives and while it seemed a little like the end of the world at first, they all have healthy and happy babies and happier lives as a result.

Families come around and even if things seem dodgy along the way, when the baby arrives it will be love at first sight.

So, tell them soon and relieve that stress. Dont assume you know what their reaction will be...they might surprise you! Best wishes for an uncomplicated pregnancy
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Thank you all for your positive support.
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Wow,,that is great news,,,please keep us posted on how revealing the news goes!!!! Why would your family be so unpleased if you are stable and can provide for child??
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How wonderful, Lastajia!
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Congratulations Lastajia. What lovely news. Advice for you - leave the stress behind and enjoy this very special time.
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