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I have a new baby called Winnie!

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Well I did it!
The trap worked! rushed her to the vet and she got a green light! all her shots and pills! vet thinks she is 7-9 months old and she took all her handling very well!
She is scheduled for her spaying in a month with her booster...I am so happy she is upstairs in the warmth and is safe!!
Can't wait to show you pictures of her!!!
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congratulations on the new addition!!
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Great news!!

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We can't wait to see her! Glad to hear she's healthy!
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Hi Kim - Just replied to another of your threads - I wished you luck with trapping the kitty, but now I see you've already got her! Congratulations on saving this little one and making her part of your family!
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Hey Congrats, can't wait to see pics of her.
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Aw congrats! How wonderful of you to give her a new life!
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Well after yesterdays excitement and getting Winnie settled in, I have some concerns. I read some threads on how to get the kitty set up for her time to get used to us. So she hasn't left the cat carrier since yesterday. i had to put some food in the carrier for her to eat, but i don't think she had anything to drink or has done any of her business yet. She kinda growls at me now i know this is to be expected since her shock of yesterday...i guess checking in on her every couple of hours doesn't help...(can't help myself).

Any suggestions other than being patient? or am I just to worried? how long can a kitty go without having to do her business?
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Kim, this is pretty normal. She's had her whole world turned upsidedown, and doesn't know what is going on. Her survival instincts are kicking in, and that instinct is to hide from whatever predators are in this new environment.

Leave her alone for a while. She needs time to acclimate herself. As much as you want to check on her, don't. As long as you know she has everything she needs - food, water, litterpans - and the room is kitty-proofed, just let her be. Start establishing a routine now. Cats, and especially ferals, like routines and schedules. Bring in her food at scheduled times and stick to that schedule.

About doing her business...I've heard of ferals waiting over 24 hours before they feel comfortable enough to go. Doing their business puts them in a very vulnerable position for predators. Also, if she's never been exposed to inside, fill her litterboxes with organic potting soil (from the store, not from outside) since that will be infinitely more familiar to her than kitty litter.
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thanks for the advice, i know i have to leave her alone...just feeling curious i guess...the vet said he didn't think she was a true feral as she was so good yesterday. but time will be her best friend...can't really blame the poor thing, what an upset from yesterday! yeah i am going to put some soil in her pan...i found a little turd on the carpet...and she wandered out to go under the bed the most farthest corner...should i just not go in at all today till suppertime? that's when i used to feed her outside...we did our morning food alread....
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I would leave her completely alone for 24 hours, if you know for a fact she is healthy and she has food, water and two litter pans. Don't just give her one. I find that with the outside rescues, potting soil is a good way to get them acclimated to going in the right spot. She is used to being outside, probably has a gang of cats she hangs with that she misses. Outside there is always escape and inside there is not.

Here is an article I wrote, perhaps some points in it can help you. But please leave her be. I know it is normal to be curious and worried about her. But she is better off without you for now.

Don't expect so much from her right at the moment. She doesn't know how to be grateful, all she is right now is scared.
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Kim, patience is so very very hard....but it will pay off in the end.

Trust Hissy; that lady knows so much about ferals it's scary. :smile: And just take it moment to moment. It took Pengy something like 5-6 months to come out from under the bed. I'd forget I had five cats because she was so silent and hidden. We are working our way to an understanding, but it's still got a long way to go. Winnie will come 'round...

And BTW, my vet asked me if I had already sedated Pengy when she came in for her check...she was so quiet and handle-able. I think she was just paralyzed with maybe the same happened to Winnie...

Let Winnie go at her pace; that is one of the hardest things to do, but it works. Resist the urge to look at her, peek at her, view her. Follow the tips Hissy has given, and you'll get used to it. And so will Winnie.

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good news for winnie, fed her this morning and she used the litter box overnight! what a relief! hee hee...put the radio on softly on a classical station like many of you suggested...poor girl must have been spooked, i have a contractor doing work in my house, noisy! but at least she had her dinner and here is hoping today is another good day for us both!
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Good girl Winnie . It sounds like she's becoming familiar with her new environment. I wouldn't worry too much about the contractor - hubby clatters around the place like an elephant - as long as he didn't clatter in Adelaide's room she was ok.

Keep up the good work.
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Great to hear Kim! As she gets more used to her new environment she's get more comfortable in her skin.
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day 3 of having winnie in the house update...
well winnie is using the litterbox! man she must have been holding out, that is some of the biggest pee balls i have ever seen! and she finally did a number 2 too!
all her food was gone this morning so i am glad she is doing her roam around the room at night. today i think i will go in and read a little something for her. her radio is still playing...good idea guys! i am going to borrow a digital camera tomorrow and see if i can snap some shots of the poor baby and properly introduce her to you! i'll keep you posted!
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