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A sort of riddle....

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A police investigator is called to the home of a single man. The man, Mr. X, was a well known collector of greek art, which is where he spent all his money, and who was prominent in the community. His housekeeper claims she found him dead when she returned from the supermarket. There is no sign of a struggle other than one of Mr. X's pieces, a statue entitled "The Goddess of Love", has been knocked off a table and broken. Mr. X was found in an adjacent room, with a bullet hole in his head and a gun in his hand. There is a letter in his own writing that said:
"I can bear to live no longer. I have broken my precious Venus, and cannot stand the loss."
The police investigator declares it murder. Under interogation, the housekeeper confesses that she had been blackmailing the man and had demanded that he sell his pieces to pay the $500 000 she asked. When Mr. X told her he would rather break his pieces than sell them to her, she shot him.....the riddle, however, is....
How did the investigator know it was murder???
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Does it have something to do with the note? This is tricky...
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Wait... Venus isn't the goddess of love... isn't it Aprhodite? lol
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I thought it was both. Or their names were interchangable?
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Ohhhh right yeah... I just remember that silly 80s song... nevermind!
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Where in his head was he shot? Am I looking into this too much? If it was in the front of his head I could see how he would assume it was murder...
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Oh wait, I think you're right. Venus is the Roman Goddess of Love... known as Aphrodite in Greek. So he should've referred to her as Aphrodite if he was a collector of Greek art.

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You're right, PinkDaisy...as a collector, he would have know that Aphrodite is the Godess of Love in greek mythology....Venus, in Roman Mythology...
The investigatory must also have known and noticed the mistake....guess the maid was good at forgery!!!!
great job!
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Those were my initial thoughts exactly! Fun riddle!
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