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Are your cat(s) playful???

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Are your cat(s) playful? My CJ is playful most of the time, and Billy is just a log. But, he's playful sometimes.... what about yours?
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Yeah, playful alright! Most of the time, they want to play. I have a perpetual kitten (he's 3 yrs old but acts like a 3 MONTH old...)... he is a monster, wild and crazy and always running through the house. My oldest boycat Snickers has bouts of insanity where he runs all freaky through the house, too, acting like he really had to be in the living room from the kitchen in 2.5 seconds... it's almost like he has one of the other cats time him or something.

The girlcats are playful, too, but only on THEIR terms and when THEY are ready. The boys, I just shake that can of catnip and they come barrelling from wherever they are.
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Tiggy and Petals are the most playful, but Trixie has her moments too! I love to watch Tiggy arch his back, fluff up his tail and run sideways from room to room. Lord knows what he's chasing!!
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When Sierra's in the mood, we have so much fun playing!
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Bijou, now that's he's the ripe old age of 1 year, isn't as playful as he used to be. He ALWAYS used to want to play. Now he's content to play occasionally but walks off after a few minutes.

Mika on the other hand would play every waking minute. She follows me around the house making her little "huffing" sound (which is all the voice she has) and running ahead of me to wait by the wand or crouch on the bed for me to play with her.
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Baylee likes to play I'd say fairly often. But she's a loner and prefers to play by herself, or by chasing Max. Max can get real excited and play with her or by himself... but not for as long as Bay, and not as often, I think.
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Meish is more playful on sunny days. Rainy days all she does is sleep (just like her meowmy). The real fun is when I open the windows and let fresh air in the house. She meows my ear off and goes racing through the house...
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Mine is, he is 2 now but hasn't let up much.
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Sophie would have you up playing with her all day!

Rosie will play but Sophie sometimes hogs her space when i'm playing with her

But together their always playing
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Charlotte is a playing machine. She used to bring me toys so I'd play with her before I got Izzie. Izzie is now her play toy (Oops, I mean playmate) and they both play a lot together. Charlotte is about 2.5 years old and Izzie is 5 months old.
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Sam is a semi-log, I've tried dragging yarn, or tossing jingle balls for him, but he simply won't chase, he flops on the floor and waits for me to bring the toys back and bats at them.

Mica plays on her own terms, loves chasing (mostly Sam), but she has a catnip pillow, and her favourite thing to do is to crawl onto my lap while I'm watching TV and chew on it. It's the cutest thing when I pick the pillow up, she'll take it from me with a polite but firm "excuse me, but that's mine, thank you" expression
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I couldn't help but crack up at furry log!

My kitties are playful, but really only over the feathers!
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Jazzy and Sammy likes to play together if either of them is in the mood to play.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I couldn't help but crack up at furry log!

My kitties are playful, but really only over the feathers!
We have a feral, that we used to let in when it was cold, until Billy became territorial... anyway, we have this Smokey Gray feral male cat that literally lays around all day. He doesn't play, poor thing has leg injuries from sometime in his life, and he can't run, and all he does is eat, sleep, lay around, and get lovins'!!!!! My dad calls him "The Furry Gray Log!" That's where I got the furry log from.
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Eponine loves to play "I'm gonna get you" when I first wake up. I know she's ready to play b/c she'll start tearing around the apartment, come in my bedroom, give me a meow, and run out of the room. I then have to say "I'm gonna get you" and then dive behind a piece of furniture. That is Eponine's cue to stalk me and then jump out and "get" me. I think it makes her feel very happy when she "surprise" attacks me.
She is also most playful right before bedtime. I started a tradition of playing with her feather toy right before I go to sleep. This way, she's ready to go to sleep with me (most of the time) and less likely to attack me while I sleep.
During most of the day, though, she's a lazy lump on the couch
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
She is also most playful right before bedtime. I started a tradition of playing with her feather toy right before I go to sleep. This way, she's ready to go to sleep with me (most of the time) and less likely to attack me while I sleep.
During most of the day, though, she's a lazy lump on the couch
Good idea!!!
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I want a furry log! LOL The three raggies never stop, no one ever walks in our house. They all have their own individual fave toys too - jazzie's a pingpong ball girl, Mitz loves mice, Jake can't resist shiny paper and things to climb inside, but by far their preferred play object is each other. The three of them charge around in a gang, there's much pouncing and wrestling and poking. And Vicket, Miss Dignity, plays St George and the Dragon on the stairs if she thinks no one is looking. Sometimes she's St George and sometimes she's the dragon, it varies.
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Would you like to have my lovable furry gray log? He's looking for a home!
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My kitties love to play. We have play time when I come home from work for quite a while. It gives them a chance to get some energy out, and it relaxes me after a long day. The problem I have is they all want to play with me at the same time. I try to spread the love, but there's only one of me and three of them!
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Hmm... my kitty is kind of a strange one. I bought her a little catnip filled mouse toy and tied it to a string, and if I hop it around she'll go for it, but after a few minutes she seems to get tired and starts ignoring it. But if I get up and walk into the kitchen or someplace else, she'll come running and start meowing (she's a little bit of an attention hog, she loves being the center of attention).

She likes hide an go seek, I have two doors into my bathroom, and I'll run into one door and close it, and creep around the other door and sneak a peek at her from there and she'll come running, and I'll bolt out through the other door into the kitchen (my kitchen also has two entrances).

I think she might still be a little tired from the spay.
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CJ is SOOOOO energetic!! He snuggles when he's very tired but that's not too often. It seems that he *always* wants to play. He's attacking the cat dancer right now. lol He's also turned chasing me, clinging onto my pant legs and attacking my ankles into sport now -- he's rather good. He also seems to get a good laugh pouncing on my head at 4 in the morning.
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Princess LOVES to play (and get into everything). Her favorite toy is me. She also likes toys on strings and feathers. Her favorite game to play with me is what I call "Get the kitty". She will run up to me growling and as soon as I see her she will take off running. She will only go a couple feet and stop and crouch down and wait for me to get her. The thing is when I chase her I have to stomp my feet and growl back at her. If anyone seen this routine they would think I've lost my mind but she loves it. She is constanty moving or getting into something. She only stops moving when I go to bed so she won't miss anything (she's VERY VERY nosey).

Patsy will play every once in a while but when she does look out. Sweetie and Blackie (both were ferals) love to play but they won't play togther. I play with them seperatley several times a day. George (a stray that adopted us) will play but only when he wants to. When he does play he will play hard but then he has to take an 8-10 hr nap.
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Buffy falls under the first catagory (she loves to play all the time!) and Willow falls under the third catagory (it depends on the conditions). Buffy's always ready to play, but Willow won't play unless she gets a case of the "zoomies" or if Buffy forces her to play. But when Willow does voluntarily play, she's rough! When she's playing, you can hear the crashing and booming from the basement (and all she's doing is smacking a pompom around the room). If you're in her way, she won't hesitate to crash into you, and it doesn't matter if it's your feet or nose. If you're in her way, it's nobody's fault but your own
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