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Happy Birthday to Kimward!

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Kim, I know your time on the internet is limited these days, and you are busy with life in general. But if you just happen to come here and lurk for a few, I hope you will see this birthday wish!

I miss you my friend, you are centered in my prayers and my thoughts daily. When life settles for you I hope you will return to a community where old-timers love you! Give yourself a snuggle with GoGo or Peanut today and may you have a blessed day!
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Happy Birthday Kim, make this day the best for you!
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Happy Birthday, Kim - you're missed!
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Happy Birthday, Kim!
Enjoy your very special day!

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Happy Birthday!!!
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A very happy birthday to TCS's own photoshop queen!

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All together now everyone!!! Sing for the Birthday girl!!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Ki-immmm...
Happy Birthday... to you...

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We really miss your posts and your wonderful, creative sense of humour!!

Happy happy bday Kim!

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday Kim!
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have I missed this???? I hope not!!

Happy Birthday
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Wow! Thanks everybody!! What a sweet thread! I had a mello birthday this year...I celebrated it with my twin brother...we took each other to lunch—problem is..he eats more than I do, so I got stuck with a bigger bill than he did, LOL!

I really miss you guys. I am planning on coming back on board once I get settled. Soon, I will be posting a thread about where I have been the past few months...more like the past year... I'll just say, I have been (and still am) on a heck of a journey.

Thank you all!!!!!!!

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Hope you have a very happy birthday
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Kim, you are in my thoughts. Glad you had a good birthday.
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