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Is my cat crazy?!?!

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So my little girl, Pebbles, was sitting next to me on the couch as I was getting ready for work. Suddenly and without any warning signs, she scratched me in the eye! I swear she did it maliciously and purposely aimed for my eye. She seemed to smug and satisfied with herself after the fact! I didn't yell or punish her or anything but now she's acting very stand-offish, avoiding me...I even caught her glaring at me from the top of the fridge! I don't know what provoked the attack, I wasn't petting her at the moment, she wasn't giving off the usual warning signs (twitching tail, wide eyes, etc.) and don't understand the Jeckyll and Hyde she is pulling...I tried buttering her up with treats, catnip, her fave toys, etc. and even some reverse psychology...if i ignore her, she'll come to me.....but nothings working. she's healthy, nothing has changed in her day to day life so what's her deal??? She's also avoiding her big brother Meowser and he feels so rejected, poor guy!
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Maybe you accidentally hurt her and you didn't realize it?
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First off, how is your eye? Mine scratched me once in the eye while we were playing and let me tell you, it was THE worst pain.

I wonder if in your kitty's mind she wanted her space and since you not knowing and didn't move, she swatted at you.

She's probably sensing your mood towards her, a skeptical one, which is making her cautious. As well as the other cat keeping his distance.
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We assign cats with human emotions and they are just not made that way. They either flee or fight when threatened. They don't feel smug, or confident or do things maliciously. They do what they do based on instinct.

You said she is ignoring her brother? Why is that? And when did it start?
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my eye is real sore but okay thanks i do agree that perhaps her skittish behavior after the incident may be due to her sensing my caution and nervousness around her....before, her and Meowser got along really well. They'd groom each other, sleep next to each other, etc. About a week or two ago, she started hiding from him and everytime he'd approach her she'd slink away....usually to the top of the fridge where he's too old and fat to jump up to i wish i knew what provoked this sudden mood swing!
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