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Do your cats follow you into the bathroom?

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Mine always goes into the bathroom with me, and then the minute the toilet flushes runs out. It's so funny, I have never had a cat who did this before.
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Yes! Both Waffle and my roomies cat Coco follows me in all the time. Then they get upset when the door is shut behind them and they're trapped inside.
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Yes! Both my kitties love to follow me in the bathroom.. And Basil has fallen in the toilet 2 times because I did not get the seat down fast enough when I was finished!! Needless to say he was very startled!!
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I kid you not, my little guy follows me into the bathroom, waits at my glasss shower screen door and if i open it hops into the shower with me.

It is hilarious - he does not mind at all having his body wet but doesnt like the water on his paws. Most mornings i get out of the shower with a kitty who also needs a dry lol
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all the time, marsh actually has a routine. I get on the toilet, excluse my language , he does a walk around it, then in the jaccuzi, sniffing around and then inside, then in the shower stall and he'll usually settle down at my legs, on the bathmat. To me, it's already boring after the 1,000th time, but he seems to really enjoy it
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Yes they do! And on the rare occasions that I get in there alone, 30 seconds later there is meowing and scratching at the door!
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He sure does! Infact, last time he did, he tried to jump up on the pants that were around my ankles. You should have seen the look on his face when he fell through the hole!!!
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Skit loves to come into the bathroom with me! And if I'm not paying attention, he'll jump in my lap!!!
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CJ always follows me! If I'm in the shower, he waits outside patiently until I am done. He even watches me brush my teeth. And most of the time tries to climb up my leg! He's such a silly boy.
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Meish always follows me to the john and gets VERY upset if I close the door without her. Normally she wants on my lap while I'm using the potty.... weird. She's recently started hoping in the tub (when its empty mind you) and scratching at the sides... its so funny. She goes in high speed when she scratches. Too weird.

I've also noticed that when the toilet seat cover is down she sleeps on it... I have a fluffy cover so it must be warm lol.
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My bathroom is very small and sometimes I will have 3 kittys and my Aussie boy all at the same time. Emmie is the only one that will get into the shower with me though.
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Yes! I lock him out, and he throws himself against the door and wails! Our tenants (twin house) have complained about it. I really don't appreciate an almost 14 lb. kitty sitting on my head, clawing his way up my bare leg, or jumping onto my bare shoulder. Shower time is often Band Aid time.
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Yeppers. It is a rule in my house - Mom and Dad aren't allowed to go potty by themselves.
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Malakai always follows me into the bathroom and watches me shower... or he tries to get on my lap while I'm trying to use the toilet... lol... Its actually my fault tho because I bring him in there with me sometimes... Like late at night if I have to go to the bathroom I'll pick him up and bring him with me because I dont want him to run out into the house... My father doesnt want him roaming the house so I have to keep him locked in my room when he's home... Another reason I cant wait to have my own place.. lol
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Oh yes. Chloe follows us into the bathroom and gets pretty vocal about it if she's not allowed in. She runs when I flush the toilet. She also waits for me outside of the shower in the morning and then tries to lick any water off my legs. Weirdo.
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YUP!!! Summer loves to play between the shower curtains while I'm in there. As soon as I go to take a shower, she hops in the tub. I set her out to turn on the shower, but as soon as I turn the shower part on, she bolts even though she isn't getting wet. She'll stay if I'm running bath water and loves to know my razor in the tub and watch it fall in...she'll do this repeatedly if I set it back on the edge LOL
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Tiger always follows me into the bathroom. If I shut the door on him, he cries and sticks his little paw under the door. My boyfriend says it looks like he is waving at you. When we flush the toilet, he is very interested and tries to flush it too. He also likes to lick the water off my legs when I get out of the shower. Somestimes when I get out, I'm still damp and I don't want to pet him with damp hands... so he nips at my ankle kinda like, "Hey, I'm down here!! Pet me!!" He is so funny!!
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Boy am I glad I am not the only one! My dogs do as well : )
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Absolutely - four of my five do this regularly. Tristan or Bear has to sit on my lap or else sit on the clothes hamper. Bear and Lion help us brush our teeth. Lion loves to sit and watch the shower (glass door) and will come and stretch up against the door when the shower is on. He investigates it after we get out as well. All of them like to drink from the tap so we have to leave it running a bit after we use it. Abbie is usually at the floor weaving her way among our legs. Bear and Lion have almost been 'baptized' a few times getting a bit too close to the toilet when my husband was using it:-). One of Bear and Lion's favourite 'safe' places is underneath the sink in the cupboard - there are no handles but they paw it open and slip inside if company comes. Right now both bathtubs have krinkle balls in them and day and night we will hear 'thumping' as one or other of the cats is chasing them around the bathtubs.


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haha yes!!!! He can follow me in the bathroom, but I can't be in there when he need to use the litter box. He just sits and waits until I leave. haha
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mine does, and he has even learnt how to open the door, he always has to come and sit on my lap when im minding my own business and he will sit and scratch at the glass door and watch me when im showering.
When i lived at my parents he loved to sit by the tub and eat the bubbles.

It was so funny 2 weeks ago i was asking my bf why he was taking extra long in the bathroom and his reply was "i cant even wipe my self because gatto wont let me do anything except for petting him"
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They try to but I shut the door. If I'm in a hurry and I only half close the door then I get two very curious puppies barging in on me!
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Mine HAVE to be in with ANYONE who uses our bathroom! It can be embarrassing at times, but I see it as "If you want to visit you have to follow the cat's rules!"

Tango loves showers She sits at the very end of the tub, gets soaking wet, and gets very angry when you get out!
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
Tango loves showers She sits at the very end of the tub, gets soaking wet, and gets very angry when you get out!
That's so cute!
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Oh yes! Scratchy slinks around my feet when I'm sitting on the loo, and when I'm in the shower she sits in the basin watching me with her little head cocked to one side - so adorable one day I'm going to have to try and get a photo. When she was super tiny she used to launch herself at the glass screening to try and get over the top of it into the shower with me. She also used to climb up the shower curtain which has left a couple of tears in it. Now, if I stick my finger through one of the tears and wiggle it, it makes her go wild and she tries to kill it. So sweet...
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Everytime i go Rosie and Sophie have to follow!!
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I'm pretty sure I haven't gone to the bathroom by myself in my apartment since i got the boys. If I'm (how do I put this) using the facilities Gandalf wants to be on my lap and Samwise will jump into the tub and lay down. If I'm taking a bath, Gandalf will hop on the side of the tub and play with the water. He'll dunk his paws in and just let his tail hang down while Samwise curls up on the bath mat. However if I'm in the shower they both cry then I'll peak around the curtain and it will stop but the moment I duck back behind the curtain they start again. Needless to say, I take many more baths than showers, yes they do have me trained.
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I think the more appropriate question would be: "do any of your cats NOT follow you into the bathroom?". I have added to their pleasure by placing their food bowls on the dryer which is in the bathroom. They can visit with mom and dad AND get a snicky snack at the same time!

Mine jump on the toilet seat (closed) upon entry, which is their staircase to the dryer. I usually have to move a cat or 2 (or 3) before I can lift the lid and do my thing.
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Yup! If he gets shut outside he guards the door until I'm done. When he does come in with me he usually is investgating the tub.
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Few of ours didn't follow us into the bathroom! The toilet is next to the tub and provides a handy perch to sit on while you are taking care of business. Most importantly - you are expected to skritch them constantly until you are finished.

And we did have one who fell in the toilet when she tried to run across it before I could put the lid down. Yes, she had to have a bath. (Guinevere - RB)
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