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I'm distressed

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Oh, i feel horrible about the kitty situation in my area. Since its not as cold as it ususally is for this time of year, female cats are still having litters in my area. It angers me that people can't be responsible enough to get their cats fixed, and end up dumping the kittens off somewhere or drowning them. Anyways, my little Gypsy (we changed her name slightly ) was one of a litter that was dropped off in the middle of the highway. I went to the vets office today and someone had dropped of another litter of kittens to be put down. My heart is absolutely broken. I want to help them all, but I'm only one person. There is a gorgeous all gray female in this litter that has stolen my heart. If the kittens don't find homes by tomorrow afternoon, they will all be euthanized. I already have four cats and 2 of them are under 8 weeks old. These kittens are also 8 weeks. That would mean three females to be spayed at one time...eek! Roughly that would cost around $300. I'm pretty sure hubby will put his foot down on this one ( although grey kitties are his favorites ) What can I do for these poor babies?? They don't deserve this. The SPCA is completely full right now, and the vets assisstant told me there is another litter being brought in on Monday to be put down. Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm not the type of person who can walk away and forget about it.
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I wish you could ship them to me! Have you tried contacting a senior's residence near you. My granmother's home has cats that have free reign & the residents love them. The local vet got strays, made sure they were clean & volunteered for any vet fees as animals are a great comfort to the elderly in this home. It may take some negotiation, but maybe you can facilitate something like this in your area.
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I have litters dumped here all the time, or mama cats heavy with kittens that are so sick the kits don't make it to term. There really is little that you can do seeing as you have so many cats now. You can try contacting a local feral cat organizaton Alley Cat Allies or Feral Cat Coalition and talk to them, but they are likely to tell you the same thing the shelters are saying. I have been trying for quite awhile to get a list of people in my area that would be willing to help foster cats that just show up here at my place. I think people see that barn, and the land and think "hey, they must need cats!' and open the door and out they come. I have had so many cats over the years that I don't even count them anymore. They are neutered and spayed first thing, and the kittens are adopted out. You can try calling other vets in the area, sometimes they offer special programs for dumped kitties. One office about an hours ride from me, will spay for $18.00 neuter for $10.00 and give shots for $8.00. But it took a lot of leg work to find them. Good luck, and until people become responsible caretakers for the animals this problem will continue
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Missy, I do feel for you! Does the vet advise people to spay and neuter their pets? I wish I could help in someway. I can't believe people can't seem to realize that in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies, they should have their pets fixed. Most offer low-costs services. I fully support the spay and neutering effort. I realize too many owners are very iresponsible. I do believe the shelters should have potential owners be screened and educated before getting a pet.
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The situation is heartbreaking.

I was recently guilty of allowing a litter of kittens to be brought into this world, but it's a long story, and it won't happen again. (and they are all finding Good homes, including the one I'm keeping! :LOL: )

Anyway, I take my cats to Companion Pet Clinic, shots are $8.95, and they charge $29.95 to spay, and $19.95 to neuter...very cheap!
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I think one of the main reasons people don't get their cats spayed/neutered is because of the relatively high cost- it costs $95 to spay and $55 to neuter. But the way I look at it is if you can't afford the cost of this, don't get a cat! I'm so frustrated I've been near tears all day thinking about those poor babies who won't have a chance at the love and care they deserve. In my frustration I've decided maybe a good outlet would be for me to volunteer at the local SPCA or try to get a job at the Feed Store, beacuse at least I can be one of the people who can tell new owners to please spay/neuter and remind them of the consequences, which I've seen first hand. This may help me a bit, but it won't help those poor darlings as time dwindles for them. I may also write the newspaper and have them print an article reminding people of the importance of spaying/neutering, and how cruel and irresponsible it is not to. Printing pictures of these poor kittens may help reinforce it.
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Hi Melissa
I wish I could help you with this, but being an ocean away all I can do is offer some advice.
So here goes,perhaps you could start an online petition and email chain , that you can forward to your state rep's for them to come up with some sort of goverment fund to help with the cost of spaying, if you approach your local vets and rescue shelters and ask them to sign as well , who knows you may be able to get somewhere.
I am sure here at the forum all of us will help you with this, and I am willing to add a link for your petition to my cat site.
Also try to place petitions at all vet clinics and bulk food suppliers as well as pet stores.

Best of luck

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That's a wonderful idea I'll get to work on this right away! I'm sure lots of concerned pet owners in my area would be willing to sign.
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Dont forget to let me know, the address of your online petition and I will add the link to my site.
If you need any help I am only an email away
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This petition sounds like a great idea!!! I have several cats, all of which were rescued or born here, and I could use help with the cost of spaying/neutering also!! I am taking in one cat at a time to be fixed, as often as I can.
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Debby & Melissa
All I can say is dont give up, we started one here in Aus and it worked for us, dont get me wrong the price is still up there with some vets but thanks to the petition we now have a few public clinics that will do it on the cheap.
The RSPCA really got behind our cause
Also our senior citizens and people on social security have really been lucky, as they get it done even cheaper.
It not a perfect system but it sure is a start.
Hang in there, and you know where to find me if you need a helping paw.
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