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*Newbie Alert*

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My name is Eva and I have just joined this lovely board. I have only been here 10 minutes or so and already I feel really welcome. I even got a very nice welcome private message which made me smile. I am so glad I found this board as it seems so lovely and I hope i can make some lovely new friends and have a nice time talking about cats and kittens. And I just love pictures too If ever i am feeling low all I have to do is go and look at some cats/kitten pictures. or even go and hug or cuddle my 2 babies. I think cats and kittens are just the best and I am totally in love with them they just have to be my favorite animal.

Anyway a little about me, as you know my name is Eva. I live in the UK with my Fiancé D and my 2 gorgeous babies. By that I mean my 2 year old cat that we rescued from the RSPCA called Eviecat and our kitten who is about 8 months old now (well technically although on the growth chart she is a few months under due to her being very poorly when we got her). Her name is Molly and she is a very cute and active little girl. i love them both to pieces although they can sometimes drive me around the bend. My cats and my fiancé are the most important thing in my life, they are my family and I love them to bits.

Well i think i have probably said enough right now. I wouldn't of found this place unless I had been looking for a ragdoll kitten so yay for internet searching! Well ya for finding this lovely place although I have not yet found a ragdoll kitty for sale in the UK Keep your fingers crossed for me hey?

Take care and keep smiling

x Eva x
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Hi, Eva, Sierra and I welcome you, Eviecat and Mollly to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better!Your babies sound so precious, you must love eachother so much! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Welcome Eva. We all sure love our kitties here.

If you need a ragdoll "fix" go find Carolcat and check out her signature. She has a handsome little guy named Jasper (well, he's not so "little" anymore). You will find a thread under "Paws & Reflect" and Jasper and his pals talk to each other just like all good kitties should. You will enjoy it immensely plus you will see what a handsome kitty he is.

Hope to see lots of you on the boards.
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Hello Eva, and welcome to TCS ! I have to agree, cats and kittens are the best! If you need any help, don't hesitate to call on me or dawnofsierra, we'll be glad to help!
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Welcome to TCS, Eva!
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Hi Eva and welcome to you and your babies. Hope you end up finding your ragdoll - who wouldn't want one they are such adorable kitties!
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Hi Eva! Welcome to TCS!
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Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome You all seem really nice and your cats sound/look gorgeous!

I hope to see you all around soon

Take care

Eva x
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Hi & welcome to TCS!!!!!!
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Welcome to the site Eva! Good luck in finding your Ragdoll! They are beautiful kitties, I adore them too.
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Thank you everyone, Myself Eviecat and Molly are very happy to be here and we thank you all for the lovely replys.

You may of noticed there is now photo's of my gorgeous babies in my signature and also there very own online photo album

Take care

x Eva x
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awwww yer kitties is purdy
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Thank You
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Welcome, Eva, Eviecat, and Molly. I'm looking at your photo albums right now and boy, do you have some cute kitties!! :

P.S. As you can see, I have a cat named Molly, too.
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TCS can do that to you. I LOVE it here. I'm sure in no time at all you'll have plenty of friends. May i say i'm just thrilled to hear you rescue! Welcome!
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and !

I feel so welcome here and you are all really lovely people and all your cats are so cute. I just love being here and I am so glad I found you all!

Love and hugs

Eva , Eviecat and Molly
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Welcome to the site Eva
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