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Do you like your IN-LAWS???????? - Page 2

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i like all of mine, i get on really well with them all, his mum was a bit funny at first, but thats just her for you, but i get on really well with her now, though she does live the other end of the country
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My in-laws are/were fantastic - I couldn't have wished for better. MIL is still alive and is lovely. In fact, even though she is in poor health and 84 she does remarkably well. She was widowed in 2001 and in 2002 we took her for her first trip abroad - as it was something she always wanted to do, but FIL wasn't interested in foreign travel at all.

That's not to say FIL was a bad person - he was just born in a different time and was 90 when he died. He was wonderful too.

They treated me like a daughter from the very first day - even though there is a 15 year age gap between hubby and me, they never made anything of it - unlike some of my own family.

When I went to University in my mid-20s, they collected the children from school and looked after them til I came home - in fact, if I tried to collect them in my vacation time, MIL would get upset that she was missing time with the kids (when I was just worried about putting on them too much). I knew if I needed anything, at any time my in-laws would be there with no questions asked - and they know they can rely on us for the same.

Sorry it's a bit long - but when people are wonderful you just want to share them don't you
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From what I have seen and when I met them I like them. They are very polite and thoughtful. Now My Mother.. that is a horror story!
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Well I have no father in law, Alans mum got pregnant young and as a result he has never known his father as he bolted, and all they heard was he was a bad apple and in to all sorts of trouble and eventually prison. He knows his name but has no desire to contact him.
His mum is ok she hasn't done anything bad to me...but hardly keeps in contact and hardly raised him and had no real interest in our daughter, so we kinda give up trying and haven't seen her for years...his nan was more his mum ( I classed her more as my mother in law) and I loved her with all my heart, she recently passed as I explained in another post, but she was a wonderful, kind, caring, generous loving person with a great sense of humour, and helped me through some pretty bad times in life, so to have known her and to have felt her love for Alan and I, I'd say I was very honoured and lucky.
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Bill's parents are dead but, he has two younger sisters. I get along with both of them and one BIL. The other BIL is a total jerk. I've only met him once and THAT was one time too many! For over 20 years, they've had to restrain Bill, from beating the stuffings out of him.

My parents are crazy about Bill and he would do anything in the world for them. Being Pentecostals, they aren't crazy about the fact that we're not married and living together but, they understand the reason (we can't afford to give up my widow's pension). They observe the dictum "hate the sin, love the sinner".
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My mother in law has got to be the worlds craziest person. She tried so hard to destroy our marriage - even got to the point that she was physcially abusing us, and told Jake to divorce me and live with her. OH my god, EWWWWWWWW! Yeah right.

He told her that he had me and Gabe (our son) and that we were his family and thats all he needs.

We have not seen or heard from her ever since and couldnt care less.

She did similar things to her ex husband that she did to us and so it helps to know her from different people - and theres no wonder she has no friends. That woman is pure poison. I have never met anyone who is so hateful and so evil. Just sick!

We have been good without her, we dont need her.
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Kellye! Nobody deserves to go through something like that!
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