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Teething pain?

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This is going to sound weird, but I am having this weird pain where my wisdom teeth are on one side, and it's not an ache but rather that teething feeling, where you want to bite down! I am 43 years old, can it be possible they are coming in more? (I have mine and they are in like half way I think...)

I know you aren't dentists and I should go to mine but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem!
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I just had one of my wisdom teeth taken out recently and I didn't have a teething pain. It didn't hurt when it first started coming in.. but when it was all the way out boy did it HURT!! My teeth were already overcrowded and this just set it off. I couldn't chew or laugh. It brought tears to my eyes.

The assistant actually had to hold me down while the dentist got leverage to yank that sucker out!!!

I'd be surprised if they were coming in now... don't they usually come down when you're 18-20 or so. And if not you don't need them taken out? I don't know. Get an x-ray done so they can see where it is. And good luck!
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My co-worker just had this happen to her. I think she's about 30 and one of her wisdom teeth started to give her trouble so she had it removed. It was slooooowly growing in over the course of several years.
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This is so wild, I think mine might be! I really hoped I wouldn't ever have to have it removed, but I know the difference between tooth pain and that teething feeling.
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Maybe you should ask your dentist to reevaluate your bite. I was having similar pains in my molars and my dentist referred me to a TMJ/bite specialist. It ends up the pains I was having were due to a misalignment between where my teeth and my jaw joint wanted to be. It's been a process, but I can say for sure the pain in my teeth has gone away.
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I hate teeth, especially mine - all they have given me is pain and trouble!
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