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Do you like your IN-LAWS????????

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I was watching Dr. Phil the other day and the show was all about people who didn't get along with their in-laws. Man, there were some real horror stories on that show!!! I am so fortunate, I love my in-laws as much as I love my own family. They're really great and I really am very lucky. I always loved them but appreciate them way more after seeing that show. I was wondering, is having a good relationship with the in-laws a common thing? Or is it more common to have a bad relationship with the in-laws? Just wanted to hear everyone's stories.
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Mine weren't that bad but the only gripe i really had about my mother in law was if ever we bought something for the house or booked up to go away on holiday somewhere she would say things like "What did you buy that for?!", "Thats a bit pricey isn't it?!".

OUR MONEY!!!!!!!
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Well, they're not exactly my in-laws, but my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years now and I've spent an extensive amount of time with them so I suppose I can fit into the outskirts of this topic.

I absolutely LOVE his mom. She's great. She has helped me so much the last 3 years of college as she is in the field I am going into and is just a really sweet woman. His dad and I however, have a more shaky relationship. We got off to a bad start. He didn't want Brendan to have a girlfriend and therefore made me feel like he didn't like me. It was awkward and I felt that everything I did was wrong. We actually talked through that though and things are a good deal better now. I still think he's a real jerk a lot of the time but we do get along for the most part.

And who knows, maybe they WILL be my in-laws in another few years?
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I have to say that I had the worlds best inlaws, IMHO! They took me in and treated me just like one of their kids (I was also the favorite in-law to them too, mind you). My FIL and MIL bought me the first sewing machine that I owned as an adult, 'cause I wanted and needed one, and didn't have the money starting out to get myself one! As a matter of fact, I miss mine almost as much as I'd miss my own folks, and that's saying a heck of a lot!
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Same with me. I have been with my boyfriend 2 and a half years and we are going to get married... when we have money and get out of college!! Anyway... when we first started going together his mom hated me!! No one was good enough for her son!! She tried to break us up and shove other girls at him!!! We are okay now of course, but still I can't get over that. His whole family was like that at first. It was awful!!
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My in-laws are great! We don't see them very often since we live in different states, but they are nice, funny, and down-to-earth. They welcomed me into the family from the very beginning.
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Originally Posted by rachelh1018
Same with me. I have been with my boyfriend 2 and a half years and we are going to get married... when we have money and get out of college!! Anyway... when we first started going together his mom hated me!! No one was good enough for her son!! She tried to break us up and shove other girls at him!!! We are okay now of course, but still I can't get over that. His whole family was like that at first. It was awful!!
Good grief you poor thing. How awful.
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Well I'm another one of those people talking about *potential* in-laws...

I think they're great! I see my boyfriend's parents at least once a week, which is definitely more than I see my own (considering that my parents live out of town and I see them maybe once every other month). I think they think I'm too shy, which is mainly because I get real quiet but lately I've started feeling real comfortable around them.

Now my ex had these parents who I didn't like.. his mother never smiled and so even though he said she liked me, I could never tell. And his father was just there, no big deal... but my current bf has the sweetest parents. I feel lucky.

Oh and of course my own parents are fabulous and will make great in-laws!
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I love my in laws more as much as my own family. They took me in and helped us when Brad moved in with me. I see then more then I see my own family since my family lives out of the state and they live just over the bridge. I adore his mom more then any of his family though. She is a gem of a person. Brad doesn't know how lucky he is to have her as a mom!!!
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I adore my father-in-law but my Mother-in-law is another story
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I had an ok relationship with my s/o's mother for the first few years, as long as I did everything she wanted right when she wanted it. She did some really awful things to us and his grandma when she was dying, so we have not spoken for 12 years. She said he had to make a choice between me or her, so he made it.
His grandparents were both wonderful people, and we took care of both of them until they died. They raised him from the time he was 6 months old.
I shudder to think what kind of person he could have become if he had been raised by his horrible, money-grubbing, back stabbing mother.
It has been wonderful not having her in our lives.
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My in-laws are...um....

