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What could this be???? Please respond!

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Sammy has been acting weird since yesterday morning. He is very cautious and easily startled. He bats at things he usually plays with and sleeps on. He's acting like he's afraid of everything, in my room in particular (a little less tense outside my room). There is NOTHING in here that could have hurt him, so that's not it. He is usually a VERY relaxed guy, he even watches thunderstorms and vacuums....nothing ever scares him.
Last time he did this he had a fever and infection, so last night I managed to get him in to see the vet. He didn't have a fever and she said for me to keep an eye on him for vomitting, diarrhea, etc (in case he's eaten something he shouldn't have). He's still eating and doesn't seem to be in any physical discomfort, just tense and nervous.
Has anyone else had this happen with their cats?
Any guesses on what's up?

This is causing me extra stress because Lola is being spayed as we speak and will be gone overnight, so now I have them both to worry about! (she was home and all was normal when the behavior began, so it's not her being gone that's bothering him).
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Leli, my first cat, Louie, wasn't afraid of vacuums either and also watched thunderstorms! Still, one day my husband dropped a towel in the hall while carrying laundry. Louie came round the corner, saw the towel in a heap in the middle of the hallway, and acted as if he'd seen a monster!!! He couldn't be comforted, just had to hide for awhile and acted spooky for a time after that. Several hours later, he was fine, but still would slow down and looked carefully when he came to that hallway!

Sounds like something spooked Sammy- if you knew what it was you'd probably laugh, but as you see with my story about Louie, sometimes everyday objects just a little out of place can be scary to them.

You did the right thing ruling out a medical problem. As long as he's eating, using the litterbox and otherwise acting healthy, my guess is he'll be ok after he's gotten over his "scare".

Just a thought, could he have seen a cat or another animal through the window that might have frightened him? My youngest cat once saw 2 small raccoons on our deck through the glass door, took one look, and ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction!

Please try not to worry too much about Lola (not easy, I know!) Sammy will pick up on your nervousness, and it won't help him feel any calmer.
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I agree with KT. He probably just got a little spooked. My kitties are especially twitchy in the winter because it's so dry and they get static shocks constantly. Arwen thinks I'm deliberately hurting her when I accidentally shock her and runs away.
As long as everything else is normal, that's what I'd guess.
I hope Lola's recover goes super smooth!
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Good thought, Dev! My little guys have been getting static electricity shocks for weeks now too. Just petting them lately has been a "shocking experience" for all concerned! Sometimes the shocks hurt! Could be what Sammy is experiencing too, and that's why he's tentatively touching his toys, beds, etc. Maybe he's expecting a shock.
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They've been getting shocks here to, but that's been going on for over a month...why did it spook him now? Either way, he's eating ok and everything. Haven't seen him use the litterbox yet, but he ususally uses it in the evening anyway. Hopefully he'll calm down soon.
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