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I went to my first cat show!

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Attended the CFA Wichita show last weekend and it was amazing! I got to see many breeds I had never seen in real life and some of the nicest, cat crazy as I am people all over the place! It was kitty heaven. Got to see Egyptian Maus and Norweigan Forest Cats and A Devon Rex to name a few.
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Sounds lovely! Glad you had such a good time. I would love to get to go to a cat show. You didn't happen to take any pics did you??
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Cat shows are okay (except for the cages ) but happy to hear you had a fun time.
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That great, I'm glad you had fun.
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That sounds like so much fun! I should go to a cat show in my area. I've never been to one, myself. Thank you for the idea!
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Originally Posted by yayi
Cat shows are okay (except for the cages ) but happy to hear you had a fun time.

Actually all the cages were roomy and all the cats were very relaxed, I did notice quite a few were held on laps. It was wonderful to be with so many people who love cats and don't think I am "weird".
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Awesome! Any pics??
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well, you've been initiated.

I've been to a few myself, my favorites were ragdolls, i just love them. Otherwise, i'm a little bummed out afterwards, too many caged cats... Did you pick up any toys or gadgets, that's what i enjoy most, seeing new 'hot' products on the market

did you take pics??
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I love cat shows but I always wind up carrying a big bag of stuff away from them. I have a hard time resisting all the neat toys and treats and beds and well you get the idea. Then again I can't even go to the store without hitting the pet supplies isle.

As far as the kitties in cages, it is kind of sad to see but most of them seem so relaxed and I comfort myself with idea that they get to go home and play once the show is over.
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I went to my first cat show last October in Kansas City. I actually was one of the vendors that was selling cat gear, so I was there with the cats for 2 full days. Many of the people that show their cats wait until the shows to buy the latest toys and beds for their cats and keep them pretty occupied while they are in their cages. The thing that I was happy to see was that you couldn't enter a cat if it was declawed, nor could you enter a housecat that wasn't fixed.

I wish I had known about this show - I would have been there (only 4 hours from my house). There is a whole circuit of vendors that do these shows and they are a great group of people!
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My daughter has a Devon Rex cat, she's about 18 months old now. For her first year she entered her in shows, as a kitten in her first show she did really well, but once against the mature adults she didn't do so well. She's not doing to do it any more.

It's such a long day, I went with them, and it was exhausting, often not enough seats, and you have to be there by 8am, and can't leave till they tell you which is usually after 5pm.

It was an experience, and there are some lovely breeds out there. I don't like some of the extreem shapes, (I won't name any specifically so as not to upset people) Some breeds have changed and become more extreem over the years, I prefer the more natural ones.

If anyone is ever thinking about buying a pedigree they should visit a show, and see them in the flesh, some are smaller than you imagine, others so much bigger.
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