Well, let's say I'm glad they live around 800 miles away! They aren't bad people, per se, just...very dysfunctional people.
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mine are....fine? well, I love his brothers

My husband and I dated for 6 years before we got married last November. We were engaged for almost 2 years. Its hard for me to really understand his family because they are really nothing like mine (his parents are divorced and both have remarried) and they have had a really hard year. His father's 2nd marriage was really hard on their family for some reason, and just in general a lot of "he/she is not welcome in my house" b/s went on...then as we were engaged his mother was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and then on the day before our wedding, his stepfather had a liver transplant. One of the members of his family came up to me at the reception and said "this is nice, but we should all remember where our thoughts and prayers really should be".
anyway, the point is...I feel like they tolerate me...they aren't rude or anything directly to me but I know they say bad things about me (I have a spy-his little brother loves me ) My husband says that they aren't usually like this and that when all of the tragedy that is around them goes away things will change, but for now they see me as the person that kept their son from being around them when they needed help (which, btw is crap-we were both over there all the time, he just didn't live there anymore which cant really be my fault-he was 25!) Sheesh...I could write a whole threads worth of info on this topic
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Rob's mum is a sweetie. I got along fine with his dad, too -- he passed away almost 15 years ago. Both quite reserved, but lovely people.
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my in-laws are okay... when me and my husband first started dating, EVERYone in their family called me by his ex-girlfriends name, i still wonder whether it was on purpose, but that is a whole other story that i dont even want to get into... but after we got married, they have all been great and very very sweet... the only complaint i have is if me and my hubby get into a tiff, he tells his mom and then she calls me and is like 'what's wrong', 'what did you do', etc... that is way past irritating, but... that doesnt happen very often at all...
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I have to say I've been blessed with fabulous in-laws. They are very accepting, giving, down-to-earth people with great senses of humor. We've even vacationed with them. I expect to end up living in the same house with them when they are not up to living on their own. Since they both come from long-lived and long-active people, I don't expect that to happen for some time

Husband never met my mother, she died 10 years before we married. He got along fine with my dad, who also has since passed away. My brothers and my sister all like him, so I think Kurt's okay with his in-laws too.
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well, my in-laws treated me different. It was almost like they just wanted to make sure that I was good enough for their son and were making sure he was happy. I look back now and I believe that I misread a lot of things that were done and said and overreacted in a lot of ways.

My MIL really just wanted the best for everyone and I saw her as nosey and bossy. She past away last year and it is something that bothers me a lot when I think back. Everyone does the best they know how and I believe she did. I miss her =)
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I love my in-laws, they are all nice to me.
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Do I like my inlaws? I guess I neither like nor dislike them. My family and my husbands are just quite different. I never felt welcomed by his family, my family goes out of their way to make my husband feel welcome and comfortable, sometimes I think they like him more than me. So I have just never gotten close to any of his family.
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My in-laws are great - they've always treated me like a daughter, never had any problem with my being a foreigner, or insisting on pets. I think they'd prefer it if I were religious (they're very devout), but they really don't say anything about our not attending church.
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I'm not sure if this counts since we live together but don't plan to get married. We've been together for 5 yrs and its just not a big issue.

I don't know my "mother-in-law". When my SO told her he met me and fell in love, she told him he was going to burn in Hell cause in the church's eyes he is still married. (He's been divorced for about 25 yrs) She told him he cannot date me since that would lead to sex and that would be an affair. So it was OUR choice to never introduce us. She doesn't have the house phone number. She just knows she can only reach him during the week while he is at his city apartment.
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Bf's mum calls me her daughter in law, my only problem is that the language barrier is hmm.. i dunno she just lives 2 houses down and its getting annoying.
His real father has only met me 3 times and he is great!! he calls me his daughter in law too
and well his sisters are all younger than me, the youngest is 7 i like them all but they all have so many problems like with their mother and dad and its all BS!
and i just cant be bothered.
My dad didnt accept bf when we first went out.... it took him a year and a bit to accept it. I mean he would never say he is his son unless we got married of course but i dont think even then...
My mother is a great mother in law only when she i off the bottle, which unfortunately she is back on.
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My fiancee's mom is really sweet. And I have 3 new big brothers, something I never had. They are all crude, swear, drink beer, play cards, & pick on me about being a Steelers fan. They're great!
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well i have to say i very much hate her mom and step-dad!!!!!!!!! I can not will not put up with them. They hate me and I hate them. My girlfriend and i have been together for 3 in a half years and it would be better if they were not in the picture. I will not like them ever. my girlfriend and i broke up for a couple of months because of them. what should i do about this?? because i am to that point to where i want my girlfriend to chose between them or me. thanks
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I'm a lucky girl I love my mother in law I also miss her as she passed away nearly 3 years ago I was lucky we got along so well she was my best friend I have a cruddy mother and my hubby has had a hard time from her so I stoped speaking to her for a long time we speak now but we keep our distance from her still it's a pitty cause I know how good it can be between a mother and a daughter thanks to my mother in law who I did and do to this day concider my mum
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I am among the lucky ones (this time) for in-laws.

I know it sounds bad, but this is my 3rd marriage and my husband's family is the most functional (vs. disfuntional) family I have ever known.
They are genuinely nice people.
I grew up in a major DIS-functional family and have learned from others what a family should/could be.
They (his family) are not perfect, by any means, BUT, they respect each other and do what they can to help each other when needed.
I am lucky to have them and truly appreciate them.

My daughter's wedding is coming very soon and my husbands family is invited, but not mine. My family would cause some sort of chaos that I do not want to risk it. I hate to say it, but it never fails....where there are "_______" there is ALWAYS drama of some sort.
If they show up uninvited they will be escorted out.
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UGH!!!!!!!!!! I hate to say it, but my InLaws and I could have been on that Dr Phil show!!! When the lottery of in-laws came around for me, I picked THE biggest losers, I guess!!! They are THE most selfish, thoughtless, unkind, uncaring people you could EVER meet--EVER. They are also VERY hypocritical, as they go to Church 3 times a week, but are absolutely hateful and downright mean, the rest of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!
They went to Florida for the winter and just knowing they are SOOOOOOOOO far away, makes me want to JUMP FOR JOY!!!!!!!!!
I am NOT a difficult person to get along with, but they are ALWAYS looking to trip me up whenever and however they can (UGH!) I wish they'd stay in Florida year-round! (And I offer apologies and my sympathies to all Floridians, while they have to put up with them being there!!! :rolleyes )
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My mil is the sweetest lady in the world and i just love her to pieces
but my fil is an old grouch lol
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I'm a bit like Katherine here - my partner and I aren't married yet either - but I'm really lucky to have "in-laws" like them! When we do get around to tying the knot, I'll have THREE mother's in law and a father in-law (his mum and her girlfriend - and his dad and new wife) Nah... they're fantastic people and they've been so patient with me seeing as I don't speak much Danish yet. They've gone out of their way to help me to learn and bit and to translate to English around me so that I can at least follow the thread of what's being said. His mum and her girlfriend are teaching me to cook all sorts of things that I'd never even dreamed I'd be able to do (you're looking at the girl who could poison you with toast) and they've all been really understanding of what I've had to go through to get to where I am today. I coudln't ask for better. They've adopted me, and I've more thanadopted them back. The best bit of it though is that my other half gets on really well with my parents too... moreso my mum than my dad, but he's always been a bit cold and distant. We've all had a problem getting close to dad and it just doesn't work, so you give up after a while. I think the only person I could have a problem with is my dad's new girlfriend... but she's just plain wierd. The term "mutton dressed as lamb" springs to mind and she's incredibly airy-fairy in the head too. She thought that giving me an incense burner for christmas was a good idea with a four year old ASTHMATIC child. OK... kids and fire... and incense and asthma... not exactly the brightest of choices. Of course I'm pleased that she thought to make the effort and that she's trying to get to know us - she made more of an effort than my father, to tell the truth - but I think common sense escaped her for a while there! I dunno... I think maybe a lot of mother-in-law stories are just exaggerated because they never had the time to get to know them well enough first!
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I have to say that I am one of the lucky ones............Jerry's parents are great and I couldn't love them anymore if I tried!!
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